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If you are trying to optimize your website to search engines you should check the SEO Toolset from The tools cover almost all SEO aspects, from keywords to domain names, from backlinks to redirects. Below you find some of the services that I use often:

  • Keyword Density Checker
  • Backlink Anchor Text Analysis
  • Search Engine Spider Simulation
  • Backlink Builder
  • Domain Stats Tool

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14 Responses to “SEO Toolset”

  • medyum

    thanks Daniel
    nice article

  • posizionamento

    I use your suggestion tips every day for monitoring my web projects, thanks a lot.

  • Bang Kritikus

    Thanks for your links

  • SEO Genius

    Thanks Daniel some great advice

  • zelace


  • oggin

    Nice tools 10x for the this post

  • Craig

    This is an incredible post. I am just getting started at blogging and the wealth of information in this post is staggering.
    Thanks, Craig.


    Nice tools thanks

  • Respiro, the logo design guy

    Great tools. Thank you! 🙂

  • Dave

    Thanks for the post. I often forget to use webconf when I’m checking stuff out. Not sure about their backlink summary tool. I think it only pulls results from the big G.

  • Garry

    Thanks Daniel, really handy tools, especially for some of the stuff I’m doing at the moment. Nice to have them all in the one place too.

  • Donnie

    Thanks for the tip. As usual – very helpful.

  • Daniel

    My pleasure, most of the posts here come from my personal experience, things that worked or not worked for me in the past.

    Actually the whole webconfs website is filled with useful content, check it out.


    Nice tools. Thanks for the Post

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