20 Weird Uses for Twitter


Twitter is certainly a cultural phenomenon. Who would have thought that Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey would be using such a Web 2.0 service so eagerly? And the weird things on Twitter go far beyond its uptake by politicians and celebrities.

Over at DailyBits.com I just published a post titled 20 Crazy Things We Have Seen on Twitter. Here is one of the points just to give you an idea:

8. A fart tracking chair

Some guys got the bright idea of creating an office chair that would tweet every time someone sitting on it farts. Weird as it sounds, the account @officechair currently has over 3,500 followers.

Just check the article to see the other 19 crazy things that are happening on Twitter (and please retweet it if you like).

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13 Responses to “20 Weird Uses for Twitter”

  • Aaron

    Haha that is a brilliant idea. There’s no question why there are so many followers 🙂

  • Mark

    Not be cynical, but I think that all uses for Twitter are ‘weird’.

    It just seems pointless to me, and articles like this one do well to explain why: Why Twitter is “gay”.

  • Blake @ Props Blog

    Wow. And to think I always thought twitter was just for my lazy nanny who spent more time tweeting than watching my son! Some of that stuff is really funny and really awesome. I can only imagine telling a home invader that you just tweeted to your 10,000 followers that he is in your house. Sponsored tweets are awesome too! I just wrote an article about that in fact!

  • Robomaster

    Very interesting. I hope that StumbleUpon review worked for you, Daniel.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    The joys of Twitter. It amazes the things that people sometimes put on Twitter. It is kind of humorous to see someone made a profile for their chair.

  • V.C

    I’m interested in “A suicide note”
    It’s so crazy but funny lol

  • Boerne Search

    Yes, Twitter is certainly a cultural phenomenon. But how long do you think it will last?


  • Igor Kheifets-IgorHelpsYouSucceed


    I am definitely going to propose using Facebook 🙂 I’ll attach a picture of a ring 😛


  • Aminul Islam Sajib

    I agree with Harrison a little bit.

  • Harrison

    Hmm this post should be cross-referenced with the one about not putting the entire article on one page and how many people don’t like to click a link to read it.

  • Chester

    I believe in Chanda. There’s some auto follow software around. That chair doesn’t interest me at all so why follow?

  • Chanda @ BizDharma.com

    Hehehe that was funny and really weird. I believe the followers that this chair has is due to some auto follow software rather than genuine interest, dont you think. But yes tis point is weird enough to push the reader click and follow the link to all 20 😉

  • Life with technology

    Oh ok, going to see. But this isn’t good. I expected the entire post inhere.

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