200 Prefixes and Suffixes for Domain Names


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If you ever tried to register some domain names you probably know how difficult it is to find something that has not been registered yet. You start with an idea for a cool website (excitement), then you narrow down a couple of keywords (more excitement) and suddenly “Damn! Who the heck registered that already!” (anger)…

One of the most effective ways to find a free domain name that is relevant to your site is to grab a keyword and add prefixes or suffixes to it, until you find something unique. Suppose you want to launch a blog about marketing, all you have to do is pick the word marketing and start adding prefixes like “emarketing.com”, “promarketing.com”, “polimarketing.com” or suffixes like “marketingspot.com”, “marketingvox.com” or “marketingpulse.com”.

Below you will find more than 200 prefixes and suffixes, so just grab your keyword and run through the list, sooner or later you will find some unique combination that no one has registered yet. Good luck!

Update: If you like this list, consider purchasing my book “Killer Domains.” It has an even bigger list with over 400 prefixes ans suffixes, and many tools and techniques to find good domain names.

Classic suffixes:

  • house
  • central
  • point
  • home
  • place
  • garden
  • site
  • spot
  • park
  • dome
  • bay
  • web
  • net
  • cave
  • base
  • heaven
  • portal
  • world
  • camp
  • network
  • county
  • street
  • city
  • alley
  • depot
  • valley

Other suffixes:

  • now
  • resources
  • tools
  • source
  • review
  • system
  • book
  • guide
  • talk
  • data
  • vision
  • load
  • box
  • focus
  • beat
  • voice
  • share
  • cafe
  • nexus
  • zone
  • sight
  • link
  • lab
  • insight
  • vine
  • board
  • flow
  • signs
  • network
  • wire
  • cast
  • ville
  • nation
  • egg
  • cove
  • news
  • today
  • future
  • fun
  • watch
  • story
  • fever
  • coast
  • side
  • road
  • heat
  • bite
  • insider
  • club
  • connect

Classic prefixes:

  • the
  • my
  • i
  • me
  • we
  • you
  • e
  • top
  • pro
  • best
  • super
  • ultra
  • all
  • cyber
  • simply
  • free
  • 1st

Other prefixes:

  • meta
  • re
  • metro
  • urban
  • head
  • hit
  • front
  • techno
  • ever
  • rush
  • think
  • solo
  • radio
  • vip

Adjectives that can be used as prefixes:

  • hot
  • smart
  • cool
  • hot
  • fast
  • fresh
  • sleek
  • first
  • daily
  • best
  • sharp
  • light
  • classic
  • fast
  • great
  • quick

Latin prefixes:

  • ubi (when)
  • bis (twice)
  • ad (to, towards)
  • ambi (both)
  • inter (between)
  • liber (free)
  • mono (single)
  • poli (many)
  • tele (distant)
  • omni (all)
  • exo (outside)
  • extra (addition)
  • hyper (over)
  • hypo (under)
  • intro (within)
  • proto (first)
  • intra (within)
  • micro (little)
  • macro (large)
  • multi (many)
  • neo (new)
  • iso (equal)
  • mono (one)

Latin words that can be used both as prefix and suffix:

  • io (I in Italian)
  • virtus (virtue)
  • ego (me)
  • vox (voice)
  • ex (out of)
  • ideo (idea)
  • novo (renew)
  • novus (novelty)
  • pax (peace)
  • rex (king)
  • velox (fast)
  • verus (true)
  • vivo (alive)
  • nova (new)

Multipliers prefixes:

  • pico
  • nano
  • micro
  • milli
  • kilo
  • mega
  • giga
  • tera
  • peta

Scientific prefixes:

  • aero
  • cosmo
  • deca
  • eco
  • geo
  • hex
  • oxy
  • uni
  • poly

Words that work both as prefix and suffix:

  • media
  • direct
  • access
  • ez
  • easy
  • info
  • interactive
  • biz
  • buzz
  • bit
  • byte
  • up
  • tech
  • on
  • out
  • auto
  • pulse
  • x
  • venture
  • trend
  • life
  • retro
  • secret

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