10 Mobile Plugins for WordPress

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Due to the advances in mobile technology, now a days almost all the mobile phones are equipped with Internet surfing capabilities. As a consequence, more and more people are accessing websites via their mobile phones every day, creating the need for webmasters to adapt their websites to these visitors.

Below we cover 10 mobile plugins for WordPress that can be used to make your website mobile friendly.

1. WordPress Mobile Edition

Developed by Crowd Favorite, this plugin has got a clean user interface that is designed for mobile devices. When a person visits your site from a mobile browser, it automatically detects the browser and loads the mobile version of your site. You can edit the list of mobile browsers in the settings page. This plugin enables particular theme to load on a specific mobile browser or device for example iPhone, Windows Mobile, Opera Mini web browser and other mobile web browsers.

2. WordPressMobile.mobi

One of the most popular mobile WordPress plugins, with thousands of downloads. This WordPress plugin makes your blog more mobile friendly, reducing the load time on mobile browsers and configuring your pages properly.

3. WordPress Mobile Pack

Another WordPress plugin for mobile browsers. It has got mobile recognition, device adaptation and it is widget ready. With the mobile recognition and device adaptation feature, it automatically re-sizes the images, split the articles or post into multiple pages such that your web page looks just fine on any of the mobile phones. It has a mobile admin panel so the admin of the site can easily manage it. Mobile ad widget allows mobile ads or mobile Adsense to be displayed on the mobile version of the web pages.

4. MobilePress

You can set this plugin to display a specific theme for a specific device model or mobile browsers like the iPhone, Opera Mini, etc., such that your blog displays according to the device capability. This plugin also allows the WordPress theme developers to develop their own mobile themes for WordPress blogs.

5. Mobile Admin

This WordPress plugin enables you to access admin user interface on mobile devices in a users friendly manner. This plugin is especially developed for the browsers on the iPhone and iPod Touch devices and it supports most of the other mobile browsers at basic level. Mobile Admin supports most of the basic WordPress admin features like editing posts with auto-save feature, tagging support, comment moderation, and more.

6. Mobilize

This WordPress plugin, once installed, will detect any mobiles phone having access to your site and it will redirect it to the Mippin server. Mippin will then rearrange your web page and its contents to suit the cell phone type. For example, if your website has images, then Mippin will re-size the images to fit the mobile screen and videos are converted to 3gp format such that users can have a comfortable and quick access to your site.

7. WPhone Admin Plug-in

This plugin will allow you to manage your WordPress install using a mobile browser. It has two mobile admin interfaces, one is for use on the iPhone/iPod Touch and other devices which supports full JavaScript and features CSS AJAX and sliding menus. And another is Lite version to use on phones that do not support JavaScript. It will automatically switch between the rich and lite versions based on the browser you use.

8. Mowser

Mowser is a service that lets your WordPress blog to be viewed more comfortably and quickly on a mobile browser or on any other mobile device. This plugin will automatically detect when a user is trying to access your WordPress based blog using a mobile phone and it will redirect to the optimized mobile version of your blog.

9. Wetomo WordPress to Mobile

Wetomo plugin will automatically detect when a user is trying to access your URL from a mobile phone. Wetomo will act as a proxy between you and the user, modifying your blog to suit the handset of the user such that your blog looks great on any of the mobile browsers.

10. WP viewMobile

This plugin is designed to make your WordPress blog mobile internet ready. It will detect when a user is accessing your blog via a mobile phone. It automatically sends a template which is optimized for mobile devices. It tries to re-size the images in your blog to suite the mobile phone or else it removes them completely if the mobile browser does not support images, such that your users can access your blog without any problem.

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23 thoughts on “10 Mobile Plugins for WordPress”

  1. I second WP Touch. Best system out there for touch screen phones.

    Add MobilePress on top of that and you will have other phones covered as well.

  2. I`m using wpTouch, it got the best theme for mobile and iPhone User.
    For just some Euros more, you can get wpTouch Pro and use so much difficult preferences.

  3. Second item’s link is dead. The first item only ranked ‘works’ by 5 and ‘broken’ by 3. While numerous people ‘may’ have downloaded it, it doesn’t look like that from those numbers. It’d be cool if there was just ONE review of one single mobile WP plugin that worked for both site and admin purposes.

  4. I guess I’m a late comer to this party. I’m glad I had got to see all the comments. I’m along time ready and take the information here seriously. I’m going to grab my plug in now. I’m going Mobile.

    Thx, Everyone.

  5. Is there any mobile plugin that display custom fields? Most of them only display Title, Description, tags and categories only

    I’m using wordpress 2.7 by the way.

  6. I just installed Wapple Architect. Looks fabulous because it actually looks like my site on a computer! One thing I can’t figure out is how to get my functional, and essential, sidebar widgets there. They don’t need to be sidebars, but the functionality is essential.

  7. We are using one not listed here, called WPTouch, which blows everything else away that we tried. (for our tastes) And granted, we couldn’t get a couple of the plugins to activate properly, but that’s partly how WPTouch blows the competition away, perfectly simply installation and activation. Obviously, this is for touch phones and devices only.

  8. Well I’d go with Wapple Architect. It should have been on the list but it gives you more features, more functionality, makes your mobile blog look better, works on more devices..

    Here’s the URL:

  9. The mobile market keeps getting bigger and bigger. From the stand point of development we are also looking to work the market and with platforms like air you can cross from mobile to desktop really easy.

  10. I was all the time thinking if I can not open my blog on my mobile because it takes log download time then who will do?!

    So.. this is exactly what I need, I check the great list of plugins and try out one! thanks a lot! you will make it more easy for me to reach this pint!

  11. Polls say that more than 60% of Brits surf the internet while in the bathroom. Nice.

    ReTweet this post to the English! šŸ˜›


  12. @Cezille, haha, why not just check it out? I have tried most of the plugins and I think the WME is the best, so I use it on my blog now. By the way, the Mobile Press were not workable on my two blogs.

  13. i am using the WordPress Mobile Edition on my WordPress Blog. Just a question, what if i will use two or more of these plugins, is there a possibility of conflicts?

  14. Hi!

    Great to see lists like this, but I’d like to suggest mine for addition.

    It’s called the Wapple Architect Mobile Plugin for WordPress, it’s written in WAPL and as well as working perfectly for every device, it retains URL structure and allows you to keep your brand identity from web to mobile – something all of the plugins you’ve listed struggle with.

    The plugin is now at version 1.4 and there are a ton of features available – here are just a few:
    – Dynamic resizing of images
    – Retains SEO and URL from web to mobile
    – Allow your visitors to comment from mobile
    – Customize your blog perfectly for mobile
    – There’s more on the plugin homepage!

    The homepage can be found here:


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