Let’s Write an eBook Together!

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The idea of writing an eBook with collective efforts has been on my mind for a while now, so let’s give it a try. Basically I want to create a project that would group together the ideas and tips from different people, in a way that it would benefit both the collaborators and the end user (i.e. the readers).

The Process

The topic for this eBook is going to be “Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Make Money Online.” It is an not the newest of the topics, I know, but you can’t deny that it is a very popular one. Additionally, the collaborative format will add some freshness to it, because on the same eBook you will find the tips and opinions from a wide range of people, all with different backgrounds and experiences on the Internet.

The creation of the eBook will be pretty simple. Participants will send me their tips, tricks or strategies to make money online, and I will organize them together. Each page will feature one different person.

Once the eBook is formatted, styled and ready to go, I will release it on Daily Blog Tips, and all the participants will be allowed to release it on their websites or blogs, too.

Why You Should Participate

I know that I need to make the project beneficial for everyone involved, so here is why you should participate.

1. First of all it might help you with your brand. Your name and website URL will be featured on top of the page where we will include your submission. I can’t know for sure how many people will end up downloading the eBook, but there is a possibility that thousands of people will, and they will all come across your name.

2. Secondly, I want to make sure that the participants will also gain traffic out of the eBook. How so? In the end of each submission, we will include 3 links to popular or useful posts on your blog. You are free to choose what those 3 posts are going to be (I will just have some editorial control to make sure they are indeed useful and related). These 3 links are optional though.

Here is how a page of the eBook would look like:


3. Finally, the participants will also have the right to distribute the eBook to their email or RSS subscribers (but you won’t be able to offer direct downloads for the eBook).

This could be useful for people looking to build an email list, or to give your visitors an incentive to subscribe to your blog.

Rules for Participating

If you want to participate, all you need to do is to send me an email (danielATdailyblogtips.com) with your tips, tricks or strategies to make money online. For example, you could write about the importance of networking with people online, or you could share an strategy to make money with mini websites and Google AdSense.

The better your advice or strategy, the higher the chances of someone deciding to click on the links to your blog posts.

Your submission must have between 200 and 300 words. Make sure to include the 3 posts that want to appear on your page as well (and please proofread!)

The deadline for the submissions is next Wednesday, February 4 (midnight EST).

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59 thoughts on “Let’s Write an eBook Together!”

  1. My greatest wish is to start writing that ebook of mine.
    i don’t stop postponing it again and again.
    i decide to start sending chapters or articles soon

  2. @Rajasekharan, @Binaryday, @Aravind Jose T., The ebook will not be published on DBT for some reasons. But I released the ebook on my blog and I have also mentioned the reason why it was not released on DBT. If interested, please visit


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