Where There’s Traffic, There’s Hope


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A couple of months ago I wrote a piece titled Do You Know The Most Important Metric Online?. My main argument was that, contrary to what many people believe, the main metric online should be profits, and not traffic.

For instance, would you rather have a website that receives 200,000 monthly visitors and makes $1,000 monthly in profits, or a website that receives only 20,000 monthly visitors but that makes $3,000 monthly? I am sure the second, and this gap in the traffic/earnings ration happens in real life, too.

That all being said, traffic remains a very important metric online. It’s not more important than profits, but it probably comes in a close second place.

The reason is quite simple: unless you have people visiting your website you won’t be able to engage them, to spread your message, to gather feedback, to sell your products/services and so on.

And you could go a step further: even if the money you are making with your website is pocket change right now, as long as you have traffic, you can always change your monetization strategy and perhaps improve your earnings.

In fact I both got burned and profited with this rule of thumb in the past.

When I got burned: I bought a website that was making around $1,000 monthly, despite having only 15,000 monthly visitors or so. I figured I would be able to increase the traffic and consequently the earnings, but within months of my purchase traffic dried and the earnings almost disappeared, probably because of fluctuations in search rankings.

When I profited: I bought a website that was making only $300 monthly, but it was receiving over 100,000 monthly visitors and it had some strong search rankings. I figured the low profit margin was probably related to a poor monetization strategy, and a couple of months after the purchase the monthly earnings jumped to $1,500 monthly.

So remember: where there’s traffic, there’s hope.

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14 Responses to “Where There’s Traffic, There’s Hope”

  • HP van Duuren

    Targeted – Highly Responsive Converting – Traffic, that tell their friends 🙂

  • Ron’s SEO Writing Blog

    The only thing that matters is, TRAFFIC, TRAFFIC and TRAFFIC! All you need is healthy, surging, consistent traffic and you can do a lot with that.

  • Web Marketing Tips

    simply love the title my friend.

  • HP van Duuren

    Absolutely Daniel,

    Great to see, because on my – Writer’s Lifestyle – Blog I recently saw a +400% increase in unique visitors.
    Only than there is the question what are – you – as a visitor going to do on my Blog? Are you going to have a visit to my Blog to begin with? When you do…,

    – Are you going to enjoy the Posts, about Blogging, The Writer’s Lifestyle and doing Affiliate Marketing?

    – Are you going to like the ‘Events Page’ with very interesting info aboutSpeaking on Stage?

    – Are you going to – Bookmark – my Blog?

    – Are you going to write compelling Comments on Blogposts?

    – Are you going to tell your friends about posts that you read, and share those links with your friends? (or show what Comments you wrote)

    – Are you going to have a look at the tiny little
    (the Vision) ebook that you can preview on my Blog?

    – Are you going to subscibe to any Magazines I (pre) sell, or buy a comfortable – Desk Chair – for your Writing, an MP3 Player to listen to nice Music while Writing or a Laptop or Laptop stand…?

    ‘I sure Hope so :)’

  • Daniel

    A very short but interesting post, Daniel.

    I have heard about something similar happening to other sites.

    This may be why many successful site owners often use the term “Targeted Traffic”.

  • James Debono

    I couldn’t agree more traffic is great but the best thing is having a strategy I place to convert that traffic into leads, sales and long term business partners.

  • Arun Basil Lal


    I am interested in knowing what change in Strategy you did on the second website you mentioned that mode the profits go from $300 to $1500. Any hints please?

  • Umesh

    I had big traffic and big money. Now I have less traffic and less money. It is going parallel with me. 🙂

  • Isha Singh

    Totally agree with you! Traffic can make money and even reputation. But here the type of traffic is important as mentioned by Jamie.

  • Jamie Northrup

    It’s definitely easier to monetize websites with higher traffic, but then again it depends on the quality and type of traffic.

    Each website type and/or niche can be different, you always have to factor everything, there’s rarely a situation that is equal to another in all things except one, you have to check the different variables and then make a decision.

  • doug_eike

    Having traffic is like having the raw materials to build something. Once the visitors are coming, you can do a lot to turn them into paying customers. At the very least, with traffic you have a platform from which to speak. Thanks for the insights!

  • ES

    Interesting info Daniel. You are sure experimenting a lot, I admire you for that 🙂

    I would somehow prefer to start a blog/ website from ground up (0 posts and 0 hits). I feel closer to such blogs and I feel a strong sense of ownership because all the content was created by me.

  • Carissa Dunphy

    Great point. Most people today think quantity over quality, but it is not always the case. I suppose it also depends on if the blog owner prefers this method – it could go both ways.

  • Andrew Groat

    I agree with you.

    If you have traffic, and you are willing to put the time and effort in to effectively research, think and deliver to the visitors, you will see profits!

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