5 Rewards Of Blogging That Aren’t Greatly Emphasized


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Since blogging emerged in the early 2000s, its growth has skyrocketed. All of a sudden, not just normal individuals use blogs. From small business owners to big companies and even celebrities are using them.

Now when people start blogging they usually do so because it will benefit them in someway. For most people and companies, we are talking about money. But I also believe that blogging has other benefits, and in this post I want to share five of them that aren’t emphasized normally.

1. Getting Invited To Big Time Conferences

I remember when I got first invited in a conference here in my country. I was really ecstatic. I don’t know about you, but for me attending a conference alone is a big opportunity. Why? Because you get good value out of the program and more importantly you get to personally hang out with prominent people you normally just talk to online. And being a frequent attender in a conference gives you the advantage of possibly becoming a speaker soon.

2. More Business Opportunities

As soon as you start gaining popularity in the blogosphere, you will certainly come across with some lucrative offers from companies out there. May it be a business proposal, joint venture or something else. One thing remains sure: You’re starting to build relationships with people and these relationships are going to be essential in the future.

3. Being Able to Land a Good Job

If you’re like me, who still plans to go out and try to work a normal job, then probably having a blog is a great advantage. Every time I get interviewed by some of the companies here in my country, they always reveal to me that I have an edge over others simply because I have a website and a blog. Being a blogger adds up to your portfolio and it gives you the opportunity to showcase who you are to these companies.

4. Getting Schwags

For those who don’t know, schwags are basically promotional products that companies send to a person for publicity. It ranges from a simple sticker/button to a shirt, even up to good gadgets like Flip Minos and iPods. It’s a misconception that you have to be a web celebrity to get qualified. I am an example, I’m virtually unknown to most of you, but I’m fortunate to receive stuffs like shirts, branded USB’s and even a Flip Mino just for being a blogger! I don’t want to call myself shallow but hey everything that’s free is awesome!

5. Could be Used as a Launch Pad

Famous bloggers like Darren Rowse, John Chow and Shoemoney all have the luxury of just throwing out something into the market and have it getting noticed immediately. That’s because of the huge following and subscriber base that they have. I mean it’s already a huge advantage that they have against traditional Internet marketers who usually start with nothing.

Bonus – Ego Booster

Each and everyone of us has their own ego (don’t tell me you don’t have it). Isn’t it a great feeling to have your own blog? How about getting read and seeing a respectable number of comments in your posts? The mere fact of having other people lending their attention to you, in this day and age, is very rewarding.

Making money from blogging is what we’re all trying to do whether directly, indirectly or passively. I’m sure we all find ways to maximize our own income whether by advertising, consultations, product launches and stuffs. But just don’t forget there are still a lot waiting outside of that box. What say you?

Melvin is a young internet marketer and blogger who blogs at MelvinBlog.com where he occassionally shares his good stuffs for his readers. You can follow him on twitter as well

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  • Neil Conway

    You forgot to mention that you get to recycle content! 😉

    I posted a link to your article on my blog as well. It is these types of list and reminders that can help us all be more sharp and active in our blogging.

    Thanks again,

  • thanos

    nice post man,very useful for a full time blogger like myself…:)

  • scheng1

    Many bosses in Singapore do not look favorably upon bloggers. They think that bloggers will use the working hours updating their blogs.
    Many of them are too old-fashioned.
    In this case, having a blog is a barrier to getting a job.

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