PassionDuo WordPress Theme Released


It is time to update our WordPress themes collection, and with not one but three new themes. The PassionDuo theme has a clean style, rounded corners, space for advertising and a lot of room for your content. It comes in three color versions: red, blue and green.

The theme was created by DesignSaurus. If you are planning to get a custom design, make sure to check out their competitive prices.




Here are the features of the theme:

  • Advertising ready: The theme comes with a 468×60 banner spot on the header, and 6 125×125 spots on top of the sidebar. It should also be easy to integrate ad units of other sizes throughout the theme.
  • Feedburner Integration: The theme has an options page where you can simply paste your Feedburner feed URL. It also comes with a styled email subscription form, where you just need to put your Feedburner email id.
  • Comments Styling: The author comments already come with a different style so that readers can easily identify them.
  • Search Engine Optimization: As usual the title and meta tags have already been optimized. The categories and archive pages are also structured to display only post excerpts.

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57 Responses to “PassionDuo WordPress Theme Released”

  • MoneyDummy

    I’ve realized that I need to learn more about WordPress templates, since I assumed that making html changes to the sidebar php file was how I could change the sidebars. The changes haven’t worked at all (for instance, adding the twitter HTML code to the sidebar hasn’t made Twitter show up), so obviously I need to learn more about how to “work” these themes. Is there a very basic beginners’ guide to tweaking WordPress themese?

  • Catherine

    Wonderful theme. Thanks. I’m going to use it.

    Keep up the great work.


  • Eric

    Great collection, i’m shure that i’m going to check some out!

  • chris

    Nice theme, thanks.

  • Hussein

    Great theme I love it. I’ll give it 10/10.

  • Daniel Scocco

    @OM, you will need to open the header.php file, delete the string that automatically loads all your pages as menu links, and insert only the links you want there manually with HTML code.


  • Om

    I have lots of pages in my blog (50+) – so that doesn’t display properly because the theme puts them all in the top menu bar (not enough space for that).
    Is there a way how I can fix this? I just LOVE the theme and want to use it, but my whole sitestructure is based on pages.

  • Jerry Ong

    Nice and clean layout 🙂 love it so much ! too bad i’m using Movable Type 😛

  • Rose

    Very nice theme!

  • Daniel Scocco

    MoneyDummy, I think they CTR on 125×125 Adsense units would not be high, and 6 of them would look ugly.

    My suggestion is to use 6 banners, or a 250×250 image as you are doing.

  • MoneyDummy

    Yes. Right now I’ve got the problem fixed by just having a 250X250 ad unit in there, but I sure do love the look of those pretty little buttons, and I’d love to figure out how to put them in there.

  • Daniel Scocco

    MoneyDummy, you are trying to insert 125×125 Adsense units?

  • MoneyDummy

    Okay, I fixed the problem with the top banner, but it still ads blank space when I put a 125*125 ad in the ads file.

  • MoneyDummy

    These are beautiful! I’m wondering two things:

    1. When I put Adsense code for a 468X60 banner in the “top ad php” file, which is where I thought the banner code would be located, the banner that had previously been in the header vanished, and the google banner appeared at the top of my sidebar, instead of in the header. I’m wondering what caused this, and how I can fix it.
    2. I noticed that when I replaced the 125*125 “Your Ad Here” boxes with google code, it added a large block of white space at the top of the ad block. Again, I’m wondering what caused this and how I can fix it.

  • Glen Allsopp

    Very nice designs, thanks for releasing them out there free to the community

  • Not John Chow

    This is a great looking theme! It reminds me of some of the premium themes I wish I could afford! Now I can! I am going to test this one out and if all goes well convert to it ASAP. Thanks for your generosity!

  • Chris Jacobson

    Very nice theme!

  • SEO web hosting

    Wow, perfect new theme. I was looking for something simple BUT that had the 6 – 125 X 125 buttons. Great theme.

  • team ray

    i always look forward to these releases . nice work as always

  • Bloguitar

    Sorry, ignore the “¡”

  • Bloguitar

    ¡Really nice theme!

  • Daniel Scocco

    I don’t see it Sean.

  • Sean P. Aune

    Great theme, but is anyone else noticing it seems to “hang” for a moment in Firefox? When I first load it, it takes it a moment to seem to “catch” and let me scroll down.

  • Madhur Kapoor

    The guys at DesignSaurus have done a wonderful job once again. The themes are great.

  • Tara Kachaturoff

    The PassionDuo theme is awesome. Thanks DesignSaurus for the great work. I was looking for something just like this. Thanks Daniel for hosting monthly themes. We appreciate you and all of the talented designers who make this possible.

    Kind Regards,

  • AlexG

    WoW. The bar keeps getting set higher in terms of WP themes. So many good themes are coming out, its tough sticking with just one theme nowadays but gots to be consistant

  • Siddharth

    I am currently using your deepblue theme Daniel, but really I was looking for something like that. The blue version of this theme really fulfils my demand of a clean and neat professional theme. The integrated 468×60 ad banner makes it more better.


    You are just outstanding!

  • Paula Hawk

    I like these – clean and simple. Since I just don’t have the time to figure out how to do my own (nor the finances to hire some help!), I think I will snag one of these!

    Thanx for continuing to provide awesome themes, it was a previous theme of yours that got me to trying to hack my own theme! 🙂

  • Daniel Scocco

    Thanks Steven. If you have any suggestion for changes let us know.

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