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Every now and then I will see a list of things bloggers should do, but I notice people are not that inclined to do what they are asked to do, while they pay more attention to things they should NOT do. That is why I decided to create the list below. Here we go:

1. You Must Not Expect Results Overnight: This is happening everywhere and that is the major reason why a large percentage of bloggers fail. Many bloggers come online unprepared and with the wrong set of expectations. They think blogging is a bed of roses and they only need to write one or two posts and begin to make money right away. Wrong!

2. You Must Not Ignore Your Readers: Some bloggers start gaining traction fast, and after a while they start to make their blogs gravitate around themselves. That is, they start talking exclusively about themselves, about the things they like, about how cool they are and so on. Big mistake. Your blog is about your readers, not about you.

3. You Must Not Scrape Another Bloggers Content: This is funny but nowadays you will see many new bloggers who don’t even know the basics, and yet they start to scrape another bloggers content. Often times these people won’t even credit the source. You can’t get far with this attitude.

4. You Must Not Expect Success Without Promoting: Many people think blogging is like setting up a shop at the road side and that all they need to do is wait for people to start finding them. Build and they will come, as the saying goes. This unfortunately is not true. Even if you have great content you’ll need to work your butt off getting people to visit your blog and read it.

5. You Must Not Be Another Blogger: This is so common among many bloggers nowadays. They no longer want to be themselves, they now want to be one popular blogger they know. It is like using the “fake it till you make it” strategy. Will it work over the long term? No. So keep it real.

6. You Must Not Fail To Update Your Blog Regularly: You will see some bloggers telling you they want to be a problogger, only to leave their blog without updates for weeks. If you can’t commit to updating your blog regularly, why would you expect people to commit to reading it regularly?

7. You Must Not Ignore SEO: Nowadays, you will see many bloggers not optimizing their blogs for search engines, if you ask them why, they will say they don’t know SEO. The real answer, however, is “Because I am lazy.” Don’t be lazy and learn what you must if you want to make your blog popular.

8. You Must Not Ignore Networking: You should never underestimate the power of networking. As people say, it is about who you know and now about what you know in the long run.

9. You Must Not Have An Unreadable/Unnavigable Site: Many people think blogging is all about your content. No! Blogging is far more than your content. You should work on making sure your site is easily navigable and that readers can easily get what they want without looking twice. Usability is a big factor on the web.

10. You Must Not Throw Mud Around: Some new bloggers that if they attack other people or bloggers, they might create a buzz and increase their traffic levels. This might be true in the short run, but over the long term such attitude will create many enemies and burn yourself.


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I’m Donny. I can sum myself up with four simple ways. Online Entrepreneur. Author. Investor. World Traveler

  1. I’m agree with you Onibalusi, all this tips are very helpful. I’m a new blogger and I’m writing about blogging and Internet Marketing, even though I’m not a professional. I started my blog for three reasons. First, I wanted to improve my English Skills. Second, I wanted to learn more about the topic and third because I wanted make some money.

  2. Valuable content and promoting your blog both are very important. Side by side you must write good, interesting and useful articles on your blog and perform some promotion for your blog. Some simple promotional techniques would be commenting on other related blogs, article marketing and guest posts. So keep focusing on both the above mentioned things.

  3. Great post as always, Oni. All are very good points to consider especially for one that is just starting out as a blogger. It’s easy to fall into the trap and believe that blogging is easy, won’t take much work and will make you money quickly. Hopefully they read this first!

  4. Hey Onibalusi, nice and to-the-point tips. “It’s all about who you know and not what you know that counts” – can’t agree more to this. Blogging is about perseverance, patience and for those who like to keep it real.

  5. I’ve got a question about my blog’s particular style. Right now I more or less find some interesting links on a subject, write a brief comment on each one, and post it.

    The response from friends is good. And if I recall correctly, link blogs are the genesis of blogging. I’ve also got deeper “[subject] Week” style things planned.

    I want to get linked and read, but I also don’t want to tie myself down to one or two subjects. Most of it ends up being science and technology, but I’m expecting there will be more variety.

    Would this produce too broad a set of subjects?

  6. Well you are speaking from experience looking at the amount of followers you have! Nice simple guidance. Why do people look to complicate things? Good valid content is key. SEO and backlinks also very important. Develop relationships with peers and followers.


  7. May I add one more tip: don’t look up, look down.

    Don’t try to impress people that know more about the subject you are writing about. Instead write for people who know less about it. There are (probably) much more people that can learn from what you have to say, so you will have a bigger audience. And this way you can avoid looking ridiculous.

  8. All these points are so true. And I have had e-mails from marketers offering such bad ideas for bloggers. Things like self writing blogs, and literal “set it and forget it” blogs.

    SEO is hugely important, and so is ease of navigation, and so few new bloggers these days think that they need to actually work to get noticed. That’s why you see so many blogs on Blogger with a couple of posts and then nothing else.

  9. The trouble I’ve had is with SEO. Until I stumbled on to this place, all I could find were seedy places with generic and/or useless info.

    Now I’m spending a ridiculous amount of time going through your blog’s archive.

    On the plus side, I figured most of the other stuff out on my own, so the blogs I’ve tried still get some traffic, despite not being updated in ages.

  10. I agree, to be a true blogger need patience. have the attitude of respect between each other, like friends in the real world. Blogging is not just a post, many people can afford to be a writer, but few are able to become a blogger.

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