The Perks of Pro Blogging


You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Below you will find my old office when I used to work for a multinational company, and the new one…

Old Office – Italy

New Office – Brazil

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44 Responses to “The Perks of Pro Blogging”

  • Toni

    Now how do I break down these walls…

    I love the new office!

  • Joey

    Now that is Inspirational!

  • Daniel

    Bret, most of the times I work inside as well. That picture was actually taken to mock my co-workers on the company I used to work for :).

  • Bret

    Absolutely love the contrasting pictures. I have to ask — how well can you see your laptop screen outside? Whenever I take my laptop outside I have a difficult time seeing the screen.

  • Daniel

    Eduardo, gracias por el post en tu blog!

    Espero que vuelvas a comentar aca.


  • Noticias Automotivas

    Cool! I am a problogger too, and live here in Brazil, near you. Used to live in Mogi Mirim/SP, this year moved to Pouso Alegre/MG. Regards!

  • Veron

    Argh! This is the second time I’m looking at this post, and the second time I’m leaving a comment. I am so jealous and I want to have a life like the guy in the second picture too (that’s you).

  • Eduardo
  • Tyler Ingram

    Wow that is an upgrade!

    I have a temporary office in my backyard (i’m on medical leave as my Achilles tendon heals).

    Wish I had a pool though, not that I could use it.

  • Daniel

    Thanks for the nice words everyone. My online success is very modest yet (there are a lot of people out there making 10x more money).

    But I am just glad I took the decision to quit my job. The freedom I gained is priceless.

  • Rizal

    Wow! Great! One day I want to get office like your new one.. 🙂

  • Rishi

    OHKAY! Now I got it. Cold drink, a laptop and a cool front swimming pool – so that is the reason why your posts are so COOL … 😉

    WIsh I could also do something in blogging one day from which I can get something like your second pic or something more from it will also work 😀


  • Phil Van Treuren

    Awesome post . . . those two pics say it all!

  • Andrea Micheloni

    Hahaha 😀 I do think many people would like to have an office like yours!

  • Ben Evert

    A bottle of wine or beer and your office would be just about perfect.

  • Melt du Plooy

    Old office comment
    At least it had an airconditioner for warm days and a permanent roof over your head…

    New office comment
    Looks like you have to pack up if those clouds build up some more !!


  • Daniel

    Yeah, but it was because my boss was not around all day long ;).

  • Daniel

    Thanks. By the way just to clarify that is my parents’ house. My blogs can not afford such an office yet hehe.

    Still it is great to work from home.

  • Daniel

    Roberto, yeah :). When I put the feet on the top of the table it is like meditating…

  • Meraj

    Really nice 🙂

    I hope you would be enjoying your work noe more.

  • Lars-Christian

    Haha, that is nice Daniel. You’ve come a long way already 🙂

  • Cristi

    nice touch 😛

  • Armen

    Ha ha…too cool my friend!

  • Leftblank

    You make me so jealous – I wish I was sitting in the Brazilian sun right now…

    Also, you might find this article interesting;

  • Roberto Alamos

    Your seating habits has not changed so much 😉 I guess it should be difficult to type with your toes…

  • Jeremy Williams

    Well, at least you looked comfy in the old office.

  • Veron

    lol this is hilarious! Right now I am like you in the first image, only I’m a woman and I look way more bored.

  • Pierro

    so damn it right ! and funny too:
    “a picture is worth a thousand words.”
    I look for a new practical course i a NEW OFFICE like this 🙂

  • Marshall Middle

    New office has a better view

  • Tine

    Oh my, I sure would like me a new “office” 😉

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