Poll: Do You Work Full Time on the Internet?


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One of the common complaints that I hear from bloggers is that they don’t have enough time to work on their blogs. People who say that obviously work a regular 9 to 5 job, and they end up blogging at night or over the weekends.

During my first year blogging I was also working a regular job, so I know how challenging it can be.

Thing about this issue, though, I started wondering what percentage of our readers are already working full time on the Internet, and how many still juggle with a regular job and online projects. Let’s find that out with a poll. (RSS and email subscribers might need to visit the post to sell the poll widget).

Feel free to leave a comment as well if you want to elaborate on how you started working full time on the Internet, if you plan to, or why you won’t even consider the possibility.

Poll closes on Friday, and I will publish the results next week.

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51 Responses to “Poll: Do You Work Full Time on the Internet?”

  • Boerne Search

    I voted right in the middle. Somedays yes and some days no, kinda depends on how I feel. Not sure I could blog full time.


  • Angel Cuala

    It’s been quite awhile since I was here on your blog, Daniel. Although of course, I never fail to still read your posts through subscription.

    Anyway, being a full time blogger was my plan initially. This is why I resigned from my job last year, and focus on blogging. However, something tragic happened last January that almost caused the life of my wife, and it also lost us a lot of money.

    With this, I am now looking for a job but I am still planning to be a full time blogger again.

    Hopefully I will, since this is really my dream career.


  • Andrea

    This has been a very interesting discussion. So then here’s where I get stuck. How can you FIND the online/blogging jobs available? I search. I send out email. I send writing samples. No luck.

    I would love to hear from others how they made the jump!

  • Wayne Key

    There are so many possibilities to work full time on the net that it is staggering. Oddly, as I get cranked up here the rest of my world, read that as my rt world, is beginning to work better also.

    I am thinking two things are going on. The first is I am getting in alignment by doing things I love, writing on human potential. The second that I am coming out of my shell a little and letting others get to know me better. Both of these feel great.

    Great idea for a poll..

  • Shireishou

    No. My parents still not allow me. I’m teacher and illustrator and my money also come from that source

  • seoxe

    I used to work online selling things on eBay but have made a big move from Australia to the United States and can no longer sell the things i used to so i am currently working on a few internet projects while searching the job market.

  • Pedro

    i would love it, but i still i´me a student in the 10th grade (15 years old). Still have the college on my way. Cause i really want to learn programming. Until that i will keep trying to learn the most i can in the Internet and keep my money earnings increasing.

  • Nathan

    I think Nick brings up an excellent point here. I am at the crossroads of finishing grad school (with my full time job) or focusing my free time on my blog.

  • Dudu

    I quit my job at a bank 3 months ago and now I’m thinking: why haven’t I made this before?

  • George

    I started working fulltime online after being laid off from 9-5 job earlier this year. I am so glad that I did! Working fulltime on my business has made a huge difference in my business success.

  • Ching Ya

    Amazing! So it’s more than half for the time being that most people here are working full time online! Really cool stat! I must say I didn’t expect to see such a high score. At least not where I live. ^^

    Good going! That’s only a small gap between those who are and wanted to. I’ve just quit my 9-6 (yes, not 5) and ready to pursue my dream. Great challenge, huge struggles, but I believe in taking chances. Wish everyone the best as well!

    Social/Blogging Tracker

  • Hal

    I do work full time, but more as a site builder than blogging. All that is about to change. I’m burned out with clients who do not understand the Internet, especially how a site should reflect their business, and not act as an online PDA.

    Reading some very good books such as “Free” and “And Then There’s This…” can be intimidating to anyone who comes to the realization how complex the Internet can be.

    Excellent blogs such as this are a fine resource for anyone thinking of blogging for pay. I believe it is paramount to understand blogging in regards to content, much more than any other aspect of it.

    Thanks Danial. I read this blog every day.

  • Paula Mooney

    Yes, I work at least 40 hours per week or more online on my own websites, plus I just started writing for Examiner as well and really enjoy the nearly $10 per eCPM they pay us — about $9 or so per 1,000 page views.

    That in addition to the Adsense monies making on my own sites is starting to add up — thank God — and give me money to pay my bills and then some to live off and more.

  • Nick Stamoulis

    I think most bloggers will eventually reach a point where they need to make a decision on which direction they want to move in. Either you devote 100% of your time to your blog because it is a business or it becomes a hobby.

  • Leo Coca

    I am making my blog just to grow as a person, but I think that people thinking about making money with it, will have to dedicate 100% to it. This is from my short experience and the dedication it requieres from me.

  • Dorothy Thompson

    I voted ‘No, but planning to.’ I’ve set myself up to be able to work full time online in approximately 5 years which is real near retirement age. I probably could work online full time now but it’s the “putting all your eggs in one basket” syndrome. But I’m thinking it would give me more time to devote to my online business and would even make the business stronger…but still…in these days and times, it’s the fear factor at its best.

  • Suzanne Franco Land

    Yes, I work full time on the internet and I loVe it! I dabbled at first but then I bought an online business (on eBay LOL) and that’s where I got my start full time. I was spending a lot of time researching how to promote and grow that business and that’s how I discovered so many other ways to make money online … and I haven’t looked back! *SmiLes* Suzanne

  • George Serradinho

    It seems that many would want to work full time on their blog/site. It just happens that I doubt that I would be able to get the sustanable income to stop working.

  • Ben

    I fiqure when I retire in about 20 years I will have the time to be a full-time blogger. In the mean time, It’s a regular job and when I get time, I blog.

  • Hypotheekrente vergelijken

    I’m having a full-time job (webdesign + internet marketing), but after work I”m working on my blog.

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