10 Mobile Plugins For Wordpress

10 Mobile Plugins for WordPress

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Due to the advances in mobile technology, now a days almost all the mobile phones are equipped with Internet surfing capabilities. As a consequence, more and more people are accessing websites via their mobile phones every day, creating the need for webmasters to adapt their websites to these visitors.

Below we cover 10 mobile plugins for WordPress that can be used to make your website mobile friendly.

Top 10 Underrated Wordpress Plugins

Top 10 Underrated WordPress Plugins

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There are several lists of “Top 10” WordPress plugins around the Internet. Most of them, however, refer to the best or most popular plugins. Guess what, I’ve had enough of Akismet, Adsense Deluxe, Related Entries and company!

Make Sure Your Wordpress Is Not Hacked

Make Sure Your WordPress is Not Hacked

Lately there there seems to be a hacking spree around old versions of WordPress. Most of the times the hacker will edit your theme files to insert spam links. One of my older and non-active blogs got that problem, and I had several friends complaining to me about it as well when chatting over IM.

I would therefore recommend that all of you run a quick check on your WordPress to make sure it has not being compromised.

What Wordpress Plugins Do You Use?

What WordPress Plugins Do You Use?

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Rajasekharan asked:

What are those minimal set of WordPress plugins that you would recommend any blogger to use and which are those plugins that you actually use?

This is a question I get asked quite often, so lets take it out of the way.

First of all I don’t think there is a minimal set of WordPress plugins that I would recommend to bloggers. It depends on the blog in question, and on what features the blogger requires for it.

Greentech Wordpress Theme Released

GreenTech WordPress Theme Released

This is the second official Daily Blog Tips free WordPress theme. GreenTech is a 2-column, highly customizable theme. It comes with a cream colored background, and details in brown and green.