Generic Blogging Could be the Right Choice for Newbies


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This is a guest post by Arun Basil Lal. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

Last week Daniel explained the pros and cons of Generic Blogging and Niche Blogging. Here is a quick summary:

Generic Blogging

  • Possibility to get backlinks in a wide range of topics, hence a stronger and more authoritative domain.
  • Larger growth potential since it can spread to newer areas without any changes in its structure.
  • But it requires lots of time and monetization is a bit difficult.

Niche Blogging

  • Easier to attract readers because visitors instantly know what the content is all about.
  • Advertisers will love to be there, because of the targeted audience.
  • You might run out of content since the domain is too focused.

Let me tell you a bit of my story. I used to (and still) read a lot of blogs ranging from fashion to Internet Marketing. I saw how those bloggers get feedback from the audience. Sometimes I felt, “Hey, I already knew this” or “I can write better than this guy” and I jumped in and made my first blog!

At that time I wanted a place to put up my thoughts and findings. I guess there are lots of people like me, who became bloggers by chance. And if you are one of them, I suggest that you get your self a Generic Domain rather than a specific one. Let me list out some insights.

This post applies to the newbie’s who are about to start their own blog.

Find the Best Part of YOU with a Generic Blog

People don’t become experts overnight, its something you become with time. A niche blog needs an expert to write for it. For instance, you cannot write about making money online without actually making it or you cannot write about SEO without a good raking on Google. A newbie blogger is usually a jack of a couple of trades but not a master.

A generic blog can be a good place for new comers to learn and understand the whole industry, test their luck in various niches and ultimately find the best niche that’s suits them. The right niche is the one where they can write original content consistently.

Generic Blogging means Freedom of Thought

When you have a Generic domain you can write about anything under the sky. You do not have to limit its contents within a closed shell. With a niche blog you will be thinking about the same thing over and over.

Suppose you have a blog about shoes and suddenly a striking idea that has nothing to do with the niche comes up. Where do you put it? You cannot write an article on SEO on a domain that reads shoes-for-all, can you? Generic blogging give you that freedom.

You never run out of Fuel with a Generic Blog

A niche blog has to be fed with similar articles constantly. As we have discussed before, your scope is limited. Since you are totally new, you might find it difficult to generate content in the same area. A generic Blog solves this problem. Since you are always thinking out-of-the-box you are more likely to get fresh ideas.

Find people who think like you, make good friends

As Daniel said, it’s easier to get readers with a Niche blog. It doesn’t mean that Generic bloggers don’t have readers. On the greener side, the readers of the generic blog are the people who like most of the articles that you write. They are more like you in every aspect and you are more likely to have a better community around your blog. A SEO blog will have people who like to learn about SEO, but your generic blog will have readers who like YOU!

Generic Blog can be your launch pad

A generic blog can act as a platform to learn and experiment. If you are consistent, over time you will find your best niche and will have lots of experience and authority. Then you can think of a niche blog to stay focused. By that time your generic blog will have a great community and good blogosphere presence, which you can use to support your niche blog.

It’s always up to you

There are no hard-and-fast rules in blogging; it’s always up to you. We have lots of examples of people who have succeeded with both kinds of blogs. (Oh, who is a successful blogger? It’s again up-to-you! You are free to define your ‘success’.) If you think that you can handle a niche blog, go ahead. If you are not sure, find yourself with a generic domain. Good luck!

Daniel’s Note: I don’t agree completely with Arun. In fact I believe that in most situations getting started with a niche blog is the best option. But this is a democratic site and I felt that it would be interesting to have a different perspective on the issue.

Arun Basil Lal blogs about WordPress, Blogging, Gadgets and Web2.0 at his generic blog Million Clues. You can find him hooked on to twitter on weekends; follow him for an evening chat!

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33 Responses to “Generic Blogging Could be the Right Choice for Newbies”

  • ravi

    Generic blogs can easily fail though. People tend to have a hard time find a specific niche.

  • Jennifer

    I’m new to bloggingl I started out real generic… a basic family site. Then I started to use my voice and starting blogging my passions. I know where my focus is now, and I have found my niche. I agree this is the way to go to learn and to find yourself but sticking to a niche seems to be more profitable.

  • Arun Basil Lal


    Read it again please 🙂


    Hmm, that’s where I am now, its not too Generic (I don’t speak of my daily life, who wants to hear that..?) and its not too niche (No, I am not about WordPress alone.. !). Its working for me… 🙂

    Thanks for the compliments…


    Newbies should go to Kindergarten; I would send my kid there before he chooses the main stream. But once you find the niche, you are right, stick to it. Find your love and then stick to it 😉


    I liked the colors there; Let me give you one killer tip: Move to Self Hosted WordPress ASAP.


    Hey, first let me congratulate on your choice of WordPress. Hope you shift to a self hosted one soon!

    You just did the most important thing in blogging, you posted a post 🙂

    Btw, if you are good at it, Blogs will bring you money too! Good luck!

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