Twitter Contest: 5 Packages of 250 Stickers for Grabs


Update: Anyone can participate, regardless of where you live.

Update 2: Sorry for the small delay. We finally have the 5 winners: @travelbribe, @LightSquash, @GeeksRoom, @chrissytwits and @unclewilco. I will be contacting you soon about your prize.

PSPrint is a printing company that is looking to build some buzz with bloggers. They decided to give away 5 packages of 250 stickers for 5 different winners. The stickers are on the 3.25” by 3.25” size, and with shipping each package costs around $100.

If you become one of the winners, you will just need to provide them with the logo of your site or with some other image that you want to be used on the sticker. They will print and ship the stickers for you.

After that you can give them away to your readers, stick them in laptops around events and conferences and so on. It is a nice way to promote your blog or site offline.

The guys from SEOMoz are also getting some stickers, and they are even doing a poll on the blog to see which of the three designs their readers prefer:

If you want to participate in the random draw, you just need to do two things:

1. Follow me on Twitter – @danielscocco
2. Tweet the message below:

Entering into the PsPrint contest. To participate, follow @danielscocco and retweet this message (for info )

You have until Friday (March 20) to participate. On Saturday I will do a random draw, and update this post with the Twitter id of the 5 winners. Good luck to everyone.

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25 Responses to “Twitter Contest: 5 Packages of 250 Stickers for Grabs”

  • LightSquash

    Thanks so much!!! Apparently I won!!!

    I look forward to receiving the stickers. Thanks also for your great daily tips!

    That really made my day…

  • Ann @ Work From Home

    Great, hope I win!

  • workout mommy

    followed and tweeted! thanks!

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Ghatozkat, the draw will be random, yeah. I will use for it.

  • Ghatozkat

    Done. I am from Asia, i don’t know how would you handle the shipping if I win. May be you would select winners only from the US to save a few bucks on shipping :-), but I really hope the draw would be random among all the participants as you mentioned.

  • ignacio

    Great that I didn’t see that limitation in the first place then… 😀

  • Bryan

    These would be great so I could plaster them on ski chair lifts and at ski town type restaurants that put stickers on everything. Would be a fun way to promote my website.

  • Arpit

    i m in!

  • Chris Dahl

    Please count me in on this! Would love to have some stickers to give away and promote my site.

    Thank you

  • Melvin

    hey i have just participayed in this one

  • Daniel Scocco

    Yes we removed the US limitation.

  • Janet F

    Thank you!

  • Ruchi

    Looks like a good contest.

  • BuddingBloggers

    Is this valid for people out side US??
    Do they ship to india??

  • Ikki at SEO Blog

    @Daniel: that’d be awesome! Thanks in advance (even if it can’t be done)!

  • Arpit

    Is this only for US residents?

  • Teh Theng Heng

    Good one!


  • Eddie Gear

    Hi there Daniel,

    This is one of the best contests i’ve come across to promote a blog ( giving an opportunity for your readers). I’m happy to be part of this contest. You have been followed on Twitter and the requested message has been tweeted.

    Eddie Gear

  • Niche

    On a follow you on twitter note. I must say i was a little sceptical about it.

    Till I came across this twitter scam

    Now I think perhaps a wise thing after all.

  • Arlind

    Cool, I’m in!

    I hope I win because I have never won a contest in Internet :p

  • CarolBEE

    I don’t know why I haven’t started following on twitter before, but I am now. 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity Daniel!

  • Contesteer
  • Nate @ Debt-free Scholar

    This is great!


  • Daniel Scocco

    @Ikki, I will talk with them to see if we can remove this limitation. If needed I will pay for the international shipping myself, should be $10 per person after all.

  • Ikki at Seo Blog

    Too bad this is just for people located in North America 🙁 Good luck to the contestants!

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