Top Alternative Domain Extensions for Startups and Businesses


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Domain .com is one of the most popular domains today. The name of this domain is derived from the word “commercial”, since its original purpose was for it to be used by commercial organizations. Eventually, its purpose has been changed and today also used by schools and private individuals as well. There are also many other domains that are quite popular today and are used instead of .com. Here are some of the mostly used alternative domains for bloggers and startups.


.co domain is one of the most frequently used alternatives to .com. It is assigned to Colombia. This domain is recognized by Google as a global domain extension. The very popular and memorable name is an advantage of this domain. It is especially popular among tech startups, for example Vine ( or 500 Startups ( You can get this domain on their official website.


.me is the top-level domain for Montenegro. It replaced domains that previously existed in Yugoslavia (.yu) and Serbia and Montenegro (.cg.yu). Montenegro was later assigned .me domain by International Organization for Standardization. Four years after its appearance, the domain .me had more than 320.000 purchases which made him the fastest-selling top-level domain ever. It became very popular because of its name. There are many companies that used “me” in this domain in an interesting way. We can take a look at interesting examples of websites such as, or You can register for .me at


.io exists since 1997 and it is the top-level domain for British Indian Ocean Territory. It was not used until 1998 when registered the Its popularity has been growing ever since it was used for the first time. You do not have to be registered in British Indian Ocean Territory if you want to use this domain. The availability of .io domains is the reason why this domain is so popular. While many .com domains are already taken, there are many .io domains that are available.


. FM is the top-level domain of the Federated States of Micronesia. It was originally designed for companies from this nation, but because of its name it became one of the most popular domains in the world. Abbreviation FM is associated with radio stations and that is why this domain is most frequently used for streaming audio websites. For example, is one of the most popular social music website that uses this domain. Check out if you want to get this domain.


This is another domain which gained in popularity because of its name. It is assigned to the island state of Niue but is mostly used by Danish, Swedish, Dutch and Belgian websites because in those languages “nu” is used for the word ”now”. Because of the phonetic similarity between those two words, this domain is also used by many websites from English-speaking countries. An interesting example of the use of this domain is the Dutch website, which stands for This domain can be acquired at https


This domain is assigned to the country of Laos but it gained its popularity by the websites from Los Angeles. Even though it is mostly used by the websites from Los Angeles, there is no official association between this domain and the United States. This domain is perfect for websites like and similar. In addition, it is used by the French websites since “la” stands for “there” in French. You can get this domain at

All of these domains are alternatives for .com and are very frequently used, some because of availability and some because of the name. All of them can be a much cheaper option than .com domain, but that still depends on the name of the website you choose. Therefore, if you are looking for a creative website name, try to use it in combination with one of these domains and make it sound interesting. That is how many people choose their domains. The name of the website can be used as a strong marketing tool and should be chosen very carefully.

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  • Masood

    Thank for the tips Felix, appreciate it. I only knew that regional domains are pretty restricted to its location. I was about to get another domain (.ms) as I’m from Pakistan but luckily I found your article first. Have a good day

  • Leo

    This is really helpful. I guess there are some great alternative domain extensions.

  • Dipali rai

    Thanks you so much for providing this information. Describing domain extentions its very helpful me. its very awesome post.


  • Ven Tesh

    For me .me domain names are more interesting and I think they are more personal (than business) because we can use it to get a domain name something like


  • Theodore Nwangene

    A brilliant article mate,
    Those some nice domain extensions and I’ve been seeing quite a few of them all over the internet.

    I believe that using any of them depends on the type of site you want to create.

    For example, if you want to create a blog that will be all about you then, it will be wise to use the .me extension etc.

    Thanks for sharing

  • M.H.Shoab

    I wish that I would’ve found this post earlier when I was noob at these things.

    Here and there people are telling you which domain to choose, but these one is a little different. I believe everyone needs to take a look at this.

    Thanks you very much, gonna keep these in mind.

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