I’ll Be Speaking At the A-List Blogging Bootcamp


a-list-bloggingLast year Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch launched a project called A-List Blogging Bootcamps. It is basically a one-week event where you get an intensive training around one specific blogging area.

Next week they’ll be having a new bootcamp focused on blog monetization, and he invited me to be a guest speaker. I’ll be holding a webinar about Google AdSense optimization. I’ll ask Leo if I can release the slides publicly, and if he agrees I’ll write a post with them in a couple of weeks.

Other topics covered in the bootcamp include:

  • How to build your blog’s audience.
  • Using affiliate programs to monetize your blog.
  • How to create freelancing and consulting opportunities.
  • Creating and selling your own products.

If you want to get a taste of the content of the bootcamp you can download a free report Leo released, titled How I Got 100,000 Subscribers in Two Years. In the 37 pages of the report you’ll discover the story behind his blog, Zen Habits, and what strategies he used to make it one of the most popular sites on the web.

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8 Responses to “I’ll Be Speaking At the A-List Blogging Bootcamp”

  • John Sherry

    As a member of the A-List Blogging Club and the Bootcamps I can honestly say they are truly phenomenal. Instant connection and chat with loads of other bloggers worldwide, the opportunity to listen to Leo and ask him questions and superb info, advice, forums and video. They’ve taken my blog from an idea to a fully functional working blog in under a month. They do what they say on the tin!

    And, of course, guest blog experts like Daniel. Tonight is going to be a treat with your inside track on Google Ads Daniel so can’t wait. See you there!

  • Web Marketing Tips

    Darren is also talking about this.

    I wish Leo should allow you to publish those slides publicly but I have doubt.

  • Stylo

    I’m Subscriber of Zen Habit and i research a bit about it, he have a great stragedy to work with. But its really hard for others to become but if we will try we will get not much but will get little more then normal

  • Roshan Ahmed

    Hi Daniel,
    There are so many ebooks and other paid services about blogging or ‘How to blog’ topics. We all do enjoy blogs like DBT, and appreciate the work.

    But are all there PAID stuff are really worth? Because if I go to all top blogs about blogging I’ll see a number of other products that they recommend for building a better blog. We’re already reading enough free content. Is there any need of buying all these stuff and reading them??

    -Roshan Ahmed

    • Ishan

      I think that the paid stuff is really worth the price. I joined A-List Blogging Club of Leo and Marry about 20 days ago and the effect has been great. Number of subscribers went up by 50% and I have found some great writing tips.
      There’s lot of free content but it’s not as channelized and focused as paid content can be. You don’t need to join/buy each and every product, join only one(like I did), follow the instructions carefully and results will be there!
      E-books may seem a bit useless sometimes(I have a lot paid ones lying on my hard disk) but my experience with bootcamp has been great!

      • Roshan Ahmed

        Sounds great! Can you just point out in which all fields you’ve improved after using this eBook. It will be helpful if I can get more and more personal opinions and reviews.

        -Roshan Ahmed 🙂

      • Ishan

        I didn’t use ebook. It was the last bootcamp. First field in which I improved was of course the one on which Leo emphasizes most, Content! I learned some tips about writing better and applied them.
        In fact, some of my latest posts have been greatly influenced by Leo’s and Mary’s recommendations.
        Secondly, I worked on making blog more usable for readers. I dropped some widgets and fluff. I am still working on these.

  • Christina Crowe

    I’ve been getting emails regarding this very bootcamp! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity, though it’s a tad expensive for me to make use of it. However, I hope it goes well for you. Good luck!


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