101 Blog Tips I learned in 2006


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  1. if you are not, start blogging today
  2. write about something that you love
  3. if you are serious about blogging buy your own domain
  4. make sure your domain name is equal to your blog name
  5. use a short and easy to remember name
  6. use WordPress
  7. use WordPress plugins
  8. blog with consistency
  9. write at least 5 posts a week
  10. proofread
  11. proofread one more time
  12. interact with other bloggers
  13. leave meaningful comments
  14. leave funny comments
  15. leave the first comment
  16. backup your blog
  17. get rid of the sidebar calendar
  18. choose your niche wisely, not too big and not too small
  19. participate in online forums
  20. put a link on your signature
  21. use blog carnivals
  22. content is king
  23. customize your blog template
  24. use trackbacks
  25. simplicity is the way to go
  26. leverage social bookmarks
  27. consider joining a blog network
  28. write “Top 10″ lists
  29. use tags
  30. use pings
  31. write “How to” articles
  32. make your posts scannable
  33. list your blog on directories
  34. ask questions to your readers
  35. use Feedburner
  36. use sense of humor
  37. be generous
  38. encourage readers to subscribe
  39. have some spare posts for emergencies
  40. encourage readers to digg your posts
  41. put an RSS subscription icon on every single page
  42. use “series” of posts
  43. return comments
  44. return links
  45. use readable fonts
  46. gather .edu and .gov backlinks
  47. break long posts in more parts
  48. experiment with different revenue sources
  49. write “pillar articles“
  50. use Google Analytics
  51. study those numbers
  52. use email interviews
  53. be yourself
  54. avoid duplicate content
  55. use an RSS reader
  56. read as many blogs as possible
  57. focus on timeless content
  58. have an “About” page
  59. have a picture of yourself on the “About” page
  60. crate your own “Advertise Here” page
  61. use meta tags wisely
  62. learn the basics of SEO
  63. use pictures whenever possible
  64. create value for your readers
  65. place ads wisely
  66. be patient
  67. consider getting a co-blogger
  68. submit your articles to directories
  69. share what has worked for you
  70. share what has not worked for you
  71. read Problogger.net
  72. do not clutter your sidebar with icons
  73. get rid of looooong blogrolls
  74. experiment with Google Adsense
  75. experiment with Text-Link-Ads
  76. link to other blogs as often as possible
  77. make it easy for visitors to contact you
  78. use titles effectively
  79. offer email subscriptions
  80. always answer to questions
  81. always answer to comments
  82. use Technorati
  83. enable subscription to comments
  84. offer useful tools or resources
  85. write with a personal touch
  86. become an expert in your niche
  87. do not rely on “linking posts”
  88. always give your opinion
  89. use simple colors
  90. participate in blogging projects
  91. get to know other bloggers personally
  92. list your best articles
  93. have a voice
  94. organize your categories
  95. talk directly to your readers
  96. make your URL structure efficient
  97. put functional links on your footer
  98. mention your sources or references
  99. do monthly roundups
  100. consider adding podcasts
  101. create a “101 list”

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177 Responses to “101 Blog Tips I learned in 2006”

  • George


    It is a lot of work.

  • Colin Brooks

    Very nice list but damn! You make it sound like a lot of work!

  • martinus

    Thank you, this is a great list. I am slowly working through it and improving my blog.

  • Leigh Ann

    Wow….great advice thanks so much!!

  • Daniel

    Gdog, I wrote all the tips in one sitting, hence why there are not even capital letters on each entry! Thanks for the comment

  • Gdog

    Excellent – did you sit down and write these all in one setting or did you build a list over time? Nice list anyway…

  • Carey

    Awesome list, thank you!

  • Brian

    Great list, thanks! =)

  • Tyler

    There are some things that I didnt consider. Thanks for the 101 things you’ve learnt!

  • Ashish Mohta


    If you can make a rss of your blog through feedburner , then i guess u have to upload that .In wordpress there is one feature called as upload , you should be able to find out rss in that.


  • George


    I am glad you liked my entry, thanks for the link.


  • Ellen

    Great list! I wish I saw #4 months ago but I got caught up in having an all encompassing site. My project for early 2007 is to make my domain name my blog name. I agree whole-heartily with using WordPress. And, I am learning so much about blogs and blogging from Darren’s project. You can check out my post at

  • tigerfish

    I’m using Blogger.com. But I want to migrate all my old posts/comments to WordPress, is it possible ?

  • VJ

    Nice list – I like how short each entry was. If I made a list, one would be so long – about 5 lines by the time I stated exactly what I wanted to say, that the list would be actually boring instead of intriguing… kind of like this post! lol – nice list, I’ll check out your blog since someone said it rocked… VJ in Thailand

  • Daniel

    glen, thanks for that

    george, I already linked your entry to the writing project, nice job

    tigerfish, what blogging platform are you currently using? I am sure there is plenty of information out there about “migrating to wordpress”, if you have problems drop me an email

  • tigerfish

    Have already made a mistake on 6.
    Is there somehow I can do a easy migration of old posts/comments to wordpress ?

    This is my prediction(or wish)!

    May the Force be with you, the Blo-gedi way

  • George

    Excellent list. I don’t know if I would ever have the patience to come up with 101 list, nice work.

    If you are interested, my entry in Darren’s project is here.

    All the best,

  • Glen

    Great tips most of them I for sure use on a regular basis

  • Brad Shorr

    Excellent! Talk about getting to the point. You’re 101/101 on accuracy, too.

  • Daniel

    Yoav, where can I find your post?

    Tim Nash, nice post, I just placed a link to it.

  • Tim Nash

    a great list I would add Be different and of course you don’t have to be a writer to be a blogger!
    shameless plug for my entry in the group project

  • Yoav


    I wrote about a very similar subject. Maybe after reading my post you can make a 106 blogging tips article.


  • Daniel

    simonne I agree, tips #21 and #26

    Tim, spam karma and nofollowed links are good tips, I will add them to the list

  • Tim

    These tips are great.

    103. Use Spam Karma
    104. Make sure that links are nofollowed

    I joined the project too, with 3 console-haikus.

  • Simonne

    Hi Daniel,

    I found your post useful. I’ll add here two more lines: use social networking sites and participate in blog carnivals. While social networking can drive a hell of a traffic to your site (see an example here:

  • Daniel

    Yehuda, just corrected item 57, now you know why I mentioned proofread twice!

    jd, I agree with KISS, a good add to the list.

    Ashish, thanks, I definitely feed your blog also.

  • Madhur Kapoor
  • jd

    wow! thanks!

    #102. Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

    and 101 tips is keeping it simple! Well done (seriously)

    I’m printing this one out now and putting it on my wall by the PC.

  • Yehuda Berlinger

    Well articulated. Some questions:

    17, 73 – Why?

    Couldn’t 2 and 18 be somewhat of a problem, taken together?

    and 57 – What was that about proofreading 🙂


    • ganeshmuthiah

      This is a long list, I doubt i can remember it.
      I’m happy to have some idea on what to do next with this list.

      Thanks 🙂

      new blogger

  • Ashish Mohta

    Great Tips.I will folow some of them for sure.

    I also got entry in darrens project.
    And i am feeding your blog.There wont be another chance to meet so many bloggers

    Merry Christmas

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