Firefox Showcase


If you are anything like me, you probably have several Firefox tabs open at any given time. Sometimes you need to be able to see all the tabs, and that is exactly what this extension will do.


Firefox Showcase will create thumbnails of all the open tabs and windows, and it will show them together. You can choose the thumbnails to be displayed on a new tab, on the sidebar or as a pop-up window.

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13 Responses to “Firefox Showcase”

  • Bang Kritikus

    What’s better firefox or opera. I still using opera

  • DIYdavid

    FireFox Rocks!

  • Jamaipanese


    this plugin will be very useful ^_6

  • Daniel

    Let me test…

    Up to 16 tabs you can still see them well.

    Anything over that would be overkill I think. The good thing though is that you can control the tabs (reload, go back, close) from the thumbnail view.

  • Bret

    That’s a cool looking FireFox extension. Not sure if it would fit in with my browsing habits, but it looks amazing nevertheless.

    Daniel, what’s the top number of open tabs where this extension just stops being useful? The screen shot looks great with 4 tabs, but how does it look with 10 or 15? Just curious if you’ve found the “tipping point” in your daily usage. Thanks.

  • Daniel

    Yeah a lot of toolbars, and that is because some 2 or 3 of thme (like the Webdeveloper extension) were actually hidden :).

  • Ramkarthik

    This is a really cool extension. I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe I give it a try today. And BTW, you all might know this. Just an information. If you want to open a link in a tab and not in new window, you can do it by clicking the link with middle scroll button in the mouse.
    Thanks for the extension Daniel.

  • 60 in 3

    Wow Daniel, you have a lot of toolbars!

    You do know you can shrink a lot of those, right? Rename stuff with shorter names, remove unnecessary buttons from Stumble and so on. You can probably eliminate an entire bar that way and reclaim a bit of screen real estate.


  • Armen

    Like Mike, it looks like a nifty idea, but I doubt I’d bother with it much either.

    It’s amazing what they keep coming up with in the FF community.

  • Daniel

    Yeah it depends on your browsing habits :).

  • Mike Panic

    It looks like a good concept, I just don’t think I’d ever really use it =/

  • Daniel

    Yeah the good part is that the plugin has 2 levels, local only for tabs on a single window and global for all the windows.

  • Frank

    The showcase is a really nice plug-in. I’ve had it for about 9 months (from memory) and I use it all the time. I often have 6 – 12 FF windows open (I’m not big on tabs) and this is great to “find” them again.

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