Money Comes From Traffic? Wrong! It Comes From Targeted Traffic!


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You may think that the equation for making money online is quite simple, the more people you have coming to your website the more money you are going to make but that isn’t always the case. You have to consider into that equation that people don’t only have to come to your site they also have to interact with it in the right way to give you the money. They have to click on your adverts, buy your products or act on your ‘calls to action’. If they simply come to your site and the read your content and leave it’s great but it isn’t making you any money.

Real life example

One major example from my own experience is when I used stumbleupon advertising. I chose a couple of articles from my blog that I thought would be of interest to most people interested in making money online. I did indeed have a massive traffic spike and got well over 5 times my usual traffic but the bounce rate as well was 30% higher and I wasn’t getting any more money than usual. This is because people on stumbleupon generally aren’t that interested in the deeper content of a blog or the upsells but they want something which is initially visually appealing.

Type of traffic that you do want: Organic Traffic

I would argue that the best traffic that you want on a steady basis is google search engine traffic. People who come to your site for the first time through google have already done their own search and the search has come up with what they are looking for (hopefully your site). That is one advantage in your favour. The next advantage is that you have the chance to write a little snippet of information that shows up in the search and the title, this means that the searcher has already read this and decided that they want to see your site. Both of these factors create a level of trust with the searcher/reader that is totally unavailable through sites like stumble upon.

Once the readers have entered your site they are already comfortable with clicking through links to get to the information they want so there is less to stop them from clicking on your adverts, particularly adsense text ads because they come in a similar format to the search results.

Guest Post Traffic

People who come to your site through guest post links are usually there because they liked what you had to say on the guest site and they want to read more. Now this won’t help you get more advert clicks really but it does give you another layer of credibility. The user has come from a well renowned site that they probably trust already and they have read a sample of your work and are looking to get into more of what you have to say. Because of these levels of trust that have been built up they will be more likely to listen to your product recommendations and pay attention to what you have to say.

What I am trying to say really is people will not spend money on your site if they don’t have any reason to trust you or they don’t have and reason to be on your site ready to spend money. You need to develop your relationship with your readers from the moment they see a link to your website all the way to where they take an action on your site. Pay attention to the user experience and it will pay off in the end.

About the Author: John Burnside blogs about making money online as well as internet marketing and general blogging tips to help you along your journey. If you want to hear more of what he has to say then please visit his blog at

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14 Responses to “Money Comes From Traffic? Wrong! It Comes From Targeted Traffic!”

  • Web Marketing Tips

    If you are using adseense than non targetted traffic can also fetch you money … Lollllzz

  • Daniel

    Some good points, John.

    Though I would tend to think that having a huge amount of traffic would(Should in theory) lead to more success with a blog or website, the reality is that a great amount of that traffic can often be wasted.

    StumbleUpon may offer a spike in traffic to a site, but a number of people have said that the visitors through this method are often simply not targeted traffic(The vast majority of visitors simply visit then leave).

    That would definitely account for a higher bounce rate if these visitors did not venture into the internal pages of the Website(Blog).

  • Extreme John

    I think that money in the net or blogging comes from targeted traffic and not from traffic alone. Thank you very much for sharing this informative post.

  • Jerrick

    when you earn high revenue in low traffic. You will think that you able to earn double of it by getting double traffic .
    But if you double your traffic , will you able to target all the traffic ?

    For blogger which not from company background usually hard to sell thing online because it lack of trust.
    You success to get lot of traffic by sharing lot of information on blog yet hard to convert those traffic to sales.

  • Andrew Groat

    Exactly, high traffic with a high bounce rate is a waste of time and detrimental to your website. It just looks good on the surface of your analytics.

    It’s so simple, but nobody seems to get it. Why would you want anyone to view your site if they didn’t want to be there?

  • Ray Wilson

    Hi, John,

    It’s certainly very true that you need “targeted” traffic.

    It’s something that newbies don’t give enough attention to. But always remember that online – you need targeted traffic. Not somebody off the streets.

    There are a TON of ordinary people who browse your site for basic information on Google search, some through something like StumbleUpon do it for fun or visual experience.

    Also, SEO and Guest blogging are a part of the top 10 best traffic strategies ever discovered online.

    It always amazes me how long it takes people to accept it.


  • Sean

    Yeah I’ve noticed that the best conversions come from organic, guest post and PPC traffic. All other traffic seems worthless 95% of the time, Facebook refer ells is sometimes good.

  • Diane

    Hi John
    You are so right about this. I find that its necessary to build relationships with my existing customers, and then this slowly and steadily grows with them sending their customers to my website for say a birthday present, or they have received one of our Christmas gifts from a friend or family member. By building solid organic links our business continues to grow more. You will never convert all of the traffic all of the time, but when you have the opportunity I find it better to concentrate on building great relationships.
    I too would like to have Guest posts on my blog, however as this is very new, I am just starting to build my posts first.
    Thank you for sharing this John.

  • Lakhyajyoti

    Agree with you.Mainly we make money from our organic traffic.My income from blog increases for last few months because of getting more traffic from search engines.

  • prasad

    You have said the right thing about traffic.Loyal readers or people who visit your site frequently don’t make much money to you.Money mainly comes from organic traffic of your site .I have experienced this.That’s why we need SEO.

  • Jamie Northrup

    Everything I do is to bring natural traffic, either from Search Engines, Guest Posts, Comments or Social Media, I don’t mind the traffic SU sends me but I agree it doesn’t stay long, it can introduce your website to someone new though, I have discovered a few website using SU, but I wouldn’t spend money to include my website on SU.

  • suraj

    Stumbleupon traffic always high traffic..i heard same in everywhere..even my Google Analytic i saw stumbleupon user stay less than a minute…search engine traffic is good for website from google…If you get traffic through comment of good blog your bounce rate will be low…

  • Nonoy

    In agree everything here. I wish I can really get it going on my blog. I’ve lost traffic about 60% 2 weeks ago because of the Google Panda update. I really don’t know what’s wrong with my site. But I’m still trying to get the organic traffic despite of it; perhaps I can get the conversions that I need.

  • Sarbjit Singh

    I think if you are monetizing your website with adsense, the best CTR comes from Organic Traffic.
    However, if you are selling a product you must have loyal customer who keep coming back for more.
    So you must keep both these sources in mind, while planning how to earn from your website.

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