Wp-Print Wordpress Plugin

WP-Print WordPress Plugin

Sometimes your readers might find it useful to have a printable version of your articles and posts. This is particularly true for blogs that publish timeless content like tutorials, how-tos …

6 Tips To Speed Up And Optimize Your Wordpress Plugins

6 Tips to Speed Up and Optimize Your WordPress Plugins

The WordPress engine is pretty efficient out of the box, but once you start loading plugins the performance and responsiveness of your site might go downhill. On top of that the consumption of resources might become too big, possibly leading to a suspension of your hosting account (especially if you use shared hosting).

3 Must Apply Security Tips For Wordpress

3 Must Apply Security Tips for WordPress

Today I was reading through my RSS feeds and I came across a very interesting post from Matt Cutts. Basically he was describing 3 (plus a bonus) tips to secure your WordPress install. I was already using two of them, but the first one was new to me, and looks like it is the most effective one as well.