Want To Sell Your AdSense Earning Website? I Wanna Buy It


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Earlier this year I was on sell mode. Basically I was doing a clean up on my properties, getting rid of what was not aligned with my strategic plans. Now I am back on buy mode, and I am looking specifically for websites that make money with Google AdSense. If you have one and could be interested in selling, read on.

Here is the profile that I am looking for:

  • The website made at least $200 in monthly AdSense earnings over the last six months ($200 per month, so $1,200 over the six months).
  • The website is at least one year old.
  • At least 50% of the traffic comes from search engines.
  • The website is written in English.
  • The website has unique content.

If your website is aligned with what I described above and you might be interested in selling, drop me a message via the contact form and we’ll talk business.

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12 Responses to “Want To Sell Your AdSense Earning Website? I Wanna Buy It”

  • Ed

    Am dropping you a mail. You might be interested in my sites 🙂

  • Muzi Mohale

    It would be interesting Daniel to update us on your findings, I’m sure you received quite a number of offers (mine included)…

  • elmot

    I think this is quite a rare blog site as far as my radar is concerned…

  • LetUpdate

    I am still building that site. 😀

  • Lee Ka Hoong

    I’ve dropped you an email for consideration Daniel!

  • Boerne Search

    Best of luck to you. I just got my plan in order and I’m ready for this new run.


  • Chester

    Hey good luck with the site you are selling. I’m forwarding this post to my friends who might be interested in buying.

  • Ira Mann

    Buying adsense income…not a bad idea. I understand why your criteria is, what some might call, high but it helps to weed out the micro sites and new sites that have an unstable ranking. I really hope it works out….Good Luck!

  • Daily Good Tips

    I have no a website like you said, I just have free subdomain in blogspot.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Muzi, will check it out thanks.

  • Muzi Mohale

    Have dropped you an email with what’s on the table…

  • GetBrowser

    Nowadays, I have no a website like you said, Daniel.

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