10 Proven Ways to Generate Website Traffic


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There are hundreds of ways to generate website traffic, but in this article, I want to cover some of the fundamental tactics.

These are ways that I’ve used in my business, and I know from personal experience that they work.

In the end, this is about building a blog and business that will be with you for years to come.

This is not about quick-fix strategies that get slapped by Google after a few months.

So let’s jump right into the first way, shall we?

1. Guest Blogging

The absolute first one for any blog is to do guest blogging, which means to write articles for other blogs and websites in exchange for links back to your site.

This is the tactic I’ve used to build my blog up to thousands of subscribers. I’ve built a business around writing for others.

To find guest blogging opportunities either check out the blogs you’re already reading, or go to your favorite search engine and type in: “niche + “write for us””

2. Forums

The next way to generate targeted website traffic is forums.

find big forums in your niche, and start contributing. Don’t promote your own website. Just provide value and be helpful.

So how do people find your site?

You put a link and a call to action in your signature, which is the part below all of your posts, just like an email signature.

Some forums don’t allow signatures, so make sure the forum you’re registering for does.

3. Blog Commenting

Then we have blog commenting.

Blog commenting isn’t the best way to generate website traffic, but it still works in getting some traffic to your site.

A big advantage of blog commenting is that it helps you connect with the site owner. And if you comment on dozens of blogs, people will see you everywhere, and they’ll get curious.

4. Article Marketing

Article marketing is something I’ve used to build up multiple passive income streams throughout the years.

I now prefer guest blogging, because it’s easier, but if you’re not ready to write for blogs with thousands of readers, I suggest you look at article marketing.

When I do article marketing, I only write for EzineArticles.com. I don’t bother submitting to hundreds of directories, because EzineArticles gives me the best bang for my time.

5. Interviews

When your blog starts growing, and especially if you can show people that you know what you’re talking about, you will get interviewed.

Interviews are great for expanding your reach and building links to your blog.

This tactic is more for bloggers who already have a following. But it can work for beginners if you’ve carved out your niche well.

6. Podcast

Starting your own podcast is a great way to expand your reach. I just started mine not too long ago, and the response has been fantastic.

There are millions of blogs competing against each other, but only a few hundred thousand podcasts at the time I write this.

And depending on which market you’re in, the numbers will vary.

Conducting a podcast is scary for most people, so they don’t do it. If you can push your comfort zone and do things other do not, you will stand out.

And you will generate traffic to your blog.

7. Video Tutorials

If you want to take things even further, you can start creating videos.

You don’t have to be in front of the camera. You could do PowerPoint, or Keynote, presentations and use software that records your screen, such as Camtasia for PC or Screenflow for Mac.

You could even repurpose your podcast into video, as long as you put in some slides or visuals to keep people interested.

8. Free Course

Another great way to generate website traffic is to create a free course.

Yes, a course that you give away. Make sure you do some keyword research before you create it. Pick a keyword you can rank for and then use the keyword in the title of your free course.

This will help you rank when people link to your course. The goal is to make the course so good that people want to spread it.

9. Proper SEO

You can’t forget proper SEO. I’m talking about both on-site and off-site.

Use keywords that your market uses. Pick ones that you can compete for when you write articles, create podcasts, and upload videos.

Google has made a lot of changes, but SEO is not dead. Google wants to rank good content, so help them find yours.

And remember to make it easy for the search engines. Use keywords that are relevant, and then get people to share your content.

10. Hard Work

Most people look for quick-fix strategies when it comes to generating more traffic to their website or blog.

But if there’s anything I’ve learned throughout the years of running an online business, it’s that this takes hard work.

And the more willing you are to put in the work, the more targeted website traffic you will generate.

I am living proof of this. I’ve never succeeded with the latest tactic. Instead I’ve slowly built up my online business.

And today I can do what I want, when I want and from where I want. I have the freedom I want. And I have control over my time.

Wrap Up

Focus on working hard instead of looking for a quick-fix, because that’s when you’ll start seeing real results with your blog and your business.

One of the big ones I left out of this article was social media, because I haven’t focused a lot of my efforts on it. Many of my articles have gone viral, but I still haven’t found a formula that guarantees results.

All I can say is to produce great content, work hard, and keep taking action.

If you do those three things, you will go far.

Henri Junttila is the founder of Wake Up Cloud, where he helps people turn their passion into a wildly profitable online business. If you want to learn more about how to build a successful online business, make sure you grab his free special report (audiobook included).

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12 Responses to “10 Proven Ways to Generate Website Traffic”

  • Lola Stoney

    Guest blogging is also my number one. Great tips.

  • Marissa Sayno

    Hey, these are awesome and I’ve tested some items on it w/c worked great so I know you’re right on target! I love the last item though – it still bothers me how some shady folks are trying to game search algorithms.. to their client’s cost. Cheers!

  • Veena Patwardhan

    I decided to blog about life in the senior years and about Goa, that little patch of paradise on the West coast of India where I come from, just recently after I clambered past the 60-year milestone. Till now I have been concentrating only on good content with a dash of humour for increasing web traffic. Thanks for suggesting guest blogging.

  • Richard Ng

    Hi Henri,

    Yes, social media is the IN thing nowadays and it definitely is one of the latest craze for traffics generation. Platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the latest, Pinterest should not be ignored.


  • Kelvon Yeezy

    I would agree with #10 to some extent.

    I would not say it always needs hard work… to generate website traffic, but rather, effectively using #1 guest blogging can turn your task into a simplistic mechanism.

    Well written, Henri!

    Kelvon Yeezy

  • Jason V

    My favorites are guest blogging (which I wish I had more time for) and (insightful) blog commenting. Both of which you can’t fake and you need to put in the HARD WORK for. Too many people want the quick-fix or over-night success. My foundation is built on good habits/techniques and hard work, things seem to fall in place after that. It’s nice to have a few (honest) tricks up your sleeve though 🙂

  • Ehsan Ullah

    Guest blogging is the most effective link building, relationship building and traffic method after the Panda and Penguin updates from Google.

    Article marketing had a big demand before (in 2009 and 2010), but article marketing is completely dead these days.
    Nice post BTW Henry 🙂

  • mrcholick

    I’ve done many ways to extended my blog visitors number. It has 27% bounce rate, but it still ‘very’ low performance.
    I never posted specific niche topic, what I’ve done only wrotte whatever I think is proper to post.
    Am I used wrong way?

  • Aliakbar Fakhri

    Yes..Forum posting and commenting Will Drive Huge traffic to blog and also natural back link,s But to get organic Traffic by Writing Quality Content is the best Method.

  • Kannan

    Excellent post!

    In my point of view, I gained more traffic via article marketing. Of course, I experienced for my earlier projects. Once done article marketing, i can see the increase in traffic rate.

    And one more thing is “Participation in various major Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

  • mohan

    Few tips are new to me.I will try these tips.And I hope it will increase my blog traffic

  • Andi the Minion

    Henri these are some pretty good tips here, one of them I didn’t know about which I believe can be very powerful, a free course. Very powerful indeed. I give away plenty of free reports and posts but a full course… Genius.

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