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This Friday’s Questions & Answers are live. The questions we covered here were posted on the batch 16, so if you left a question last week it might take a while before we arrive to it. But don’t worry. I am not skipping any questions, it is just a matter of time before I get to yours.

1. Rahul Bansal asks:

As I said earlier, I blog on too many topics (internet, social networking, PC, mac, linux, mobile, coding, wordpress, firefox). But there are two topics that makes most of my blog, like wordpress and orkut. So I am troubled with this question from long time that whether to start dedicated blog for them. The alternative, I feel is to improve blogs navigation in some way. One thing I did long time back, is introduced dedicated feedburner feed for posts related t orkut.

But I am still wondering whether to keep “tweaking” one blog or go for multiple blogs. Of course, I have already anticipated additional efforts it will take to maintain multiple blogs, but what I am worrying is about total readership/visitors. How it will impact them?

Well, considering the topics you mentioned, I would say that you could keep them on the same blog. They all gravitate around the web and technology in general, so it is not like you are mixing apples with oranges.

The advantage of keeping them on the same blog is that your potential audience is larger, and that all the backlinks that the different topics might attract will contribute to boosting the trust from the main domain.

Going with a new blog to talk specifically about WordPress or Orkut would have it’s benefits as well though. The closer your focus on any website, the easier it is to attract visitors that are really interested in your topic, and the easier it is to find advertisers whose product or service might be a perfect fit with your content. The disadvantage here is that the growth potential of those niche blogs is smaller.

As you can see both strategies have pros and cons. Personally I would stick with the first one, cause it might pay off better in the long run.

2, Max asks:

I have a question to ask also. How do you prevent others from linking pictures on your blog? My bandwidth is shooting sky high month by month, and i suspect it might be some other sites linking my pictures from my host to theirs and i intend to stop it. Is there anyway to show a credit to my site when they hotlink from my site? Just like imageshack or photobucket.

First of all, I doubt that your bandwidth is shoothing to the sky due to people hotlinking to your pictures. If that is the case, you should be able to the website that is generating that huge number of hits on your analytics program.

If you find out that this is really happening, there is a way to block this practice and to redirect people that try to access your image files directly to your website. You need to have a .htaccess file on your root directory, and then you need to paste the following code there:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?*$ [NC]
RewriteRule .*\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|bmp)$ [R,NC]

If you want to know more about image hotlinking and how to protect yourself against it, read the article Should I Let People Hotlink to My Images?.

3. Artem Faryevych asks:

Daniel, how you protect your book “killer domeins” for copies. What format do you recomend: html or pdf and why?

I don’t protect it, I just trust the people who buy to not pass it around.

I also don’t think you can effectively protect an ebook or pretty much anything else these days. If people want to copy it, they will.

Heck, the music industry spends millions of dollars every year trying to make people not copy their songs, and so far they failed miserably.

I think that if you assume people to be honest, they will behave that way. If you try to use all sorts of protection schemes, on the other hand, you are indirectly giving them the following message “Hey, I suspect you might be a little mean thief, and therefore I will try to protect my stuff so you don’t try to copy or sell it around.”

Finally, for ebooks I would say always go with PDF. It is much easier to deliver it, and most people are used to PDF documents anyway.

4. Sap Abap asks:

Would you like to share your journey online with us? Yes i had gone through the about page of the blog and i would like to know how do you stay different and what are the secrets that make this DBT this much popular.

First of all thanks for the nice words. I really don’t think DBT is that popular (I would consider blogs with over 50,000 readers to be popular), but I sure love the fact that we have thousands of readers, and it is a honor to me that you guys take the time to read what I write.

Now about made DBT grow healthily over these two years is the usual stuff that you have been hearing from me: useful content that no one else was publishing. The one reason why people will come to your site is because they will find something there that is valuable to them, and that they can’t find anywhere else. That is the single most important rule for content websites and blogs.

5, Transcriptionist asks:

Remember the post “Get Daily Blog Tips Updates on Your Mobile Phone?”

Intro of that post: “If you have visited the blog lately you probably noticed a third icon on the top right corner that says “Mobile.”

Now my question: What happened, why did you remove the mobile alert icon in less than two months?

I am always test new things on the blog, that was one of them. On that specific feature I was doing a partnership with the company that was promoting the service.

It didn’t work our quite well. A very small percentage (under 1%) of my readers was interested in getting mobile updates, so we just dropped it.

6. Saurav asks:

I started (on 1 sept) my Blog – where i blog about technology. I am getting nice traffic from stumbleupon but “How can I increase traffic from search engines?”

I also wanted to ask that does adsense pay for impressions?

Search engine traffic takes time. Usually on my sites it starts kicking in after 6 months or work. I would not expect anything significant after that time frame, unless you know your SEO inside out and you are starting the website knowing what keywords you are going to aim for.

With that in mind, work on the content, and make sure it is something other people will want to link to. Links are votes of trust in the eyes of search engines.

I don’t think it is necessary, at that stage at least, to pay attention to other SEO parameters like keyword density, anchor text, and so on.

To answer your second question, AdSense pays per click, not per impression (unless we consider the site targeted campaigns, but those are a minority).

7. Adam Singer asks:

WordPress updates so often to new versions – I run a few sites, I simply don’t have the time to keep updating as it is a couple steps.

Does it hurt SEO to wait until major upgrades (like, waiting for 3.0) to go to the newest version? I know they keep making interior features better and higher security, but I am interested mostly in if it effects on-page SEO at all?

I’m guessing not, but I want to know if you have noticed better rankings with newer versions.

There should be absolutely no SEO effect (for the better or for the worse) related with WordPress updates, whether you update them regularly or only when major updates become available.

This is because the source code of your pages (which is what search bots care about) will not get changed from one version to another.

8. Bagus asks:

Can we also publishing our blog posts to article directories? it looks like many people do this stuff to gain backlinks and traffic. As for prohibiting someone to duplicate your post I think there is a method to prohibit people to copy text from your website. I don’t know if there is wordpress plugin that can do that, anybody know?

I would recommend you to re-publish your blog posts on article directories. If people can find your content around the web, they won’t need to visit your blog after all right? Secondly, you might end up receiving some duplicate content penalties if you do this too much.

If you want to use article marketing that is fine, but make sure to use unique articles and posts for that purpose.

I don’t think you can prohibit people from copying your content. Even if you disable the text selection tool, there are plenty of ways around it.

The best way to handle this is to send a DMCA to people that are copying your content, and if you think that someone is stealing your content in bad faith just to make some easy money, you could also sue them.

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16 Responses to “Blogging Questions & Answers 20”

  • medyum

    A good and respectable site is inviting me to contribute some articles to them in exchange of money, which means pay per post. Now, can you give some me some tips on how to do it effectively. Of course, I know the basics but it will be helpful if I can get additional advices from a more experienced blogger like you.

  • Ted Murphy

    Most of the SEO strategies I read about are how to promote a blog. How about promoting a commercial website? How would I promote Dominos Pizza, for example? They have an awesome website, but when I search for “deliver pizza”, no joy.

    I just think its much tougher for a commercial website to get links. Can a company purchase links to get higher search results? How would that work?

  • Av_Np

    Hi Daniel,
    Few days back I came across a pay per click search engine.. I wanted to know more so i went thru other sites and got list of such search engines. the price of the advertisement seemed cheaper than Google and Yahoo ( of course) but I am not sure if they are effective. I wonder if people actually visit these sites just to check on some pay per click advertisements.. Could you please let me know how these things work??

  • Rahul Bansal


    Sorry for such a late reply as I was out in vacation for last 3-4 days.
    Thanks for answering my question (again)… 🙂
    I really appreciate details you have provided.

    Now based on your this and earlier answer and few more input, I decided to start a new blog on orkut. I already have a forum and 2 more sites dedicated to orkut, so 4 sites will together will attract nice response from orkut users which is highly popular in India. Act orkut ranks #4 in India. (as per alexa)

    For time being, I am keeping wordpress, blogging tips, and all internet and technology stuff in my one blog.

    Thanks again for nice reply,
    -Rahul 🙂

  • Nursing student

    @bagus,Ever surf would like to search a content and i found a blogspot using javascript putting in header of our own template, than visitor can,t copy his content. but this methode not the only one way to passed it, there are a lot of ways to protect our content. i think every one want if his content distribute and read by million of people and this way will help us to promote our site, but people who take your content give your link, may you able to give a note under your post to give linkback, it’s a wish way i think.

  • Angel Cuala

    This is another quality sharing, Daniel. But what made me think hard is your principle about protecting your e-book, which I assume including all your blog posts.

    You are right about the piracy industry. The more we do something about it, the more we cannot avoid it. This is just all about being honesty. After all, they can run but can never hide.

    By the way, you already answered my previous question but I hope you can still have time for another one. Here it goes.

    A good and respectable site is inviting me to contribute some articles to them in exchange of money, which means pay per post. Now, can you give some me some tips on how to do it effectively. Of course, I know the basics but it will be helpful if I can get additional advices from a more experienced blogger like you.


  • Saurav

    Thanks for answers Daniel

  • Manoel Franklin

    Não sabia que vc era brasileiro, acompanho seu blog ha um tempinho e só hoje percebi sua nacionalidade. Gostei muito da iniciativa de criar este tipo de post, parabéns.

    Parabéns também pelo sucesso! Um grande abraço!

  • Jeremy Visser

    Daniel, I just want to commend you on your great answer to #3. Nails DRM in the forehead without actually nailing DRM in the forehead.


    @Daniel, I think you are right. But I was able to see CPM ads on my blog too early. Maybe some advertisers liked my blog 🙂

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Satish, if I am not wrong CPM ads on AdSense work only on the site targeted campaigns, and you don’t see many of those around.

  • Medical Transcriptionist

    Thanks for answering my question.

    Here is the one for this week:

    I couldn’t find an XML sitemap in your blog. Do you have one? If no, why?

  • Adam Singer

    Thanks for answering my question Daniel!

    Also, you’re right — it does take about 6 months for Google to send you decent traffic.

    I’ve been blogging at my new site about 10 months and I’m finally at a nice point with receiving search traffic. Gotta stick with it!


    I think you may be wrong about Adsense not paying per impression.. If advertisers like your site, I believe they can buy CPM advertisements via Adwords..

    Am I wrong?

  • Franklin Bishop

    I like your comments about search engine traffic. People are worried about getting search engine traffic way too early in the game. It takes a lot of time to get the traffic you are wanting from search engines so people just need to constantly be putting articles out there that are good ones so that people will link to them like he talked about. Powerhouse search engine like Google really love links back to your blog. So you want to make sure to try to make them happy I getting those links. There are many articles out there and try and help you write articles that are linkbait.

  • SEO Genius

    Another great edition of Q&A.

    @Saurav work on your on page optimization at the start of your blogging career it is important to get the design and overall appearance right for not only SEO aspects but for all the internet marketing aspects as well as for practicality and aesthetics.

    Believe me when I say that spending time on your web design and making sure it suites your website and that you don’t want to change is fundamental. As well as this make sure the design works well for SEO and SMM. By that I mean make sure there isn’t too much code and all the code is useful. Make sure it has social media buttons incoporated in to the sites design for ease of use and better functionality this will save you some time.

    Before you do any SEO make sure you know your long term goals what you want to rank for and why. The main reason should be because it gets a lot of targeted traffic. When you do your keyword research spend as much time as possible doing it and ensure you have found the right keywords to rank for. A new blog wont get ranked for any term that has more than 1 million in a couple of months so keep the competition low. Start with good traffic lowest competition first then build yourself up.

    After you have the keywords incorporate them in to your website in the title tag, meta tags, content (body) at the start and end in the footer add anchor text links to main pages optimise images. Thats most of your on page sorted as well as bolding some important keywords on each page only a few times though.

    The most important part of SEO is the off page SEO however it won’t work with out the on page SEO. Therefore invest a lot of time and effort in building up your links and target relevant high page ranked well respected websites to draw link juice from.

    SEO is an on going part of internet marketing which is definitely aimed at long term traffic and not short term. Don’t expect any results within the first couple of months.

    Hope this helps.

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