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As of today 11,969 people have already download the Make Money Blogging ebook. And what is more interesting, none of them ever asked for a refund!

Jokes apart, the feedback to my free ebook has been terrific. I receive emails pretty much daily from people who read the book, liked it and started applying the principles I explain there with good results. But I am biased on this subject right? That is why a couple of weeks ago I asked my newsletter subscribers what they thought about the ebook. I said I wanted their honest opinion (i.e., they could even say the ebook sucked!). Want to know what they said? Here is a compilation: “So he leads by example, and follows his own advice. In my humble opinion, it’s one thing to give advice, but it is something else entirely to give advice you are willing to follow yourself.” “It is a free blogging ebook that leaves a lot of stuff I’ve paid for in the dust!” “It covers all the essential topics that both a newcomer and those who want to improve their blog need to know to succeed.” “Make Money Blogging, in my opinion, is a good and comprehensive starting point for wannabe bloggers.” “As a blogger with very little internet or marketing knowledge, the eBook was an easy read and really got my wheels turning.” “This ebook is filled with no-nonsense advice for anyone starting out in blogging or just thinking about it.” “I’ve read it myself couple of times already and I love how Daniel put everything together.” “Overall this eBook is a good starting point for new and to-be bloggers. It is written in a simple, fluid fashion. Links to external websites are included as examples to different topics he discussed in this eBook.” “The eBook is chock full of gold nuggets that span 5 different chapters.” “I would recommend everybody to sign up because the ebook is great and the newsletter messages give great value.” “You should print the ebook out and use it as a reference!” “A fantastic resource for anyone with an online business whose looking to get started with blogs.” “Mr Scocco explains in 54 very easy to read, clear and concise pages exactly what is involved, what is needed, what you need to focus on and where the real opportunities with blogging / websites exist.” “This is book is really good, in the sense that it guides you from from the very basics until more advanced blogging stuff.” “It’s one of the best ones I’ve read so far. It says how to start blogging, what to use to blog, what kind of ads you use, how to get advertisers on your blog, all about monetizing your blog, and a lot of more stuff.” “The book is easily digestible, and one can understand all the points.” “The book is not a perfect fit for an art blog, but it’s been incredibly helpful in understanding the current personality of blogging and the internet.” “The book is excellently written in very easy and straight forward manner. The book has 54 pages and I read the whole book in half an hour.” “Much like his newsletter (which is kind of personal, valuable and to the point), the ebook doesn’t contain any fluff: you get the meat directly.” “The book is actually damn good, and even considering the price (your email address)” “I liked the section where you explain how to get more search engine hits on our blog posts.” “I really enjoyed the book because it covered much more than just making money with blogs.” “The book is well written with a good structure. Every chapter begin with an image, and they also contains links to related resources.” ” The book presents an excellent overview of how to choose the topic/niche to blog and how to write the content, give headlines, choose a layout and so on.” “This ebook gives a lot of great advice and guidance on how to be a successful blogger. ” “Daniel does a great job explaining things for readers just starting to get into blogging, but he also has great tips and strategies for more experienced bloggers.” “It covers the basics of blogging from the importance of content, consistency in posting, blog design, networking to monetizing your blog.” “f you are new to blogging, or like me, have a blog or six and don’t know what to do with them, then you need to read this book.” “Daniel is one of the few people online who can make you understand what he is talking about.” “Make Money Blogging is also an excellent example of a well-organized, well-written eBook.” “Beginners will find this most useful and also find other up to date information from someone who is successful on his site.” “I don’t think I will ever make money blogging, but I’d still like more people to read what I write.” “What first impressed me about “How to Make Money Blogging” was its absolutely realistic tone.” “For me personally it has been an aid and consultation tool which helped me to understand more about the great world of blogging.” “The ebook talks about authority posts, getting backlinks, guest posting and even a recommendation on how often to post.” “t’s very well written and broken down into 5 main chapters (Content, Design & Usability, Networking, Promotion and Monetization) that anyone can follow and accomplish.” “What I like about this ebook is that is explains everything in detail, in a way that is easy to understand.” “Daniel’s report takes on the do’s and don’ts of blogging for money and monetization strategies for established blogs.” “You cannot go wrong in taking the advice of one of the preeminent bloggers of his time.” “Daniel examines several usability mistakes which web masters should look into while developing a blog.” “You’ll discover the points that you need to consider to create a successful blog.” “I was pleasantly surprised on how thorough and helpful the Make Money Blogging guide was to me.” “I downloaded the ebook many moons ago and I still open it up for a quick read every now and then.” “I was a little skeptical, but read the book anyway assuming it was just another get rich quick scheme. The Internet is full of those these days. But this book is not that. It contains common sense tips on creating and managing a successful, money making blog.” “While his book is actually for helping writers make money with their blogs, his suggestions and insights surprised me with their clarity and immediate usefulness.” “Make Money Blogging has advice on blog format, headlines, content selection, usability—all items that can bring people back or drive them away. ” “Daniel’s ebook tells you what you need to know to get started, and is written in clear, concise language.” “It is surprisingly comprehensive and thorough and has been a useful reference document, with relevant links and information.””I’m lucky that it came across my desk at just the right time.” “This book talks clearly to beginners about starting a blog from scratch to promoting and monetizing it.” “The content of this e-book is completely unique and the money making concepts offered by Daniel are added in a structural and logical way.” “It is really a helpful guide for anyone who is thinking of getting started as a Blogger/Internet Publisher.” “It not only shows you how to make money with your blog it also gives you the basics on how to get people on to your blog.” “If you are an ebook collector, your collection is incomplete if you do not have this one.” “I am not a techy girl. Not at all! But the tips in the e-book are so easy to follow that I understood it all.” “Reading the ebook for the first time I was pleasantly surprised by finding some things which were new to me.”

What about you? Will you join the 10,000 subscribers who already downloaded the ebook? You can do so on the form below (RSS and email subscribers will need to visit the site to sign-up for the newsletter).

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15 Responses to “Because 10,000 People Can’t Be Wrong”

  • Tom @ Scinti

    Ok, I’m sold! If its anything like the material in your online profits course, it must be exceptional.

  • CandleQueen

    OK, I’m giving in. I can always use some more tips.

  • JadeDragon@innovativepassiveincome

    That is an impressive list of testimonials. Ok you sold me.

  • Bob Ho

    Awesome. I’ve downloaded this book a while ago but haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Hopefully this will help me out lots. Thanks for the great ebook!

  • Dharmarajan

    Seems like a good read.

  • William Womack
  • Barbara Brenner

    I downloaded it awhile back, and I reference it many times. Daniel put a lot of thought and hard work into it, and it shows. This was not slapped together. It’s FREE, but it has a great deal of value. His blog is on my iGoogle page and I check in frequently. Do 2 things – sign up for his newsletter and download the ebook.

  • Eric

    I have this downloaded but haven’t read many of the ebooks I’ve downloaded so this is again a note to myself to read it and see what I take from it.

  • Leah

    Woo hoo I’m on the list too! Daniel, this really is well-done and super useful. I’m using it like a checklist–it was worth the tree it took to print it. And there’s no way I would *ever* recommend something or write the review that I did if it weren’t truly good (I have an honesty ethic that sometimes gets in the way but it serves me well–I sleep at night!).

    Good job!


  • Julius

    Looking forward to reading the ebook this weekend and learning a lot from it. Thanks

  • munawar am

    a little notes with a huge tribute;
    and this is a true refund, no others

  • Arun Basil Lal

    Thanks for the mention Daniel 🙂

  • Tim Paulino

    Thanks for the reference Daniel. And again, great work.

  • Bojan

    I’m glad I was able to review your book and write what I wrote.

    Your book is truly great Daniel and I’m so ready to use it on my website.


    Woohoo I’m on the list! 🙂

    This ebook is truly golden! Not only do I use Daniel’s ebook as reference, I’m also a member of his Online Profits program. Great Resources to have! Thanks Daniel!

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