No .com? Add the Domain Extension to Your Name and Logo


We all know that .com domains are the best option, but it is also difficult to find good ones that have not been registered yet. The alternative is to register a .net or .org domain.

There are many popular blogs that are not hosted on .com domains, so if that is your case do not get discouraged. One thing that you should do, however, is to add your domain extension into the name and logo of your site.

The logic is quite simple. Suppose your domain is “”, but the name and the logo of the site both display only “CoolWebsite”. A visitor coming from another blog or from a search engine will pay attention to the name and logo, while neglecting the URL. Should that visitor want to visit your site the day after, it is likely that he will just open his browser and type “”, and if your site is not there he will just go somewhere else.

If your logo displays “”, on the other hand, there is a higher chance that the user will recall the domain extension. If you do not own a .com domain, therefore, you should attach your extension to your name and incorporate it into your brand.

Want some practical examples? Check the three headers below, they come from popular blogs using this technique:




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42 Responses to “No .com? Add the Domain Extension to Your Name and Logo”

  • Rüya Tabirleri

    thanks for this great article

  • firefox indir

    thank you nice blog πŸ˜‰

  • soΓ„ΕΈuk hava deposu

    thanks for your suggestion.

  • Grafikaze

    My blogs logo has a domain extension. And it is a accessory for my blog πŸ˜€

  • Domain Names India

    Being a domain service provider, I agree with your thoughts. I think this makes our identification easy. Our logo should have the domain names with extension. As in case of Indian .in extension many of us are leaving this, but it’s not a right approach.

    Thanks for a great suggestion. πŸ™‚

  • nunho

    that’s a great idea. i will try to use this tip. thanx

  • David Zemens [1955 Design]

    Great suggestion. I added “.com” to my logo today. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • PurpleMinded

    Why is .com always “the best”? If a website isn’t COMmerical, might a .NET ending be more hip? And appropriate? (In my case I own .com and .net, chose to build the site on .net and use the .com just to forward traffic. A mistake?)

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  • Weblife Website Design

    Great idea. I should implement that on some of my websites. A a website designer I find your blog to be a very valuable resource.

  • Daniel

    Courtney, yeah it is. Check the .com domain of some popular .net or .org blogs, usually it has a good Alexa ranking just from the clueless readers that visit that site think it is the original one, usually by typing in the browser.

  • Make Online Money Now

    That is a good idea but I would also suggest looking for the next best name that is available with a .com since most people automatically just type .com.

  • Jermayn Parker

    Definitely a good tip for web related businesses/ blogs πŸ™‚

  • pablopabla

    I place my full url in the title to my blog. I am not sure whether the name sticks to the minds of my readers but I sure hope it does πŸ˜€

  • Courtney TURTLE

    With so many sites being navigated to through links/bookmarks anyway, is this really important?

  • Daniel

    Yeah I would also do it with .biz, .info and any other secondary domain extension.

  • Daniel Errante

    Thanks for that tip, .biz seems like a hard one to remember!

    I will try it out!

  • Rishi

    Oh your tip, I have added .INFO to my logo and let me tell you, it really works. Now my friends can remember my URL much more and not visit instead of πŸ˜› .

    The same thing applied for domain names with a hyphen in between its two terms. They also need to adopt this tip!

  • Rich Owings

    Would you recommend this on a .biz domain?

  • Elena

    I’m a couple weeks away from launching a new bilingual blog and Spanish podcast. I’m glad to know that I’ve covered my bases, having registered for my English readers, (for my Spanish readers, and for the search engines!

  • Chris Jacobson

    Good tip. Visual representation is key. πŸ™‚

  • Jamaipanese

    another excellent tip

    Thanks man!

  • Skellie

    Thanks for the mention, Daniel. This article made me happier with my decision to add the .org to the logo.

    Now I really need to get into the habit of referring to Skelliewag as when I write the name. I need to keep the branding consistent. I seem to do it about 50% of the time at the moment.

    @ engtech: I’m flattered!

  • Vikram

    Very good observation on your part indeed. Even though you don’t need to add a .org or a .net for your domain, the suggestion will help others!

    There one thing that can be added though! There are blogs like mine, where there are characters likes ” – ” in between (, often need to follow the same tip you gave, mostly because the other domain name one wanted has been booked!

    One needs to keep in mind that, essentially anywhere there is a need to submit you blog “name” (Directories etc) then it should always have the .org or .net or in my case the ” – “, or else it can confuse the readers if they see you have been mentioned at some other blog or website!

  • engtech @ internet duct tape

    If you aren’t reading then you should.

    Easily joining DailyBlogTips as one of my favorite new blogs about blogging in the past year.

  • S.Siddiqui

    Great tip. So simple yet so necessary stuff. I agree that .com domain is always better than others and yeah it is hard to find a good .com domain. I pondered over around 150 domains before I was hit with my domain www[dot]nofullstop[dot]com and that too while I was under the shower πŸ™‚

    but now the problem is that akismet is blocking my domain as spam so I cannot leave a live link to my blog πŸ™

  • Eric

    And that’s the very reason I added .org in my logo name… I think I’ve done a pretty good job picking a domain that people remember, but I still see the occasional google search for “iwah”, which tells me I didn’t to a perfect job.

  • Ruchir

    Nice tip there. I never thought it. Hehe, now that I come to think of it, even I tend to type in the .com first even if only know the site’s name. I guess that’s because the .com is more common.

  • Karthik

    IMO Darren made it very famous with So much so that he still uses the .net domain although he’s acquired the .com.

    I believe I’ve seen a couple of posts at Problogger describing how to advertise the “lesser TLDs” so to speak. But its a fact that whatever you do, the more you grow, the .com is just going to get all the more costlier; my advice always is – get it early!

  • Jeremy Steele

    Good tip. That is something I’ve never really thought about…

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