So Long Bloglines, Hello Google Reader

So Long Bloglines, Hello Google Reader

I confess I am a little stubborn when it comes to technology and software choices. If something is working fine, I will stick with it, and making me change to another platform will take a lot of effort.

Convert Html Websites Into Pdf

Convert HTML Websites into PDF

On some occasions you might want or need to convert a website or a specific web page into a PDF document. For example, if you came across a really interesting article that you want to save locally in your computer for future reference.

Alexa Is Becoming Completely Worthless

Alexa is Becoming Completely Worthless

Alexa is becoming a joke lately. Some people claim that over the previous two years it was already losing reliability, but lately it went completely nuts. Whatever they did on the last algorithm update, it messed up their rankings badly.

I know that many people already ignore Alexa, but most advertisers still consider it when evaluate ad buys on websites, so I think we need to raise the awareness about it, and encourage them to use other available tools to gauge traffic.

Do You Really Need To Go To The University?

Do You Really Need to go to the University?

If you want to work on the Internet or to be an entrepreneur, I really don’t think you need to.

I always tell my friends that if I had the mind that I have today (in terms of knowing what I want to do, and what knowledge and tools I need to do that) five years ago, I would not have enrolled myself in the university.

At the time I had no clue where I was going, however, so getting a degree seemed like the smartest choice. Everyone else was doing it, after all!

I studied International Economics because it was a pretty eclectic degree, and it would allow me to work on virtually any business segment. Then 18 months ago I started working on the Internet with my own websites and with other entrepreneurial projects, and I guess I have being using 5% of what I learned in the university, if that.

10 Simple Productivity Tips For Bloggers

10 Simple Productivity Tips for Bloggers

Productivity itself is pretty unimportant. It’s what productivity allows us to do that matters. A productive blogging habit means more posts and more quality, and we all know what that means: more links and more traffic.


Productive blogging can also affect our day-to-day lives. It allows you to accomplish more in less time. That means: more time spent with the people that matter in your life.

Many bloggers, myself included, struggle to balance the needs of this hobby with the needs of our loved ones. Being productive can make that task a little bit easier.

Luckily for us, productivity isn’t complicated: it’s mainly based in common sense. The tough part is in being dedicated enough to change our bad habits and be productive, rather than simply reading about it. This post provides ten simple tips to help you start.