The Top 12 Features To Add To Your Blogging Email Newsletter

Hal Licino

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Far too many bloggers’ email newsletters turn out to be only thinly veiled promotional pieces intended to drive traffic to the blog site itself. Although that is definitely a valuable function of email marketing for bloggers, your subscribers won’t appreciate being used as nothing more than odometer clicks and will react positively to your provision of real value in your email newsletters.

Here are the top twelve concepts you can incorporate into your email newsletter to not only promote your blog but also give your subscribers some really powerful reasons to stick around!

1. Exclusive copy — Include a short essay or article or sidebar which is not available anywhere but in your email newsletter.

2. Tip O’ The Week — No matter what industry sector your blog operates in, there have to be some handy tips to make your readers’ lives easier.

3. Special offers — This is the lifeblood of email marketing as the number one unquestioned most effective way to engage a subscriber is to offer them something of clear monetary value for free. Don’t just stop at the ebook download, but get creative!

4. Charity involvement — Locate a charitable non-profit organization whose goals match those of your blog audience and wholeheartedly support them. Solicit both funds and manpower support from your readers and they will respond!

5. Puzzles — Crosswords, Sudoku, or just about any kind of puzzle can be a strong draw for your subscribers. If you can concoct a crossword that’s relevant to your industry, you might just be on track for a whole new venture in addition to your blog that you can spin off!

6. Trivia — Every industry has its own little known but fascinating facts, and peppering them throughout your blog newsletter can add interest and pull in your reader to an even greater extent.

7. Humor column — You will have to approach this prospect with a great deal of sensitivity as some industry sectors are not exactly known for their levity, but your subscribers will appreciate the opportunity to have a good laugh. Just make sure that the laughs don’t come at the expense of anyone in particular.

8. Editorial cartoons or comic strips — Even if you’re not talented enough to be able to draw your own cartoons or comic strips, you can certainly find a freelancer who will be able to put your concepts into an attractive and fun art format for just a few dollars. Follow the same caveats as humor, as it’s far too easy to fall into low satire.

9. Photo or essay contest — Your subscribers will appreciate the opportunity to provide their own image or text content as long as there is a valuable prize to be gained.

10. Resource list — This seems so obvious but it’s surprising how many bloggers’ newsletters lack any type of reference or resource list. Are there major trade shows or conferences coming up in your sector? Are there industry associations which provide information and aid to consumers? Are there academic institutions at the cutting edge of research in the field? Why aren’t you listing these?

11. Tutorials — While you’re adding on references and resources it might be a great idea to serve your subscribers by offering a series of tutorials. Don’t automatically assume that all of your blog readers are industry experts, as you might garner significant success with a bare introduction to your field intended for sheer beginners.

12. Sweepstakes — In almost any industry you’ll be able to work out some sort of promotion with a leading manufacturer or distributor to provide you with some valuable and alluring merchandise that you can use as the grand prize in contest, draw, or sweepstakes. Ensure that you conduct the selection completely fairly (and the prize doesn’t end up with your cousin).

If you’ve been composing your blog’s email newsletter on autopilot for too long it’s high time to shake things up and show your loyal subscribers that you value their participation and loyalty. Give them innovative and interesting features to read in your newsletters and you won’t have to push them to read your blog, they’ll do so willingly!

About the Author: Hal Licino is a veteran freelance writer and frequent contributor to the blog.

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7 Responses to “The Top 12 Features To Add To Your Blogging Email Newsletter”

  • saha

    Great post. Very useful and helpful information. All these features should be in every blogging email newsletter. Thanks for sharing some good features. Keep up the good work.

  • Sune @ ExtraIncomeBlogger

    Great post, thank you! I love all your suggestions! One thing I have always had trouble with, is figuring out my “perfect newsletter”. I have to admit, I know how important it is, but I never spend a lot of time on it. I really have to change my mindset about my newsletter!

  • Dean Saliba

    What a fantastic list! I would heed a bit of caution about inserting puzzles into your email list, I did that once and the subscribers preferred the puzzles to the original content I was publishing! 🙂

  • Guy Manningham

    Great insight. Just as in the case with social media marketing, customers do not want to be advertised to via email. They want to be engaged.

  • meka

    my newsletter has only tutorials
    i think its time to add some more fun
    thanks for the suggestions

  • Ishan

    There are some nice ideas. I will try to implement these in my newsletter soon.

  • Blogging Tips

    All of these are awesome ideas. I think I might just include the tip of the week from here on out. I think this one is a great idea because it helps by giving them something every single week, which will in return help to keep them there for an even longer period of time.

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