Blog Writing Project: Tips & Tricks Final List

by Daniel in 47 Comments — Updated Reading Time: 5 minutes

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A big thank you for everyone who is participating in the project. We had a total of 122 submissions (make sure that yours is listed because it might have been blocked as spam).

The “Tips & Tricks” topic was pretty interesting, and I am sure that you will learn a bunch of new things reading through the articles.

Participants have until next Tuesday (September 25) to post their favorite entries. Feel free to post the whole list as well if you want to share the link love.

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Good luck to everyone!


  • 7 Tips for Brand New WordPress Blogs by Daniel Harisson
  • Blogging Satisfaction by David
  • The Top 10 Four-Letter Word of Real Estate Blogging by Mariana
  • 5 Ways to Increase Internet Traffic to Your Blog by Aseem
  • Is Your Blog Easy to Read? by Pat
  • 3 Ways Your Blog Can Get You a Hot Date by Phil
  • How to Increase Blog Subscriber Number by Dean
  • Four Ways to Encourage Comments on Your Blog by Jordan
  • A Simple Blog Promotion Tips for Newbies by Costa
  • 5 Easy Ways to Get Bookmarked on Delicious and Become Hot by Moshin
  • 5 Tips for a Successful Blogging Gig by Arnold
  • 10 Tips for Writing Bookmarkable Content by Skellie
  • Three Cool Things To Do With Your Feedburner Feed by Rhys
  • How to Run a Smashing Blog Contest and Win with It by Vijay
  • Tips For Blogging In The White Mountains Of AZ by Scott
  • Are Your Blog Posts Actually Useful? by Matt
  • 4 Free Tips To Get More Exposure For Your Blog by Kyle
  • Shot Through The Glass Ceiling by Betshopboy
  • Tips on Gaining Page Views and Returning Visitors Using Post Series by Sarah
  • 3 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Homepage by Nathan
  • Tips on Keeping the Creative Juices Flowing by Ajay
  • Must Read Tips for Writing a Post that Attracts 15,000 Readers by Joseph
  • 5 Tipps um Leser zu gewinnen (German) by Stefan
  • 27 Tips for Building a Kick-Ass Blog by Ahmed
  • Tips on Promoting Your Blog by Madhur
  • Tea Party Girl’s Tips and Tricks for a Beautiful Blogging Life by Jenny
  • 7 Tips to Overcoming Writer’s Block by Susan
  • 10 Simple Ways to Show Reader Appreciation by Ronald
  • Group Writing Projects and Blog Carnivals: 5 Tips to Increase Blog
    Traffic Using Them by Alfa
  • 5 Tips To Increase Comments by Ad Tracker
  • How to Build Lasting Relationships with Your Readers by Vivien
  • 10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Blog Posts by Tejvan

Business & Career

  • 3 Tips on How to Motivate Your Team by Mabel
  • 60 Stock Tips for Investment Success by Blain
  • Magic Tricks for Great Leaders by Anna
  • Client Profiles: Secret Tips by Corinne
  • 15 Tips to Increase Your Productivity with Power Point 2007 by Ashish
  • 10 Top Tips For Finding Internet Business Ideas by John
  • Online Home Based Jobs: 5 Tips to Find Legitimate Ones by Alfa
  • 10 Tips for Successful Presentations by Computhomas
  • 6 Tips to Generate Outstanding Ideas by Luciano
  • A Microsoft Word Resume Tip That You’ve Never Heard by Jacob
  • Top 10 Financial Mistakes to Avoid by Tejvan


  • How To Avoid the Dreaded Fat-ass Disease When You Sit and Play
    Poker All Day by Sparky
  • Tips for Using Film Critics by Glenn
  • Five Tips for Making Soccer/Football Exciting (or at Least Tolerable) by Hairy
  • 7 Easy Ways to Make Time Despite the Fall TV Season by Cullen
  • How to Keep Your Marriage, Despite you Heavy Metal Addiction by Alexandre
  • Life Tips Learned from High School Musical by Holli


  • 4 Tips on Making Your First Wine by Ben Evert
  • A Couple of Coffee Tips and Tricks by Audrey
  • Tips to Saving on Food by Pink Elle
  • 15 Tips to Help You Dine with the Best by Andrew
  • Quick Meals, Not Fast Food by Geoff

Health & Fitness

  • 3 Tips to a Healthier You by Just Me
  • One Secret Tip to Improve Your Health by Niels
  • Top 10 Most Creative Relaxation Ideas by Sparky
  • 3 Mind Tricks to Feel Better by Anna
  • 10 “Get The Body You’ve Always Wanted” Tips, Tricks and Motivators by Mike
  • How To Be Gorgeous Like Me by Kendra
  • Tips and Tricks for Recovering from Epi-lasik by Paris
  • Tips on Not Living Fat by Suzi
  • Effective Ways to Losing Weight by Tine
  • 8 Foundation Tips and Tricks by Paris
  • Some Tips on Preventing Childhood Obesity by Tina
  • Thirteen Tips to Help You Resume Your Health & Fitness Program if You Get Off Track by Janie
  • 10 Tips to Avoid Becoming Depressed by Tejvan
  • Tips for Interval Training by Shane
  • Sex, Health, and Money – 4 Tips from the Law by Legal Andrew

Make Money Online

  • 18 Tips for Writing PPC Ads by Derek
  • 4 Easy Ways to Make More Money with Adsense by Egon
  • How I Improved my AdSense CTR by 51% by Using AuctionAds by Ashwin
  • 5 Ways to Become an Expert Online... and Make Money! by Chad
  • 7 Key Skills Of The Successful Adwords Advertiser by Vittorio


  • 101 Tips and Tricks for Better Photos by Ciaran
  • Go Steady With Your Camera & Take Shake-free Photos Without a Tripod by Samir
  • How to Organize Your Travel Pictures by Em Dy
  • 6 Tips to Take Great Photographs by Rajaram
  • Warning: These 9 Photoshop Techniques May Result In Great Photos by Brian

Technology & Internet

  • How to Access Blocked or Restricted Orkut by Abhishek
  • 4 Powerful Tricks of the Viral Video Trade by Jonathan
  • Tips and Tricks: How to Write, Send, Reply, and Forward E-Mail by Lillie
  • Orkut Tips and Tricks by Sahil
  • How to Format Your Phone Without the Security Code by Abhishek
  • Facebook Tips and Tricks by Sahil
  • Tips and Tricks to Get More Out of Your Laptop Battery by Shivaranjan
  • 10 Forums to Make You a Better Blogger by Fred


  • 5 Tips for Saving Money on a Colorado Ski Vacation by Stacy
  • 18 Quick Tips to Get Money for a Trip by Max
  • Seven Easy Tips for Saving Money on Travel by Linda
  • Long-Haul Flights: 5 tips for Comfort by Sheila
  • Tips for a Great Holiday by Pink Elle

Web Development & SEO

  • How I Got Aerobed to Number One in Google by Julian
  • Webmaster Tip: Optimize Your Site for Google by Chris
  • Optimize Your Webpage by Edward
  • How To Style Author Comments Differently by Michael
  • How to Edit Your Blog Theme Without Messing Up by Nirmal
  • Blog SEO Tips by Marco
  • Simple SEO Tips to Improve your Blog’s Search Rankings by Sumesh
  • 7 Steps for Creating a Successful Community by Karthik
  • 9 Tips to be More Creative by CSS
  • How to Setup a Domino Effect of Traffic by Steven
  • 10 Top Tips to Drive Traffic AWAY from Your Website by Ben
  • Tips to Optimize Your Blog and Get Maximum Visits by Bikram

Random Topics

  • 3 Tips to Refinancing Your Home Mortgage by Phil
  • Calypso Inspiration: How To Talk Like a Pirate Wench by Anita
  • 5 Tips for Crafting Effective Criticism by Annie
  • Three Strategies for Surviving your Short Stay in the Slammer by J.D.
  • Basic Cleaning Tips and Tricks by Jester
  • Sex Tips and Tricks for Both Men and Women by Jae
  • Forgotten Someone’s Name? Use These Tricks by Dee
  • Beware of Fakes on Ebay by Paris
  • Tips for Men by Lori
  • Down and Dirty with A Car! by Pink Elle
  • 3 Tips and Tricks for Encouraging your Husband to Get Started on That
    Honey-do List by Shazia
  • Hi! I’m Jimbo and I’m an Addict! by Jimbo
  • Bible Peace Tip by Jay
  • Five Quick Tips On Evaluating Your Kids’ Teachers by Scott
  • One Simple Trick to Master any Language by Blaiq
  • 5 Tips to Being Interesting by John

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47 thoughts on “Blog Writing Project: Tips & Tricks Final List”

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  13. Thanks for the link.

    It was great fun writing my article for this project, and the list above contains some very good reading material … I should know, because I have looked at all 122 of them! 🙂

    My selection of favourites is posted on my blog.

  14. Rajaram, I will fix that.

    Nathan, in order to vote you need to write a post on your blog with your favorite entries.

    This method incentives people to link around to the participating blogs, and every one wins (readers, backlinks, etc).

  15. How are we going to “vote” for our favorites? Do we do it in a blog post at our web site? Or do we vote here in the comments or via the contact form?


  16. Daniel, Can you please rephrase the title of my listing from “6 tips to take great photographs” tp “6 tips to take great photographs at Music Concerts”. This is because my article is kind of specific and I don’t want readers to expect a more general guide.

  17. That’s a huge list of entries there. I think my post “Shot Through The Glass Ceiling” is more suited in the Business and Career category rathan than Blogging category.

  18. I just noticed too, my title is missing the phrase “Warning: ” at the beginning — any chance of updating it? It just doesn’t have the same appeal without it.

  19. Thanks for including me in the list. I wasn’t sure if my entry had gone through.

    Good luck to everyone. I look forward to stopping by and reading your entries.

  20. Daniel,

    Sorry I missed this. I have been swamped lately, haven’t stopped by in a few weeks.

    Congrats on all the submissions. Looks like some good reading.

  21. Thank you for including my post in the contest! Any chance you can correct the title, though? It should be 5 Tips for Saving Money on a Colorado Ski Vacation.

    Thank you!

  22. Whew, quite a dang list! Going to take a while to get through them all but luckily I’ve read a lot of them already. :c) Goodluck everybody!


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