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Welcome to DailyBlogTips! Our name probably gives you a pretty good clue about what you can expect from the blog, but below you’ll find a more detailed description.

We focus on the “pro” side of blogging – either blogging to support your business, or building a blog with the aim of making money.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into the wonderful world of blogs, or you’re an experienced blogger, we’ll have posts for you. We aim for a balance between beginner-friendly content and advanced tips.

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The Team

Mark Zeni – Editor
Mark is responsible for the content of the site these days. He has 6+ years of experience with blogs, websites and Internet marketing and online content creation. Mark has also written for several high profile publications, and he is committed to helping other bloggers and webmasters to reach their goals online.

Ali Hale – Writer
Ali is a freelance writer currently taking a Creative Writing MA at Goldsmiths, London. She has written for several high profile websites, including Problogger, Dumb Little Man and The Change Blog. You can read more from her on Aliventures.com, where she offers an honest take on personal development and getting more from life.

Daniel Scocco – Founder
Daniel created his first website back in 2004. Over the years he built, bought and sold over 30 blogs and websites, and he founded Daily Blog Tips in 2006 to share the tips and tricks he was learning along the way. These days his main focus is mobile app development, and you can read more about him or his projects on his personal blog, DanielScocco.com.

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