Your Favorite Website Has No RSS Feed? Not a Problem!


This week a came cross an interesting tool called Page2RSS. Basically they will create an RSS feed for static websites, checking it every day for new content, and sending the updates to you whenever they occur.

google page2rss

Not too excited? Well, there are several things you could monitor with this tool. Check out the RSS feed for for instance, it will show you whenever they have a new message displayed on the homepage, or whenever they have a new logo to celebrate a holiday or event. Pretty cool huh?

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24 Responses to “Your Favorite Website Has No RSS Feed? Not a Problem!”

  • Eryaman hali yikama

    Very nice sharing. Thank you…

  • medyum

    Thanks for sharing, this is simply great. Never thought there’s such a thing. Now I can brings all my niche sites 1 step closer to web 2.0

  • Рассылка сигналов форекс

    Very nice article. thx!

  • Yaser Sulaiman

    It annoys me when I come across a website I want to “follow” and I can’t find an RSS feed for it! Maybe I use RSS too much, but it really makes tracking site updates easier.

    There are other useful tools that can do a similar job. I mentioned them in “Discover the Best RSS Tools and Resources on the Web”.

    Thanks Daniel!

  • job

    Hey this is cool, I am loving it, going to use this for a long time now..

  • Eshop

    yeah, me too. have seen a lot of the RSS logo. but just don’t know what is it and just never care about it. This article has gave me alot.

  • VeraBradley, Bradvera

    Thanks for the recommendation. It’ll definately save me some time in getting updates from websites i visit often. Lately i’ve been seeing the RSS logo but never really gotten to know what was it for. Now i know.

  • Sharon Hurley Hall

    Thank you so much, Daniel. I found something like this months ago, didn’t bookmark it and thought it was gone forever. I’ll check that out, as well as the others people have mentioned.

  • Michael

    I am not against Page2RSS providing feeds where there are none. But Page2RSS makes feeds publicly available to search engines. Isn’t that called scraping? When is scraping not scraping? When it is useful to you?

  • Hip-Hop

    WOW, This is great, Thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  • FiveAcres

    Thank you. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting for a few sites that I have been following for years, where the authors are still hand-coding their sites.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Stephan, thanks for sharing those 2 other sites, will check them out.

    @John, yeah there is a wide ranges of websites that would be suitable to use with this tool.

    @Aseem, welcome.

    @Fern, it is weird that Yahoo! would not support RSS on all its pages eh?

    @Budhi, welcome.

  • Budhi

    Thanks for sharing, this is simply great. Never thought there’s such a thing. Now I can brings all my niche sites 1 step closer to web 2.0 .

    Once again, thanks.

  • Fern

    THANK YOU! It has been annoying me to no end that Yahoo Sports doesn’t have an RSS feed for news about my players. You just solved my problem!

  • Aseem Kishore

    Oh wow this is cool. I can use it to keep track of corporate web pages. Thanks

  • John

    page2rss is pretty neat. I have been using for a while. I use it to keep myself updated on company homepages.

  • Stephan Miller

    Two other sites that do this are Feedity and Dapp. I have used both with varying results depending on the page. You can then take these feeds and use Yahoo pipes to make custom mashups. Off to check out Page2rss.

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