Selling or Renting Pages on Established Domains?


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You probably have already heard about the Million Dollar Wiki. Basically the guy is selling single pages on the site, like or, for $100 a pop.

Why would someone invest that sum into a single page? Because they are hoping that the site will go viral, bringing along both search engine juice and traffic (similarly to the Million Dollar Homepage). People are also inventing clever ways to monetize their pages, inserting Adsense units or even selling products with affiliate programs.

I must admit that I was skeptical about the idea, but the guy who created it can already consider himself successful, having sold over $50,000 in pages…

Anyway the whole deal got me thinking. Could this model prove sustainable beyond this particular case? Someone with an established domain, say a PR 5 or PR 6, could easily rent sub-pages for $50 monthly or sell them for even more. People buying these pages would not have a hard time making their money back, either by applying some SEO and receiving organic traffic or by using direct monetization methods like PPC and affiliate programs.

Suppose you manage to rent 20 pages; that is already $1,000 monthly for no extra work. One could argue that this scheme could hurt the domain. It is true, but only to a certain extent. The owner of the domain could create a policy limiting what users would be able to do with the rented pages, ruling out potentially harmful stuff. On the other hand, if the content on the rented pages is good it could even add value to the domain.

What do you think, would you be willing to sell or rent a page on your site? Do you think this trend can arise on the Blogosphere?

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22 Responses to “Selling or Renting Pages on Established Domains?”

  • Jeetlo

    Wow, it seems to be an excellent idea! I have just come to know about it and will try to do it at some later stages in my blog! Thanks for idea!

  • Oner

    I think buying wiki pages is absolute craziness. Milliondollarhomepage was indeed a novel idea but it did not have traffic sustainability characteristics. People go to a website to get information or accomplish tasks, connect with friends or express feelings, Nobody goes to a site to look at a page full of pixels or some random paid wiki pages. Once the buzz is over, it will get some traffic from the search engine but you can get the same amount of traffic from Squiddo lenses, pikiwiki, or even gGocity

  • Mike

    I don’t know how often that can be duplicated. You need a high amount of buzz to make any money!

  • Scoot

    I may consider it later but not now as I have just began to look into drupal, which seems like it would be perfect for something like this.

  • Cleveland Mortgages

    Not a bad idea, we have like 10 sites on our servers that have PR5+ 😀

  • Lincoln

    I was surfing the million dollar wiki and thinking of getting a page too. But to be honest, if you check the stats the most page views go to blogging, business, affiliate marketing, etc. Buy a page for people who love German Shepherd puppies and you’re not likely to get a good return on your investment.

    To me this is just another self serving site that benefits only A-list bloggers, who can afford to drop $100 and get an immediate return on it. But for the long term, your money is better spent elsewhere.

    If you needed any convincing, think about the folks who bought a bunch of pixels at the million dollar pixel page. Ask them how that’s working out for them. 😀

  • Nathan Rice

    I’ve had a person approach me about inserting an “ad paragraph” on one of my PR5 blog posts. He wanted to pay $250 for 3 years (which was too long term for me).

    It’s interesting.

  • Dave

    If they are not willing to shell out money for links on my web pages, why would they buy a whole page?

    I think you have to belong to a network of salesmen, marketers, and advertisers in order to begin to get almost any business model or web site off the ground, a fact that most of these Internet salesmen aka bloggers neglect to spell out when they brag about all the money they are making.

    A lot of these top blogs had head starts when it comes to viral traffic, because they were started up by Internet companies, marketers, and salesmen who had already established themselves and their friends and partners, both online and off the Net.

  • engtech @ internet duct tape

    My only concern would be the eventual Google bitch-slapping.

  • Jaan Kanellis

    No way Google (and other SE’s) allow this website to pass link juice.

  • Gerry

    I thought for £10 it was worth a try. And like Million Dollar Wiki the good phrases are getting snapped up fast. It’s also worth noting that all the content on the ad page is getting indexed quickly too so it’s not just the main phrase that pulls in the traffic.

  • Skellie

    I think there’s definitely room for more innovation in the realm of advertising. I personally wouldn’t do it, simply because I’ve committed to a no-ads site. But I do think it could be an interesting (and perhaps less intrusive) money-making option for some.

  • Paula Mooney

    Interesting idea, especially since I have a PR5 blog.

    But I wouldn’t know how to go about renting the pages, and I’m kinda a control freak over my content.

  • Daniel

    Interesting, is charging £10 yearly from one page. Not as expensive as I though.

  • Wallace

    Daniel, it seems you are the one who say the truth, surely not John Chow and Shoemoney.

  • Daniel

    It should be easily marketable as well, just by pointing out your traffic and/or search engine rankings for specific keywords.

  • Andrew Flusche

    Now I’m on a mission. That could be a GREAT way to gain some extra cash. Spiffy idea, Daniel!

  • Daniel

    Yeah I guess that managing the deal once it gets big might be troublesome.

    WordPress should be flexible enough to allow this though.

  • Anita

    I was doing this years ago (in 1999 to be precise) but I never found a satisfactory way to admin the associated workload. My main concern was security – how to provide each page/sub-site owner with her own ftp log-in without fear of it compromising my site?

  • Daniel

    Patrick, yeah I was aware of hosted pages. But usually they come from SEO or Link Building companies.

    I have not seem a similar trend among webmasters and bloggers, for instance, and there could be a market (or monetization strategy) there.

  • Vitalik

    new analogue site

  • Patrick Altoft

    This has been going on for years. The pages are called “hosted pages”.

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