Infographic: Top 6 SEO Strategies for 2016

Mark Zeni

For someone with an online presence, personal or business, the concept of an SEO strategy can seem a little daunting. Unless you have experience in digital marketing, you might have not even heard of search engine optimisation, which could mean you’re missing out of a huge amount of web traffic. Never fear; this is exactly why a team of dedicated digital marketing experts from have put their heads together, and compiled this helpful infographic on how to structure your strategies for 2016, so that you can get all the insider tips on the latest search engine algorithms and design your website to be offered among on the first page of search results.

Thousands of sites are rapidly losing visitors, due to being improperly optimized (if at all!), and incorrect or out-dated strategies can do just as much damage to your ranking as a page with zero strategy. Google is refining its searches, and becoming more understanding of the internet user’s intentions when they browse Google. So no, you can’t just pepper your website with keywords and expect that to work anymore! Now, if your content isn’t interesting and fresh, or your backlinks seem a bit shady, Google will be looking the other way. So it’s up to you to scroll through the infographic below, and implement these tips into your SEO strategy.

Bonus Tip: If you are using WordPress, check the Rank Tracking plugin. It allows you to track your keywords and SEO results directly from WordPress. Cool huh?


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8 Responses to “Infographic: Top 6 SEO Strategies for 2016”

  • Mario Nimal

    Descriptive and very helpful infographic you’ve got here! I’ve also seen many successful blogs use shorter content. I was wondering why it’s optimal to have longer versus shorter content because that seems to be the same principle many SEO experts suggest.

  • Raju

    This are good tips. However these seo tips are mostly on page related. Can you please write a topic covering off page seo.

  • Rahul Rajput

    I really like this inforgraphic of SEO strategies in 2016, now I completely understand the 2016 SEO tips and tricks to grow my site.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    Regularly updating your website with new content is another important part of a great SEO program. The items listed here are important in the beginning stages, but it’s regularly posted content that will allow the website to keep improving in the search engines. It will also help build engagement and encourage people to become regular visitors of the website.

  • Harman

    There a lot changes with Google panda updates, Yes these strategies are useful for seo, But we have to do lot of work with On-Page SEO today. Site structure, Duplicate content, page speed, bounce rate etc …Before doing seo we have to fix these all these things. Thanks Mark zeni. Nice Infographic..keep it up.

  • chukwudi

    thanks for the great info… To add, the amount of traffic one generates depends on
    1. finding low competition and highly converting keywords.
    2. creating awesome content and use the keywords around it.
    3.promote,promote and promote.
    those that focus on these three grab the lion’s share of search engine’s traffic.

  • Mungurul Alam

    I have read the top 6 six SEO strategies that are very much practical and implacable. I think this post is very helpful for those who are working as SEO experts in the freelancing market places.

  • Amanda

    Wow! That was a comprehensive article. The Top 10 Extensions is a nice touch as extensions often go unnoticed.

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