8 Post Types To Expand and Highlight Your Blog’s Content

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If you are struggling for content or want to expand the number of posts your blog has, having regular features that highlight existing content, whether on your blog or elsewhere, is a good approach. Below are some of the most common and popular features that you can implement on your site.

1. Best or Popular Posts

A common feature on many blogs. It basically involves listing the best or most popular posts over the previous week or month (depending on how often you update). If you are an avid reader of the blog this may not offer much, but for everyone else it’s a great way of showcasing your best content without all the filler in between. Be sure to encourage readers to check out and leave comments on any posts they missed.

2. Best Comments

An excellent way of boosting reader interaction as it rewards those who comment regularly. When doing a post like this try and tie the highlighted comments together rather than just picking random ones. Also, prioritize regular commentators by mentioning their name and website.

3. A Year Ago

Similar to the best post feature, only this one delves into the misty past to highlight top content from a year ago. Not much good if you don’t have an old enough blog or a deep archive, but it’s still a great way of showcasing all those forgotten about posts and giving them a bit of extra life

4. Coming soon

Enticing readers with upcoming, intriguing content is a great way of encouraging people to subscribe to your feed. Just make sure you can deliver on it. If you are a regular poster who sticks to a solid schedule this can be a great way of creating anticipation for a new week or month. If you just post when you feel like it this may not work for you.

5. Interesting links

An old school technique. This feature has the added benefit of attracting the attention of other bloggers, who are usually appreciative of others linking to their posts. Just be sure to provide a solid amount of links for the reader to delve into.

6. Ask the Readers

A great way of encouraging reader interaction. It allows you to take the backseat while the readers provide the value with their comments. Just be sure to join in the conversation and help it along as necessary. Try combining this with a best comments feature for maximum benefit.

7. Recap

If you feel you may struggle to provide value with the features above, why not combine them together? It’s a good way of summarizing what’s happened with the blog over the last week or month, highlighting posts, linking to interesting sites and describing what’s upcoming.

8. Something Different

Offer something a little different to your usual content. It could be a funny video, interesting picture… whatever. As long as you are providing plenty of the content your blog is known for, this feature can provide a nice break from the usual ritual

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