5 Websites with Great Landing Pages

Mark Zeni

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A landing page is basically a point of entrance to your website (don’t forget to make it fast!). It is where visitors will “land.” As you can guess, the landing page is very important, as if you fail to engage those new visitors you might lose them forever. If you have an efficient landing page, on the other hand, you will capture the interest of those visitors and possibly turn them into loyal visitors, subscribers or customers.

A website can have several landing pages. For instance, it can create one landing page for each marketing campaign it runs. For most websites, however, the homepage is usually the most important landing page, as that is where most of the visitors end up.

Sometimes it’s easier to show things than to explain them, so below you’ll find 5 examples of websites that have a great landing page structure on their homepage.

1. Pingdom.com

One thing to keep in mind when designing your landing page is the action you want the visitor to perform. Pingdom undertands this concept and applies it by focusing the whole upper part of its homepage on one task: getting you to click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button.

2. FreshBooks.com

In my opinion Freshbooks does an even better job at focusing the landing page on converting the first time visitor into a potential customer: instead of displaying just a button, it displays the whole signup form right there. The visitor just needs to put his name, email address and click on the ‘Try it Free for 30 Days’ button.

3. Motors.co.uk

This British website helps people find used and new cars. To serve this purpose it brings on top of the homepage a search form you can use to nail down the model you are looking for. In fact it presents two search forms, the ‘Find it Fast’ for those who are in a hurry, and ‘Smart Search’ for those who want to be more specific.

4. CouponMachine.in

This Indian website is focused on offers and coupons, and engages its visitors by displaying all the popular offers above the fold. The top section rotates through those offers, while the lower section displays a list of stores that you can get coupons for. In other words, it displays what the visitor is looking for right away. Below that you’ll find a huge subscription box to capture the email of interested visitors. It probably has a great conversion rate given the visibility it has.

5. CrazyEgg.com

This is a good example of a minimalist yet efficient landing page. The visitor is presented with two things: a form to input his website URL, and a list of companies already using the service. In other words, you pretty much don’t have an option other than to start testing the service. Quite clever.

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    Great article. Definitely with a lot of good points.

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    I like the Motors website landing page as its more compact and feel professionalism. Great inspiration to look after

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    As a suggestion couponnation has a better landing page than coupon machine.

  • Sohan

    The blog on landing page is nice, as though new guests come to your site and they watch your page if it is attractive then he spend time unless they leave forever. If you have a productive presentation page, then again, you will catch the enthusiasm of those guests and potentially transform them into dedicated guests or clients.

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