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I confess that I am a bit cranky when it comes to WordPress plugins. I use as few as possible (to not compromise my WP install), and I also tend to like some old school plugins that were released years ago. My plugin of choice for adding a link to my RSS feed, for instance, was the sig2feed one. I started using it early in 2006!

Recently, however, more people started scraping Daily Blog Tips, so I felt that it was necessary to add not only a link back to the blog, but also a link back to the original post. This should help Google to identify my original articles more easily and quickly.

When I tried to use sig2feed for this purpose, however, I found that it was not capable of (not without a good deal of PHP tweaking at least), so I decided to find a new RSS feed footer.

RSS Footer is the name of the plugin created by Joost de Valk, and it gets the job done perfectly. Basically it allows you to insert any message or link on the footer of your feeds, and it also comes with a check box that you simply need to tick if you want a link back to the original article.

rss footer plugin

If you have people scraping your RSS feed, give this plugin a try.

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31 Responses to “RSS Footer WordPress Plugin”

  • Robert C

    Thanks for the RSS Footer plugin recommendation, Daniel. I realize you posted this article a couple of years ago (based on earliest comment date) but it sounds like it is still a prudent thing to do. Thank you!

  • Chandra Wijaya

    Im looking for rss plugin that i can use to put my client advertisement. I think this plugin can do that. Glad i found your site. Thanks !

  • Imran Munawar

    This is simply a great plugin specially by the html feature is superb. Thanks for making it available for download.

  • Anatolii

    Hello, I want to install on the footer of every page of my WP blog such links to the “About me”,”Contact us”,”Privacy Policy”,”Disclaimer” pages.Is this RSS Footer the solution?
    Thank you!

  • Meg

    Is there anyway to modify the output here? I’m looking for a something like:


  • Arun Basil Lal

    Daniel, Thanks for sharing word about this plugin in the QandA post you answered for me.


  • Mark Wilson

    Thanks for posting this – RSS Footer worked where other plugins had not.

    Has anyone found a way to make the post backlink appear within the HTML code supplied for the footer? (instead of below it)

  • Ellie

    This is an incredibly useful plugin. I wish that there was a way for me to tweak the code to make it say: “You are reading:” before the permalink to the post.

  • Satollo

    Try feed layout wordpress plugin, and let me know if it can be a useful plugin to manipulate the feed. I’m the author and I’m using it to add a copyright notice on every post delivered via feed but it can do much more… hope it can be of any help!

  • Sumesh from BlogCreativity

    Good find.

    I’d seen this linkback technique for a long time on, and Google also recommends doing this (and goes so far as to say that a link back is enough to distinguish from spam). Unfortunately I was too lazy to find a plugin to do this, until now.

  • EnviroGadget

    Finally, a decent RSS footer plugin worth using! Certainly the easiest one to use that I’ve seen around.

  • Marios Alexandrou

    Somehow I think that the scrapers have a plugin that removes links to the original post 🙂

  • Satish Gandham

    I will install this plugin 🙂

  • Rajaie AlKorani

    Imagine the links you’ll be getting! Nice find.

  • Michael

    Sounds like a great little plugin, I’ve been using Feed Footer for adding a footer to my RSS feed items but this plugin may make me switch.

  • Miguel Cangueiro

    Nice plugin. Do you think a blog with not a huge amount of posts should use this plugin too?

  • Melvin

    nice find… where the same dude… im very picky w/plugins..

  • lomig

    Very cool !
    i install it today !!! thanks

  • Scott Fillmer

    Thanks for the plugin plug… I had not seen that one yet, I will have to check it out (as long as it doesn’t break the feeds).

  • Rob Williams

    I was using this but, I know this is odd, it broke the category feeds. Normally that’s no big deal, but I’m using a category feed for email subscriptions.

  • Abhijeet from Jeet Blog

    Excellent find Daniel ! I used to think that sig2feed is the only such plugin and even I wanted to add the post backlink. This plugin will solve the problem.

  • SEO Genius

    Thats interesting i think i may give that a go for my SEO blog. I have been looking for a good RSS plugin.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Mac Tips

    Very neat. This is one of the plugins I might have to install. I like it keep up the good work.

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