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First of all a big thank you for everyone who participated on the Three Blog Project. I was expecting to beat the number of entries of the last one (48), but not to double it. We had a total of 118 people participating!

blogprojectthree.gifBelow you will find the final list of entries. You have one week to browse around them and to post a list with your favorite ones (minimum 3 favorite entries, no maximum). There is no need to send me an email, I will check your blog and assign the points.

Most of the entries are pretty interesting, some are outstanding. I am sure you will have a good time reading through the list!


  • Top 3+1 Sites about Blog Contests by Lovedeep Wadhwa
  • Why I am Still Addicted to Blogging After 3 Years by Ajay
  • Increase Your Blog’s Stickiness by Jordan
  • L’Amour De Blog: 3 reasons why blogging is like being in love by Phil
  • 3 Trends that Shaped up the Blogosphere this Year by Ashwin
  • 3 Times A Blogger by Rich
  • 3 Ways To Get Back In The Blogging Spirit by Scott
  • 3 Ways to Increase your Blog Stats by Ant
  • Three Things to Do Before You Click Publish (and One Thing to Do After) by Jacqueline
  • Three Things That I’ve Yet To Achieve as a Blogger by Rhys
  • 3 Secrets of Writing for Blogs by Tejvan
  • 3 Tips to Increase Blog Readership by Kyle
  • 3 reasons why comment relish is not good for your blog by Vijay
  • Top 3 Reasons You Should Stop Reading Blogs by George
  • 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Storytelling by Daniel
  • Top 3 tips to pick up girls/boys using blogs by Mario
  • Three Reasons Why Group Blogging is Great by Mike
  • 3 Ways To Get Me To Not Visit Your Blog Again by Sean
  • 3+1 Things Blogger’s Should Never Ever Do. by Arpit
  • How To Sell Your Blog in 3 Easy Steps by Ahmed Bilal
  • Three essential steps to great blog posts by Corner Scribe
  • 3 Sure Fire Way to Advertise Your Blog on a Shoe String by Engtech
  • Three Steps to Keeping your RSS Feed Readers by Matthew
  • 3 Fatal Errors of Blogging by Tillerman
  • Three reasons why I like contest by Ashok
  • 3 Reasons I Stayed On With Blogging by Tine
  • July Blogtipping by Rob
  • Top 3 Things Kermit The Frog Can Teach You About Blogging (and Life) by Dee
  • 3 Good Blog Habits To Get Huge Traffic For Your Blog by Amey
  • What “The 3 Little Pigs” Can Teach You About Blogging by Jan
  • 3 roads to blogging stardom by Jayson
  • I’m Engaged! Now What? by Brittany
  • Blogging in Three Numbers by Francesco
  • 3 Reasons why I suck as a blogger by Ben
  • 3 Ways to Track Your Comments by David
  • 3 Reasons Why Daily Blog Tips Sucks by Bes

Business & Career

  • 3 Easy Steps to Becoming More Effective by Ron
  • 3 Great Alternatives to Paper by Using Web-based Solutions by Ryan
  • 3 Signs that You are in the Wrong Company by Anne
  • Top 3 Reasons Why You Have to Work from Home by Alfa
  • 3 Reasons to Persevere by Anne
  • Three Mistakes made by teen Online Entrepreneurs by Nick
  • 3 Reasons Job Search Spam Should Scare You by Jacob
  • 3 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Succeed! by Ray
  • Finding Work and Steve, the Maintenance Man and That Third Thing by Hoffman
  • Reducing Debt: 3 different Ways by Richard


  • Three Things Wrong with Transformers by Nathania
  • 3 movies that can change you by WebStuffScan
  • The Three That I Miss The Most! by Jimbo
  • Got Independence? 3 things you should do this July 4th by Joe
  • Magnetic 3D Globe Jigsaw Puzzle by Marcel
  • Three Free Willie Nelson Songs by Liz
  • Three Great Anime Blogs and Maybe Anime? by Carlie

Health & Fitness

  • Get Healthy In Three Minutes by Gal
  • 3 Things I Have Done To Save My Own Life by Eric
  • Top Three USA Worst Cities for Losing Weight by Cherry
  • 3 Things I Miss About Being Fat by Anna Farmery
  • 3 Reasons Why PowerTap SL is so Popular by Jasper
  • The Top Three Reasons Why I hate Diets by Joey
  • Three reasons to try a marathon… by Shane
  • 3 Reasons Running is Good for You Alexander

Make Money Online

  • 3 ways to use Digital Point Forums to Earn Money Online by Adheeth
  • 3 Costly Internet Business Mistakes to Avoid by John
  • 3 Things no one told you about web monetizing by Pedro


  • Three Reasons You Should Hate the Prius by Michael
  • 3 Ways to Use Social Networking For Your Podcast by The Freq
  • 3 Reasons Why I dont Like GMail by Nirmal
  • 3 simple ways to drive more traffics from Flickr by Kuanhoong
  • 3+3 free tools for moving your life and your stuff online by Tanya
  • Add Impact To Your Photos With “The Rule Of Three” by Brian
  • 3 coolest PC Mods by Madhur
  • 30 curiosities about number 3 in the games by Marcelo
  • Free PDF Readers by Deepak
  • 3 Useful Tags, Life Quotes, & Traffic Generators by Adam Pieniazek


  • Top 3 Ways to Avoid a Crowd at Disney World by Winnetta
  • The three places in Japan I would love to visit by Jamaipanese
  • 3 Ways to Have a Luxurious Hawaii Vacation on the Cheap by Sheila
  • Three reasons to Visit Cyprus by Rajaram
  • 3 wonders of the world that designers should have voted for by Mirko

Web Development & Design

  • 3 Huge SEO Mistakes I have Made by Jeremy
  • How I built 10,000 links in 3 weeks by Patrick
  • 3 Ways to Improve the Comment Styles on Your Blog (With Examples) by Ryan
  • My three best traffic generators by Johan
  • 3 really simple ways to speed up your blog by Hans
  • Make your WordPress blog more Search Engine friendly by Shankar
  • 3 Must Do Things For A New Blogger by Ramkarthik
  • The 3 P’s for Creating a Successful Website – Passion, Persistence, and Patients by Sarah
  • The 3 kinds of web statistic tools (or site traffic counters) by Planet Apex
  • 3+1 Ways to Make Your Website Load Faster by Pallab
  • 3 + 3 + 3 Places Where You Can Get Free Icons For All Seasons And Reasons by Joel
  • 3 reasons why you must learn ruby language by Ruby Tips
  • 3 Reasons Why I shifted from Blogger to WordPress! by Ashfame
  • 3 + 2 Most Sexy and Stylish Firefox Themes For You by DJ Flush
  • Top 3 Mistakes of Rookie Web Designers by Kevin

Random Topics

  • Three things I want my kids to refrain from saying on our upcoming road trip by Juggling Frogs
  • 3 Reasons to be Hopeful of the Future by Anna
  • The 3 Easiest Ways To Ruin Your Truck’s Transmission by Jason
  • The last three times I lost my wallet… by Johan
  • The 3 Most Common Types of Collections by Jason
  • Three bad foods that are really good by Graham
  • 3 Reasons Why I Love the Bar Exam by Andrew
  • Memorials to three dead bridges by Graham Richardson
  • 3 Tips for Staying Focused with Small Children by Genesis
  • What Happens When Three is Almost Enough: Go Irrational! by Simmone
  • Me and three by John
  • 3 Sexy Cover Ladies = Infinite Hotness by Celebrienne
  • 3 little words by Paris
  • 3 Things you can do to have a great sick day by Rich
  • Three puzzles to puzzle you by Rajaram
  • 3 things I want to do before I die by Just Me
  • Three Reasons Why Superheroes Wear Their Underwear On The Outside by Brown Baron
  • Ten things i didn’t know about the number 3 until now by Blaiq
  • 3 Reasons to Play EVE Online by Adam
  • The 3 Email Newsletters No Church Site Should Be Without by Mark Alves
  • Three is a Magic Number by Mary
  • Three Cheers for T-Shirts by Jay Wagers

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    Hey just found this site. A really useful resource. Thanks

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    3 From Every Tree: My Favorite Blog Project Entries

    Great posts everyone.

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    in case you miss it, here is my entry (vote)

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    Sheila, I will finish counting the points tomorrow (Sunday) night.

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    Daniel, Can you please remind me of the deadline for posting your favorites? Thanks.

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    Cherry, I will visit the blogs of the participants, so don’t worry if the pingbacks are not coming, sometimes this happens.

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    Hans, I think it is better if only the participants can vote. Otherwise people would start asking friends to pick their posts, even if they had not read all the entries for the contest.

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    Just curious, will you determine the number of points just through pingback? Or do you personally check every blogs to see which posts they are voting? Some blogging platform (including mine) are suck in tracking ping back 🙁

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    The links are very interesting and well organized… But I agree TechZilo that they are too much.

    I’ll try to read all the posts.

    Thank you!

  • Hans

    Could you please give some more info about how this voting thing is being carried out?

    Should only those who have submitted posts who can also vote for other posts from the list? Or can it be anybody that can select their favs posts from the above list even if they haven’t submitted something in the contest? Can one blogger for e.g ask on his blog to his visitors, to come and vote for him, that is by creating a post and linking to his post?

    Thanks in advance. Good luck to everyone.

  • TechZilo

    Information overload…..going through the posts.

  • Gaje Master

    Thanks for the list. I am going to go and check them to see what they are all about.

  • Daniel

    It has been a lot of fun to collect the votes, keep them coming :). Only 2 posts have more than 1 point so far, so it is pretty open.

  • Cherry

    This is a nice list and some of the entries are really wonderful. Looks like there’s no chance for me in winning the contest but I enjoy reading many of the posts nevertheless.

  • Brown Baron

    That is an impressively long list! Time to read them all 🙂

  • Alexander
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    TechZilo, sorry for that the deadline was last Sunday. It would not be fair for the other participants.

  • TechZilo

    Sorry for coming in late – is there ANY way I can participate? When’s the last date? I was away from the ‘net, and now I suffer 🙁

    Daniel, please do consider- I’ll post if you allow, and that too within 2 days at most.

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    Thanks for the contest! I really enjoyed going through everyone’s posts.

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