Top 5 Google Analytics Reports For Bloggers

Top 5 Google Analytics Reports for Bloggers

As most bloggers know, Google Analytics is a powerful (and free) way to track your blog’s web metrics. Unfortunately, it was designed with AdWords advertisers in mind, so it comes with a lot more information than most bloggers need. Cluttered as it is with campaign and landing page reports, you might be tempted to look no further than the dashboard.

50 Simple Ways To Gain Rss Subscribers

50 Simple Ways to Gain RSS Subscribers

Most bloggers love their RSS readers. Not only that, but they also love to gain new RSS readers. It is such a joy when you wake up one day and see that your Feedburner count jumped by 200 or 300, right?

ways gain rss

The 6 Ugly Truths About Blogging

The 6 Ugly Truths About Blogging

Not many people like to hear the harsh realities of blogging. I didn’t want to either.

Like many people, I read some of the top personality development blogs online. If there is one message everyone has to say in common, then it is “Think positive.”

The Do’S And Don’Ts Of Guest Posting For Major Blogs

The Do’s and Don’ts of Guest Posting for Major Blogs

What do, and Huffington Post all have in common? For one, each blog captures thousands of unique visitors and tens of thousands of page views in a single day. Second, they all accept contributions from guest authors, creating the potential to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website with just a single guest post.

101 Ways To Promote A New Blog

101 Ways to Promote a New Blog

This is a guest post by David Turnbull. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

Promoting a new blog can be quite daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. As you might expect, breaking down blog promotion into small, actionable tasks eliminates the mental road block you’ve probably experienced when trying to wrap you head around how to get people’s attention. You don’t have to do everything in this list, and some items will have a greater effect then others, but every tactic will at least drive some traffic, and any traffic is better than no traffic.

Don'T Miss This One: &Quot;31 Days To Build A Better Blog&Quot; Workbook Photo

Don’t Miss This One: “31 Days to Build a Better Blog” Workbook

build a better blog workbookAs you probably know, Darren Rowse from Problogger run a challenge last month titled “31 Days to Build a Better Blog.” Here is how he described it:

The idea is simple. By the end of this challenge you’ll have learned 31 aspects of blogging and put them into practice. It is designed not only to fill your head with knowledge ABOUT blogging, but also to give you some concrete things to actually DO something with the knowledge.