Top 5 Google Analytics Reports For Bloggers

Top 5 Google Analytics Reports for Bloggers

As most bloggers know, Google Analytics is a powerful (and free) way to track your blog’s web metrics. Unfortunately, it was designed with AdWords advertisers in mind, so it comes with a lot more information than most bloggers need. Cluttered as it is with campaign and landing page reports, you might be tempted to look no further than the dashboard.

Reignite Your Passion For Blogging

Reignite Your Passion for Blogging

Passionforblogging.pngWriting content and promoting your blog several times a week, every week can take its toll, especially when success takes time and patience to achieve. Many bloggers begin to lose interest. As their enthusiasm wanes, they may be stricken with the dreaded blogger’s block, allowing their post frequency to decline. Before you know it, the blog has died of disinterest and neglect. It’s a story told around the blogosphere time and again.

Don’t let it be the story of your blog! Often, with a little effort, you can reignite the same passion you felt when you first hit that “Post” button.

Blog Plagiarism Q&A

Blog Plagiarism Q&A

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We bloggers generally pride ourselves on uniqueness and creativity. We get a rush when we see others linking to our posts and reading our feeds, since it usually means that they find value in what we have to say. Unfortunately, not everyone who reads your blog does so for legitimate reasons. Some unscrupulous individuals in the blogosphere are only out to scrape your content for their own websites, ripping off your material and claiming it as their own.