September 2007 Most Popular Posts


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  • Homepage Excerpts WordPress Plugin: I am glad to finally release Homepage Excerpts, a WordPress plugin that I have been developing with a friend for some time already. The plugin has two main objectives. The first one is to make blogs that use full posts on the homepage more search engine friendly. The second one is to give flexibility to people that want to use both full posts and excerpts on the homepage.

  • The Best Website Taglines Around the Internet: A tagline can make or break a website (well, maybe not, but it is cool to be dramatic). Below you will find a collection of the best taglines around the Internet. Some of them are funny, some are clever; but all of them deliver the message! Hopefully it will serve as inspiration.
  • 10 Tips for Writing Bookmarkable Content: There is a certain level of mystery to why one blog post is heavily bookmarked and another isn’t, but there are also some variables we can control. You can shape your content in such a way that it is more likely to get bookmarked, and in this post, I want to show you how.
  • Add a Footer to Your RSS Feed: 7 Practical Examples: Different bloggers use this area for a very wide variety of purposes. There is no right or wrong method, so try to find one that you think will enhance your feeds the most. Here are some real-world examples of what you can do with the bottom of your RSS feed.
  • Blog Rush Opens for Beta: There have been many similar services in the past, but Blog Rush is introducing some interesting innovations. First of all you earn “syndication credits” every time the widget is loaded on your website (i.e., one credit for each page view).
  • Are You Prepared for a Blogging Emergency?: Real life emergencies, blogger’s block, vacations and work or study commitments all have the potential to interrupt our blogging flow from days to weeks at a time. These periods of inactivity can result in a steady drop in traffic, plummeting subscriber levels, and loyal readers jumping ship.
  • Blog Writing Project: Tips & Tricks Final List: A big thank you for everyone who is participating in the project. We had a total of 122 submissions (make sure that yours is listed because it might have been blocked as spam).
  • 10 Easy Ways to Improve Internal Linking on Your Blog: An effective internal linking strategy is important for a few reasons: 1) It helps to increase page views and encourage readers to stay on your blog longer by providing enticing links to content that may interest them, and 2) it can help to improve the search engine rankings for your posts and pages.

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