PassionDuo WordPress Theme Bug Fix


The latest WordPress theme that we released, PassionDuo, is becoming pretty popular around the web. Checking the blogs that are using it, however, I noticed that some of them are displaying a small bug on the sidebar. Basically the white background that is supposed to encompass the whole section was not covering the headlines of each section, as the image below illustrates.

passionduo wordpress theme bug fix

That is not happening to all blogs, so I assume the theme was working fine out of the box, but depending on how the user inserts new sections, the bug would appear. We already fixed that on the theme files, so all new downloads should not present this problem. You can download them on our WordPress Themes section.

If you are using the PassionDuo theme and have this problem happening, you can fix it by simply downloading this new functions.php file (zipped) and by uploading it inside the theme files (overwrite the current functions.php file).

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14 Responses to “PassionDuo WordPress Theme Bug Fix”

  • Robert McElroy

    I am really impressed with the Theme. However, when I put in the 4th 125×125 button it went down below #3 instead of moving into the double column.

    I do not have much experience with WordPress. Looked all over the site and WordPress to try and figure this out. It may of happened with the unZip and upload of the Theme:

    “Expand Widget Templates” checkbox on the “Edit HTML” page within Blogger before trying to make any edits.

    If you have some recommendations I would really appreciate it.



  • lauren

    I love the theme because it is clean, but I am new to this and having a problem. Where and how do I manipulate the ads into the preloaded spots? I have been searching to figure this out, but all I can find is the suggestion to ad a text widget, which places the add in my sidebar below other widgets. How do I customize these?

    Oh, and the RSS button on the top returns a 404 page. I also cannot find the place to alter this.

    Sorry if I am terribly stupid about this.

  • Steve

    i use this themes in green, that’s nice and worked well

  • Stephen

    Hi Daniel, I really like this theme. Keep up the good work

    Just a small problem that I’m having with the 125 x 125 ads in the sidebar. Any time I’ve tried to insert ads they don’t quite fit and push the rest of the ‘advertise here’ ads down the page.
    I’ve tried to insert a number of different type of ads (all 125 x 125)

    Spent a lot of time trying testing it but can’t seem to find the answer. Your help would be much appreciated.

  • Praveen


    I have a problem here. When I write a post in the WP admin area and preview it, everything is fine but when I publish it, the whole post becomes BOLD.

    I do not understand why. Please help. I could not able to publish this post as it is looking very bad with BOLD text everything.

  • Michael Clark

    Under Internet Explorer v 6 for Windows, post titles don’t appear until the user moves the mouse over the title. But this doesn’t happen to all titles, all the time. but always at least once on the site’s home page. It’s a frustrating problem since it doesn’t always happen. Has anyone else reported this problem? I’m experimenting with the Green version.

  • Evandro Cesar

    Hi! The theme is great but i cant see videos using IE, some people tell me about it, and I run some test and if you want too see the video you must press F5 a lot to work…
    Can you help me? I dont want to change the theme.
    Thank you!


    I posted on your, drop a comment receive a review post, so I won’t recomment the whole thing. I put the code back and it is doing the same thing, but less severely. Take a look at it if you can. I could hire you to fix it if it look really involved but I can also fix it myself but don’t look forward to 4 hours of tweaking. Hopefully it is just something small.


    I love the theme and just converted to it. My problem is that when I run Google ads in the side bar I encounter a problem. When you scroll down the ads look like they scrol over the top of the other sidebar items and leave a trail as the page scrolls down. I did a lot of testing and finally just took the ads out of the sidebar. I would love some help but don’t want to leave the ads in for too long.

    Is there any chance you could email me sometime and we agree on a time I can put the ads back in and you can see what I mean? Maybe you know of this issue already.

  • Free Blog Templates

    Great theme! We just converted it into Blogger so anyone using Blogspot can now download and use this template as well.



    PassionDuo Red Blogger

  • SirNeo

    Thx for showing me the bug,
    I will fix it 🙂

  • Siddharth

    I the Error 404 page there was an error; the whole page on being loaded fully got mashed up. I have taken care of that. May be a tag was missing in that page template. I think so, but good theme Daniel it is sure making my blog look nice and pro. 😀

  • Daniel Scocco

    @Costa, I will check it out.

  • costa

    there is another small bug Daniel. with this section of the stylesheet.

    .bottom {
    margin:0px auto;
    background:#F5F5F5 url(images/bottom.gif) center bottom no-repeat;

    If we keep the background image, we will get a header with a rounded bottom, seperated from the contents but with the contents and sidebars overlapping the bottom image of the header. Hope you get what I mean. LOL.

    I have to remove the image to make it look like what you are showing in your demo page.

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