Review: MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet (It Rocks)


A couple of weeks ago Pawan from contacted me, saying he had developed a new plugin that would significantly boost the number of sign-ups I was getting to my email newsletter.

I have known Pawan for a while, and I use many of his plugins, so I said “Sure.” He sent me the files, and I installed it on Daily Blog Tips. The plugin is called Subscribers Magnet, and the idea is to create multiple “hit” points (i.e., methods and places your visitors can use to sign-up) to increase the number of new email subscribers you get per day.

The idea sounded cool, but only when I started playing with the plugin I realized it was a really neat piece of software, and here is why.

First of all it integrates with most email marketing applications (e.g., Aweber, iContact, ConstantContact), so getting the plugin to work is straight forward. Second, some of the features the plugin has are really innovative.

The first feature is called “Form Auto Filler.” It will automatically grab the name and email from your visitors and fill your subscription forms for them. This means that when see the subscription form their details will be there already, so they will just need to click on “Subscribe.” How cool is that?

The second feature is the “Optin Form Adder.” This will basically allow you to insert a subscription form in the sidebar or/and below your posts. The form is completely customizable, and you once you activate it through the plugin interface it will start appearing on your site. Here is how it looks like:


The third feature is called “Subscribers from Comment.” This one allows you to capture subscribers from people who will leave a comment on your blog. You have several options regarding how you’ll do it. You can put a checkbox that commenters must tick, you can include a subscription form that will appear right below their comment, and you can also subscribe them automatically (they’ll still need to confirm it on the email they will receive, so this is compliant with the terms of Aweber and other email solutions).

The fourth feature is the “Popin” one. As the name suggests, it allows you to create a subscription form that will be displayed as a pop-up. You can customize the style, as well as the frequency of the pop-up and what visitors should see it. For instance, you could show it only after the second visit, only once every five visits, once every couple of days and so on.

The fifth feature is called “Footer Bar.” It allows you to create a dynamic footer bar on your website containing a subscription form. Just like with the pop-up, you can customize how often the bar will appear.

If you combine all these features and options you can add up to 17 hit points to your blog, and this is likely to boost the number of sign-ups significantly.

But facts speak louder than words right? Here is what the plugin did for me. I already had a decent structure to capture email subscribers, so I decided to use only three features: the “form auto filler”, the “checkbox in comment section” and the “footer bar.” Before installing the plugin I was getting around 67 new email subscribers per day. After installing it the number jumped to around 90, which is a 35% increase as you can see in the screenshot below:


These days I am actually getting closer to 100 sign-ups per day, so it is working even better.

Pawan told me he beta-tested the plugin with other friends too, and some of them got boosts of 100% in the number of sign-ups.

As I said before, it is a really neat piece of software. Most of the time when people give me free plugins or software to test I usually try them for a couple of weeks and then stop using them. This one I’ll probably stick with.

The plugin was officially launched this week. It is going to cost $147, but until tomorrow Pawan is offering a discount of 30%, so you can buy it for $97. I am not an affiliate, so I won’t earn anything whether you buy it or not. I just decided to review it because it worked really well for me, and because I think other bloggers will find it useful, too.

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14 Responses to “Review: MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet (It Rocks)”

  • kevinxiao

    Grettings! I just came to appreciate you for your very interesting

  • Keith Davis

    Hi Daniel
    I’d already spotted it on some of your other posts.
    Now I know what it is.
    Looks very very useful.

  • Nabeel | Create Your First Website


    This plugin looks good. But I do not like the footer bar, and how some blogs have the ‘subscribe to newsletter’ automatically checked when leaving a comment.


    • Andrew @ Blogging Guide


      All options are…optional in the plugin.

      You don’t have to ‘turn on’ the footer bar and I agree with your automatic statement – that should be banned!


  • Dev –

    Hey Daniel,

    Looks awesome Plugin. I see many bloggers using it.

    Thanks for the awesome review.


  • jason

    Having a relatively new blog, I know that attracting subscribers is one of my main goals, so I will definitely be taking a look at this. Thanks for the info.

  • Justin Germino

    Looks like a good option for creating custom ways for people to sign up for your mailing list. Does it support MailChimp? I wasn’t able to determine this from their website.

    • Daniel Scocco

      I am pretty sure it does, but I’ll cross check with Pawan.

      It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee though.

  • Josh Garcia

    Hey Daniel,

    I have to say the same thing as I was submitting my comment it would ask me if I wanted to register for your opt-in and I did. I was wondering what the heck you were using. Now you revealed it! That Rocks!!!

    Going to look into it…
    Josh Garcia

  • Mani Viswanathan

    I will try it soon in my blog.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful plugin with us Daniel

  • Aditya Kane

    I noticed that when I left a comment it would prompt with my name and email address to sign up. Was wondering what you were using. Now we know. 🙂

  • Andrew @ Blogging Guide

    Pawan let me test it out as well and over the last 2 weeks, my opt-ins have increased by 205% (compared to the 2 weeks before).

    Great plugin – it rocks.


  • Onibalusi Bamidele

    Wow! This is really cool Daniel,

    Subscribers Magnet rocks and I will be implementing it on my blog very soon.

    Thanks a lot for the review,

    BTW: I have replied your mail, hope you have seen it? Thanks!

    • Kamal Hasa

      Well the plugin is cool but don’t you think your blog readers might get bugged off to see the message to subscribe all the time??

      An option to click on ignore maybe helpful I guess!

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