One Blog and Many Topics, or Many Blogs with One Topic?


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Arun Basil asks:

Suppose one blogger has got multiple interests , like Books, Gadgets and Cars. Will he get more readers and traffic when he writes about them in separate blogs, or if he writes about all of them on a single blog?

Both strategies can work. Let’s analyze the pros and cons of each of them.

Pros of One Blog with Many Topics

The largest advantage of this model is that you will have a very strong domain, since it will receive the link juice from all the different topics and content channels. Over time it will become relatively easy to rank for keywords because of the high trust that the root domain has. That is why websites like Wikipedia or Digg rank so well in Google.

Another advantage of this model is the unlimited potential for expansion. Provided your domain is a generic one, you will be able to add and remove topics over the time without needing to rework the brand.

Cons of One Blog with Many Topics

The main disadvantage of one large blog covering many topics is the fact that it will require a huge amount of time, energy and money to become successful.

Why? Because you would need to shape it as a content portal. That means that you should have a design that supports the portal structure, different channels inside it, and different writers to keep each of the channels updated regularly.

Trying to do a content portal by yourself and with no investment would probably yield mediocre results.

Pros of Many Blogs with One Topic

The advantage of having many blogs, each with a niche topic, is the fact that it will be easier to attract loyal visitors on each of those sites. The sharper your focus, the easier it is to convince a first time visitor that he should come back tomorrow or subscribe to your RSS feed.

Secondly, niche websites are also easier to be monetized. Advertisers like to be able to control the audience that is going to see their ads.

Cons of Many Blogs with One Topic

The disadvantage of having many blogs, each with a niche topic, is the time and energy that you will need to spend managing them. You will inevitably need to worry about the web hosting, web design, software, maintenance so on. The higher the number of sites you have, the more time they will consume with those tasks.

Additionally, there is always the risk to spread yourself too thin. If you can’t keep up with the content production and promotion activities on all the blogs, they will probably tank over the time.


As you can see there are pros and cons related to both strategies. Choosing one over the other is a personal decision.

My preferred strategy is to go with niche blogs. You just need to make sure that your niche is not too narrow. For example creating a blog about “Nepal Photography” would probably not be a good idea. If you choose “Digital Photography,” however, you should be fine.

I also prefer to focus on the development of one website or blog at a time. Trying to do too many things at once is one of the most common business mistakes.

What do you think?

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58 Responses to “One Blog and Many Topics, or Many Blogs with One Topic?”

  • troubleshooting computer

    i think, it is better a one niche with one blog.
    in my current blog, i have a little problem by updating my blog.
    cause i have to many niches to update… so it is really complicated.

  • Aaron

    I personally would use the one blog many topics. My opinion. The problem now is what the name could be to cover all those topics…

  • Dwencedewat

    Excellent site and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. It’s taken me literally 1 hours and 15 minutes of searching the web to find you (just kidding!) so I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  • Toolboxhero

    I do both, but my large blogs tend to stay on one subject. And you can rank well for many niche keywords this way. Over time you can rank for not only the three and four word niches but the one and two word subjects as well.

    I use the niche blogs when I want to focus on new topics that don’t have lot of competition to them.

  • Ibrahim Ismail

    I forgot, one more thing. If you are building a multi-topic blog, you don’t need to spend a cent to get writers. I haven’t been working on articles currently on my blog because I have been writing a general blog guide for writers I am Interning from Colleges. These individuals will write for free as long as you don’t put too much pressure on them – actually they might write more if you get people who are passionate about a particular topic. I am gathering writers now, while they write(I still will occasionally write) I will maintain and monetize, creating a powerful Social Media Account.

    By the way, I love this Blog, It inspired to make my own. Keep up the great work Daniel.

  • Ibrahim Ismail

    Great Question and Great Responses guys.

    Personally I operate a multi-topic blog. Why? I believe that it will help reach a higher Google PageRank and Alexa Rank, which for many Monetization programs – are required. Also, if you have multiple topics, you can apply those articles to Social Media Sites like Digg. Look at it like this, the more different categories of articles, the more doors you have on a Social Media Site. It took me 4 days to create a power user account on Digg, Now I can move my articles to the front page(when I am ready). With that, I receive a potential of a greater audience and a large sum of links to my Blog. More money. As long as you leave a good bait for when they come to the site from these social media sites, you will have a lot more subscribers.

    I am building a Niche site also but I do not see why you can’t apply the same practices above to make it successful. I just feel that I couldn’t have a niche blog without having a Multi-topic blog first.

  • Meji –

    I tried to do the one blog many didn’t work out so didn’t grow as fast as I wanted it to unfortunately.

  • Charles M.

    While there is good information in this article – I think you can expand it and keep the # of visitors growing as it is a great topic. Particularly, I think really you have to look at the time factor as a control in this analysis.

    I personally have about 8 blogs right now although none are monetized I am am also running a web design and marketing company – so time is a major crunch! But whether I do a lot of blogs or one blog – I only have so much time! I also have the same resources one way or the other ($ and manpower).

    With those factors as controls meaning they are the same in both scenarios – then which scenario is better is my question?
    I am hoping the benefit of interlinking them and focusing on a niche for each pays off in the long run… thank you for your article.

  • Blogger Tips

    Nice post. but as l realised all these plans over making bigger incomes than u own normally, right?
    Cos a unique blogger or people who do it as a hobby or interest normally focus over a single subject and expert int he feild. All the rest of other hardworkings may be called as blue or blackhat seo stuff? or something like that? Cos focusing over s single topic from 10s of different domains seems a spam for a normal person, why would you tell ur ideas from devided domains than telling from single one?
    l think this post may be richer with comments.

  • Pink Ink

    Good points, Daniel.

    Personally, I have three blogs. Pink Ink is my main one, and on it I blog on personal topics from the point of view of writer and mother, which doesn’t seem like a focused niche, but I find that this way I can get a wider range of comments, from writers and non-writers.

    I suppose if I just write about writing, I might get more writers on, but that would be so boring to me as I have other interests. This format is easier, too, since I can write about auditioning for a rock band one day and about my progress in my novel the next. I suppose the key is a common style, as well as theme that runs through my posts (pursuit of happiness). On each post, I also put in a relevant, usually inspirational quote, so that is something my readers can always count on, if nothing else.

    I have two other “focused” niche blogs and I update it less frequently than my main one. But it’s a good landing place for horse and horror-fiction posts that I feel might not interest my main readership as much.

  • Luca Di Nicola

    I’ve asked myself that question for a while now and came up with similar pros and cons. I started with and IM blog and am learning as I’m posting. I can see now that I have more defined interests both in IM and other areas. The focus right now is wide but will narrow as time goes on. It’s really a learning phase at first. I do have plans for other blogs in the Family area that will be more topics within one blog.

    Thanks for the info. It helped me.

  • D. A. Shaver

    I am starting to think you cannot, at least in my own case, do justice to more than one blog. If your energies are divided between two or more they all suffer. I think that one blog which is posted to one or more times a day gets the best ranking and resulting in more readers. You can be more of an authority in your field if that field is not divided up. It is much easier to study, learn and keep up on one thing than several. The sum total results of your efforts on one blog are much greater than the sum total results of your efforts on two or more blogs. The more divided your efforts are the lower your ranking will be in the search engines. This is because, in my opinion, a blog which is posted to one or more times a day is much higher ranked than two which are posted too on alternate days or even worse, once a week.
    How many times have you heard someone say they have several blogs but you have not heard of any of them? What if your doctor was elected to political office would he still be a good doctor? Would he still have time to devote learning latest medical procedures? No I am starting to think more and more that in order to do my best I need stop dividing my energies between different areas.

  • Hesham

    I am experiment both ways on my blogs, but I really do agree with you to go with niche blogs! and this is what I am doing on my personal blog.

    The other open blog I have which called “My Life Thinking”, I am planning it again and accepting guest posts trying not to spend lots of my time on developing it.

    Thanks for the useful information!

  • Free Software Download

    One Blog and Many Topics, or Many Blogs with One Topic?

    Each one has its own advantage and depends your ability.

    One blog with many topics, it will attract visitor from every fields, maybe not all of them satisfy with your content.

  • Muzi Mohale

    Am in the process to launching a number of niche blogs, each on a specific topic…will be starting with soccer, then followed by politics, then private healthcare, then business. I’ll appoint an anchor blogger for each blog to be responsible for content, while I maintain and monetise. Will start with a popular topic to ensure its uptake is realised within a short space of time, then move onto the next niche. However I don’t intend passing 10 niche blogs and my goal is to have established a recognised blog network within 3 years. All these blogs will be South African focused, however am eyeing opportunities within our neighbouring countries to compete with their mainstream media, since blogging hasn’t off as yet in those respective countries.

  • Nicole Chow

    I’m going to have to agree with the majority here and say focus on one blog with one topic and then if that goes well, progress to more than one blog each with one topic (start small and then move up). You don’t want to spread yourself out too thin and this can happen with having multiple topics on one blog. Readers will be able to tell when you’re spreading yourself too thin and will move to a blog that goes for depth versus breadth and one that satisfies their info cravings. If you are passionate about one specific topic, you will be able to dedicate your blog to that one specific topic and seeking innovative content to write about won’t be a chore, but pure enjoyment.

  • Rich

    This is a good and informative Q and A, Daniel. I think it depends on what you can do. I know a blog that talks about almost everything but making good money from Google Adsense. According to him, he just focus on link building and loving the advertisers. He makes a series of posts about popular topics (like Manny Pacquaio), and sometimes about SEO.

    I think it also depends on what niche you are combining, as it’s hard to talk about dogs and making money online simultaneously for that matter.

    But then, I will still go a single niche then dominate it.

  • Armand

    If you can maintain many blogs with different topics, then keep it. Analyze which one is growing faster, try to focus to it, you can leave the other later. It’s really not an easy decision since it takes time 🙂

  • Mr. I

    My approach would be many blogs each with 1 topic. I have experienced it with my previous blog which I eventually had to close. My niche blog is performing very well for me.

  • Sheila Atwood

    My sister started a blog with a name that could go toward any topic. She has blogged on 5 different topics and it was hard to keep up and cover each one. The advantage has been that she has now narrowed it down to the topics she really likes to blog about and what interests the her readers.

  • Madeline

    good post, thanks for laying it out. I am a niche blogger and try very hard to stay focused on the niche.

    Also as a blog reader, when I follow a blog about something that I’m interested in, I get annoyed if the blogger decides to write about something completely unrelated. Like, if you decided to write about your delicious pasta dinner the night before in Daily Blog Tips (which I know you won’t do!)

  • Ajith Edassery

    Coincidentally my post today was also about the same question 🙂 Niche blogging v/s Generic blogging…

    As you mentioned there are pros and cons for both. However, when you start a niche blog, from planning phase itself (starting with domain name) you should have some idea on what kind of potential it has, how do you want to market it, affiliate-ad revenue potential etc. Generic blogging can evolve over the period of time and you can bend it the way you want.

  • Arun Basil Lal

    That answers many doubts I had, much more than what was intented with this question. I am not a niche blogger, so as you said, I have infinite growth potential, but its hard to market the blog.

    Sometimes people ask me what do you write about, and I cant answer that fast. If I had been writing about one thing, say Twitter, I could have said its a blog on twitter.

    But over the course of time, I have found some areas where I am more good at. That would never have happened if I had a niche blog. Then all my thoughts would be related to that one niche.

    Kudos to you 🙂

  • David Hurley

    A long time ago(!) I put up a website dedicated to stuff that interested me, stuff that was totally unrelated (like Japanese mahjong and English Renaissance lit…). I advertising Japanese games and gear and to my amazement I got sales! This was with NO knowledge of SEO or IM at all. The site was a total hodge-podge, but it seemed to work.

    I then got wise to SEO and split the site up into separate niche sites… and it took a long time to get traffic volume on any one of them back up.

    I guess that if you have a range of tight niche markets you could have a lot of fun talking about them all on one blog and keep them all buzzing with just a few posts per biz per month.

  • Blog Expert

    It is much easier to have many Blogs and make sure each one only has one topic. You want to try to get only certain group of people to your Blog. Those of the people that are looking for information on that one topic.

    If you only have one Blog and it is about many topics then it will be difficult to keep people subscribed. If someone is only looking for information on one of your topics then they will probably go to another place to get information because you do not give them the information they are looking for often enough. That is because you were talking about other topics also.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @SEO Tips, it is a matter of finding what you love and where you think you add value to the discussion.

    Some blogs cover the whole IM niche, while others focus on blogging, social media, SEO, affiliate marketing, copywriting and so on.

  • Gary Arndt

    Think of the audience of two separate niches as a Venn Diagram. Most people think they will get both audiences. In reality, you just get the small chunk where the circles intersect. Most people might be interested in one thing, but not the other.

  • SEO Tips

    Good article. What do you say about Internet Marketing Niche Daniel, would you say keep it focused on all of IM or select a specific topic with in IM such as SEO?

    I am considering expanding in to affiliate marketing as one of my topics you see.

  • vbb

    I will stick to many blogs with one topic.This helps in maintaining the FOCUS of the blog. However this requires a lot of content for each topic and ‘rate of content production’ must be considered before following this approach.And this is not a one man job.You must care professionally for content,SEO and promotion.

  • Chung Bey Luen

    My preference is to go with one blog with one niche. It will confuse your readers if you have one blog with many niche.

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