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Time for another Blogging Questions & Answers. If you want to ask a question, you can do it by leaving a comment on this post. All questions will be answered.

1. Greg asks:

I am starting my first blog for our retail store. I was thinking of using the blog as the website. What do you recommend as an introductory entry for a blog?

Should I just briefly describe what we do, where we’re located, store history, etc…?

There are no rules here, you can post about whatever you want (that is the beauty about blogs).

If this was my blog, though, I would just post a brief introduction about the content of the blog, and what visitors should expect in the future.

Remember also to put some 5-10 solid articles there before starting the promotion efforts.

2. Phil asks:

Long posts or short?

For beginners (at least those who write longer posts), would you recommend keeping the posts on the long side and then as time goes on aim to shorten the posts?

I find my posts go on and I suspect I need a lot of editorial direction (but I”m solo now).

Which skill is more important to develop first?:

1. Writing down the bones
2. Keeping posts short

There is no right or wrong here again. It is a matter of style and suitability for the topic you cover. There are blogs out there that just publish really long posts, and they do just fine. Check, he publishes essays not posts…

This is his style, and it is suitable for his topic (personal development).

Here on DailyBlogTips, we tend to have a mix. Mostly short posts with info and quick tips, and a longer and more structured post once in a while. It is working fine.

Gadget blogs tend to have only short posts, and they are immensely popular.

As you can see it is a matter of finding your style and what works on your niche. Aim for quality and not quantity though. A longer post is worthless if it has no ideas or interesting concepts inside it.

3. Satish asks:

1.How can we separate our own blogs linkback(to some other posts in our blog) from the comments section.(Like in your blog).

I wrote about it on this post: Separate Trackbacks from Comments on Your WordPress Blog

2.How to effectively use tags to our posts?

Tag your posts with keywords only, mainly the ones that you think peopel will be searching for.

3.What will be the effect of deleting a blog post? (Search engine point of view).

Only one post should not be a problem, Google will just remove it from its index within some time.

Don’t delete many of them though, cause you would signal many 404s errors on a short time span, and this could activate a filter (i.e., you lose rankings).

4.Post content and its full feed, resulting duplicate contents.What do you say?

I don’t think it is an issue if you have excerpts on your homepage. That way your feed page will never be equal to any page on your blog. Sure it will have some posts in full, but each post represents only a small % of the whole feed page.

5.Use of more than 2 or 3 contextual advertisers like adsense, bidvertiser, adbrite etc.Is it advisable or is it good to stickon to any one?

It is good to test which one delivers more money for your website. Once you find that, though, why stick with the low performing ones?

6.Is it good to have more ads in a blog(when it is not intrusive to readers).Ads will be placed far away from the contents.And not at corner place(to provoid value to advertisers).

How can it be far away from the content and still be valuable to advertisers 🙂 ?

You need to find a balance obviously. Spots where I think its fine to put ads are the sidebar, the header, and below the posts. I just don’t like blended ads.

7.Is it good to use the default Write Post visual and html editor in our wordpress or is there any best alternative editors?

I have always used the HTML editor and it works fine.

8.Which one is good for bloggers Vista, XP, Ubantu, Mac etc and why?

You can get your blogging done in all of them. Ubuntu is my choice though. It is free, and it comes with all the tools that I need.

9.How can we avoid certain category posts from appearing on our blogs homepage.Ex:-I want to write about Brazil in the category Brazil.And I don’t want those posts to appear on my homepage(as my blogs most visitors are from America).Instead, they must appear only when someone clicks on the category link Brazil.

You can do that using a special WP query, like this one:

<?php if (is_home()) {query_posts("cat=7");} ?>

-7 is the id of the category you want to exclude.

10.How to deal with someone who clicks on our blogs ads insanely.He may be one of our friend, who wants to get us out if adsense or any similar programs. And no way to block his IP, as he maynot be using static IP.

Contact Google about it and let them sort it out.

Some more personal questions, if you don’t mind:

11.Can you build a website, where all bloggers share some photos for free.This can void paying lot for images.

That is what flickr does ain’t it? 🙂

12.Do you like blogging or swimming more?

Both. I don’t have a separation work/life as some people do. Everything I do is just my life. Some of it pay my bills, but that is a consequence.

13.Why are you not accepting my friend request in Orkut ? hmm..

I don’t use it. Just have an inactive account.

14.What about the forum(paid forum I hope) that you were thinking of building for the DailyBlogTips readers?

It is on hold, got some projects I need to bring to conclusion before launching this one.

15.What is your opinion of joining any blog networks? have you joined any?

Depending on your blog it could be helpful. I never joined anyone, but I considered joining b5media in the past (with another blog of mine not DBT).

16.I am interested in reading more about your life.Because you are my blog idol.Where can I find it?
Life before starting a blog, after starting a blog, problems faced, solutions etc.

I don’t have that info online. One day I might start writing about life and personal beliefes on Thanks for the encouragement :).

17.Who has been your inspiration for starting a blog?

Steve Pavlina. In fact I made him a donation via paypal sometime ago.

18.Use bbpress and build a single forum for all your blog networks.This will surly help a lot of people.

I don’t think having a mixed forum works. You need to put together people with similar interests. Not everyone is interested both in blogging and writing.

19.Curious to see all the gadgets and hardware parts that you use.
Can you please put some screen shots of them, along with brief description.

I am a very minimalist guy. I don’t have gadgets. Even my mobile phone is an old one, and I just carry it around when I really need to. It is not like I will lose $1 million if someone can’t reach me for 10 hours.

20.What is your pastime hobby otherthan blogging and swimming?
In which social-networking site are you most active?
Which IM do you most use?

I do weight lifting, kick-boxing, and recently I started taking some Jiu-Jitsu lessons also.

I am not active on social networks (facebook, twitter and so on). I use Digg, Reddit and Stumble though.

I use pidgin, so I am online for most IMs at the same time.

4. L-Jay asks:

I’ve been looking into adding yahoo answers to my blog. I’ve written a lot of good stuff on yahoo answers and I thought it would be a good way for my visitors to see my responses to questions. Problem is I use wordpress and none of the yahoo answers badges seem to work properly. I’ve searched practically the whole web looking for info on whether you can use yahoo answers on wordpress but I can’t find anything (worthwhile, that is.).

Can you use yahoo answers with wordpress – is there some trick that I need to know to get it to work properly?

Honestly I don’t know how to integrate the two.

My advice would be to do your own Question & Answers column though. That way you own the content, and the visitors will visit your blog rather than Yahoo Answers when they have something related to ask.

5. Abhishek asks:

don’t know whether u would like to take this….i just want to know how to put two keywords like enable and disable in the same tittle of the post.

Should it be like

Enable or Disable your pen drive.


Enable / Disable your pen drive


Enable-Disable your pen drive.

or something else.

I would go with Enable / Disable

6. Rarst asks:

Hi! I recently started more or less “serious” blog and researching field. After week+ I am full of knowledge that I am supposed to write short/long/easy/indepth/complete/series/etc posts to be successful which I decided to ignore and just write in a way I like.

So with this knowledge of how contradicting info may be I have following question:

Are traffic generator widgets (blogush, entrecard, blogupp, whatever) worth using? If so which should I pick and try first? My goals are building up stable user base (I am not in a rush) and discovering good blogs in my niche.

On the beginning of a blog I think they can help to give you some visibility and new visitors. Test a couple of ones and see which is performing better.

They should not be a core part of your strategy though. Quality content and active promotion methods will bring better results.

7. L-Jay asks another one:

I don’t understand how social media sites can help your blog – it seems like everyone is just ‘talking’ and not ‘listening’. Are you supposed to just throw comments out into the wilderness hoping that someone cares? It seems a very ineffective way to communicate.

It seems sites like these are just for bloggers who already have a ‘community following’ on their blog/site. It seems like the best way to use social media sites is to first get a ‘community’ then drive them to plurk or twitter for ‘micro’ headline/updates (Isn’t RSS good enough for that?). And this seems like it can suffocate your community with too much contact.

So my questions are…
What is the value of social media sites and mirco information for your blog?
How can you start a ‘dialogue’ on a social media site? (Or is there no such a thing?)
Are social media sites only good for driving traffic to your blog or driving traffic from your blog so your community can ‘micro’ follow you?

I have been defending for a while that the most important social media tool one can have is his blog. You should put your thoughts, opinions and expertise there.

Other social sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg can be useful for different purposes, but always to complement what you are already doing on your blog. Twitter, for example, can be used for keeping up with your readers and their online activities. Digg can be used to discover hot stories from around the web, and occasionally for driving traffic to your blog.

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14 Responses to “Blogging Questions & Answers 10”

  • Fabio

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for you answers. Here goes my question:

    No matter how hard I try or push it, there’s no way to move my feed readers from approx 200. They grew pretty fast (0-200 in 4 months) but since April they just seemed to stop. . I stick to my topic, I push it, write about it, ask reader after posts, I’ve explained what they are, how to use them, I give two ways of subscribing, but nothing seems to work… What’s going on? Do you have any possible explanation?


  • Dave


    I hope this is the proper forum to ask a new question.

    I would like to hear your thoughts on the various options for breaking up content. I’ve experimented over the years with full feeds vs. summary feeds, and using the “more” tag.

    I ended up not liking sending summary feeds as it just came off to me at least as a bait and switch. Kind of a “I want to provide you good content, but only if you come to my site”. That being said, you usually want good site traffic, and if you send full feeds, then you have to try harder to get folks to click through to your site.

    I’ve also used the “more” tag, being able to put it a little further down in posts than the summary usually breaks. I can also use “more” sometimes, but not always.

    Where I’ve ended up is sending full posts through my feed, but using the “more” tag for long posts. This helps drive traffic to my site for higher value content posts (they are usually longer), but still send full feeds for everything else. It also helps a long post not eat up so much real estate on the front page of my blog.

    Your comments would be welcomed. Thanks in advance.

  • Jagdesh

    I have a question.I wanted to ask is it possible to add reciprocal link to a free WordPress blog and if it is how may I do so.Your help will really be appreciated

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Always awesome answers to good questions… this blog has invaluable advice

  • L-Jay

    Thanks for the advice! I’m starting to realise that you need to go with your own ‘style’ of developing your blog. I’ve just starting blogging so I’m learning (and doing) what everyone else suggests and I’m feeling a little ‘pulled in all directions’. I think it is important to at least try out everything but mainly to find out which stuff is best for YOU to do. ‘Everything’ is not for everybody.

    At the moment, I’m trying out twitter but I don’t think it is my style in attracting readers to my blog. I know it works for some, and others swear by it – but its just not my style of communication. And you’re right – why should I spread myself thin using other social media sites when I can focus on the best site one of them all – my own blog! 😉

    Thanks again


    Thanks Rarst….

  • Rarst

    >And can you please give me the blog URL of Steve Pavlina ?

  • PeopleSearchBlog

    Very useful post. I was wondering about blog post deletion and tagging myself.


    Thanks for answering my questions Daniel…..
    And can you please give me the blog URL of Steve Pavlina ?

  • SEO Genius

    Great questions thanks

  • hobbies

    I’m curious why you release wordpress themes? Back in the day most people were releasing themes for SEO purposes, but you don’t seem to be doing that with your themes. Just providing a friendly resource for your readers?

  • Rarst

    Thank you for your answer. 🙂 I am going to try Entrecard first (just wild guess).

    So far my favourite traffic generating advice is about making good comments on other blogs. It brings visitors (little from comments, small surges when my articles get linked to by authors) and I got linked in one of the blogrolls already, no stats on effect at moment.

    Promoting blog seemed like huge amount of work at first… It actually still does by as long as I do small steps and try to not panic too much it seems to work. 🙂

    PS I should really stop calling readers “user base” like in that question 🙂 Software habbits…

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