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After seeing Adam’s list of blogs for creative writers and noticing an SEO blog, I couldn’t resist the temptation to put together my own list of must-read SEO blogs. Whether or not the industry has a bad reputation among bloggers, staying abreast of search engine news can give your blog a real edge over the competition. What can I say; I can’t help but defend my profession.

Here’s my rundown of the top seven SEO blogs (ordered alphabetically; it’s really hard to rank them against each other for such a broad category).

  • Bruce Clay, Inc. Blog – Bruce is an old name in the industry. His blog is a great resource for SEO news and tips in general. What keeps me coming back, though, are the hilarious in-post comment wars he has with Susan. Think we could do something like that, Daniel?
  • Marketing Pilgrim – Andy Beal’s got some great material on a variety of different marketing-related topics, including a lot of articles on SEO and blogging.
  • Matt Cutts: Gadgets, Google, and SEO – There’s nothing quite like getting news straight from the source. Matt works for Google. He’s a great read to begin with, but you just can’t beat his blog for authority when it comes to the internet’s #1 search engine.
  • Search Engine Land – Although the blog itself has only been around for a few months, Danny Sullivan has been an SEO bigwig for much longer.
  • Search Engine Roundtable – If you want to stay abreast of conversations on the hottest SEO discussion boards (e.g. Cre8asite, WebmasterWorld, DigitalPoint, etc.) without, well, having to read them, this blog is your first stop.
  • Search Engine Watch – This blog is definitely one of the oldest and most respected sources for search engine news. It’s a bit drier than the others; good for information, bad for personality, but still useful if all you’re interested in are the facts.
  • SEOmoz Daily SEO Blog – Rand Fishkin and co. provide some great information. Be sure not to miss their whiteboard fridays.

The way I see it, as a blogger, you can hate SEO professionals for their methods or learn from their success. And since you can’t beat them (they rank too well for that), you might as well join them. 😉

Update: This is Daniel writing. While the blogs that Stephen listed are certainly awesome, I think that there are 3 missing: PronetAdvertising, Search Engine Journal and SEO Blackhat. Make sure to check them out as well!

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  • Kim Jones


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    nice list! as now a days blogging is an important part for SEO….

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  • Stephen

    More than likely, you’ve already tried Google’s Webmaster Tools and Yahoo SiteExplorer. True, they give different counts, but it can be useful for analyzing your placement with each engine.

    At my last job, the tool of choice for link analysis was Optilink, although it is paid and I doubt a self-proclaimed “SEO beginner” is willing to go that far. 😉

    Best of luck. Let me know if this helps.

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  • Maki

    I second Nathania’s suggestion of CornWall SEO. Probably one of the most underrated SEO blogs around at the moment. ^-^

    Pronet is great but they are more social media/marketing than pure SEO, although the lines are blurring nowadays..

  • Stephen

    It’d be hard to come up with the choicest posts on each of these blogs, shypys, just because they all have so much evergreen content. It would be like trying to pick the best posts of all time from ProBlogger. 😉

    That being said, if you’re an amateur looking to get your feet wet and learn some SEO, I can think of no better resource than SEOmoz’s list of search engine ranking factors. More than anything, this will tell you what many of the experts agree (and disagree) on when it comes to ranking your website.

  • shypys

    Thats a neat list. But it’d be better for amateurs if you linked to a couple of legendary seo posts too, just to give us a kick start 🙂

  • Daniel

    Good ones Adam.

    Perhaps I will try to gather all those blogs into a single post.

  • shaunlow

    Great list! I also agree with Adam he some of those blogs are prety good SEO blogs to, but great list to both of you 🙂 .

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