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Our Verdict

Unbounce is a landing page generator that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to generate perfectly optimized landing pages for their products and services in less time than ever. 


  • Easy to use templates.
  • Quickly build and publish landing pages.
  • Split testing functionality.
  • Plenty of documentation in the Help Center.


  • Support is limited to business hours.
  • Form builder lacks some key features.

Are you tired of burning the midnight oil to create the landing pages you need?

Is your development team getting pulled away from more important projects to build the landing pages you need to drive sales? 

Regardless of the type of business you manage, landing pages can be a serious pain in the behind.

Building attractive landing pages that will convert is a battle in itself, and that’s before you consider the time spent split testing and optimizing the pages to maximize conversions.

Thankfully, there are a few services out there that aim to make it quick and easy for businesses to create the kind of landing pages that will drive conversions.

Unbounce, in particular, has solidified itself as an industry leader when it comes to landing page creation.

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at what Unbounce can do for your business, including key features, pricing, and more.

Is Unbounce right for your business? Read on to find out in our Unbounce review.

What is Unbounce? 

Unbounce Review

Founded in 2009 by a group of elite tech minds from Canada, Unbounce sought to solve the problem of landing creation for businesses. 

Today, they offer a variety of landing page creation services, including an intuitive page building, robust A/B testing, and super-smooth and unobtrusive pop-ups and sticky bars to boost conversions. 

If you or your team are struggling to keep up with building landing pages, or if you’re overlooking important steps like split testing, Unbounce may be a revolutionary tool for your business.

Unbounce Features

Now, let’s dive in and take a look at the key features of Unbounce.

Developer-Free Landing Pages

With Unbounce, you won’t have to worry about bogging down your front-end developer with landing page work when they could be focusing on more important projects. 

Unbounce allows users to create beautiful landing pages designed to convert with their simple and intuitive page builder. All told, there are over 100 beautiful templates to start with, and you can save your own templates to make the process even quicker.

Plus, there’s practically endless opportunity to customize templates to your liking. Unbounce provides nearly one million royalty-free images and almost 1,000 different fonts you can use to bring your landing pages to life. 

Unbounce also lets users add custom scripts and pixels to any landing page, which makes it even easier to customize pages and track the actions potential customers are taking on your pages.

Once your pages are complete, you can easily publish them to your site in about a minute or so. For WordPress sites, you’ll only need to click a single button to take your pages live. 

AMP Optimization

It’s no secret that people don’t like waiting for pages to load online. But, most businesses don’t realize how grave the situation is. Got a page that takes six seconds to load?

You can expect page bounces to increase by 106%, according to Google.

AMP, or accelerated mobile pages, are what your business needs to prevent bounces from happening, and keep potential customers locked on to your landing pages.

AMP is a Google-backed initiative that strips out much of the complicated coding from a page so that it can load with lightning speed. 

But, building out AMP-optimized pages from scratch is just as time-consuming as building any other landing page.

Thankfully, Unbounce offers fully-customizable AMP templates.

You can throw together a beautiful landing page that loads quickly and converts well in just a few minutes, without any help from a developer.

Lead Form Builders

Businesses looking for an effective funnel builder are sure to appreciate the lead form capabilities of Unbounce.

If you use your landing pages to capture leads and begin the sales cycle, Unbounce makes it easy to do, with plenty of slick and intuitive form styles and custom fields. 

Split Testing

We don’t build landing pages because they look cool, we build them to drive conversions!

Split testing is absolutely critical to any successful advertising campaign, and these tests provide you with meaningful insight into what is and isn’t resonating with users. 

Unbounce offers robust A/B testing so you can optimize your landing pages, and it’s included with every package they offer, including the cheapest plan.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Arguably the coolest feature available on Unbounce, DTR, helps improve conversions and user experience by matching your page copy to the user’s search intent.

That way, users find exactly what they’re looking for while your conversion rate soars.

Performance Optimizations

Additional features, such as robust ad targeting and the AI-powered Smart Traffic feature helps to deliver even more value.

Smart Traffic has shown impressive conversion lifts of around 20% by analyzing visitor attributes and sending them to the landing page that’s most likely to convert. 

Unbounce Pricing

Unbounce offers a few different pricing packages to suit the needs of practically every business.

Unbounce’s most affordable package runs $79 a month and allows users to create up to 75 landing pages and 8 pop-ups and sticky bars. 

Their premium package is available for $159 a month, and it doubles your capabilities to 150 landing pages and 16 pop-ups and sticky bars.

Larger businesses can contact Unbounce about enterprise-level service, which starts at $399 per month for 375 landing pages and 40 pop-ups and sticky bars. 

For businesses that still need more, you can contact Unbounce directly, and they’ll create a custom package to meet your needs. 

Not sure if Unbounce is right for you? They offer a 14-day free trial, so you can give the service a test drive.

Who Should Use Unbounce?

Unbounce is perfect for any business that’s looking to free up time and developer resources without sacrificing their advertising campaigns.

Anyone can use Unbounce to create beautiful landing pages that convert well, without any headaches, or expensive development costs.


Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Unbounce.

Is Unbounce Legit?

We think that Unbounce is one of the most legitimate options if you need help generating professional landing pages that convert.

Don’t take my word for it, check out Unbounce reviews on Trustpilot, where 226 users have given them 4.3 out of 5 stars.

How Does Unbounce Work?

The premise behind Unbounce is as simple as it gets. First, users select a plan and start a free trial to try out the service.

From there, you can begin creating landing pages with their drag-and-drop builder that features over 100 templates and nearly one million free images. 

Once your landing pages are created, users can publish them to their sites, A/B test different versions, and watch the conversions start to roll in.

Do You Need Your Own Website To Build A Landing Page?

Landing pages can stand on their own, so you do not need a complete website to build one.

Final Verdict

Unbounce is arguably the best option for landing page generation in the business.

Their intuitive page builder, robust testing and optimization features, and a vast library of templates, stock photos, and fonts make it easy to create high-converting landing pages that let the heart and soul of your business shine through.

Ready to get started after reading our Unbounce review?

Visit Unbounce’s site and get started on building the best landing pages your website has ever seen!

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Build landing pages quickly and easily, no developer needed. 

Unbounce vs. Alternatives

Groovefunnels Icon
  • Unlimited products and funnels
  • Hosting and custom domains
  • Behavioral tagging in emails


Instapage Icon
  • Customizable plan options
  • Easily scalable option for startups
  • Integrates with many CRMs


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  • Great for affiliate marketing
  • Funnel builder is intuitive
  • Drag and drop builder

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Unbounce is a landing page generator that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to generate perfectly optimized landing pages for their products and services in less time than ever.

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