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First of all, by “make money online” I mean all the Internet marketing niches, including blogging, social media, SEO, affiliate marketing and so on.

The question I am asking is: should someone who is getting started online enter the Internet marketing niche directly?

Many people seem to think so, judging by the amount of blogs and websites we see popping out in this niche every month.

In my opinion, however, this is a mistake.

Why? Because entering a mainstream niche (e.g., health care, education, finance, travel and so on) can be easier, because there might be less competition there, and more profitable, because the size of the potential audience is much larger. That is why they are called “mainstream” after all, because they appeal to the majority of the population, while Internet marketing has a really small audience in comparison.

Given these facts, why do people insist in entering the Internet marketing niche? I think for one main reason: the Internet marketing community is more vocal about its earnings, strategies and what not, so people get the idea that talking about making money online is the best way to actually make money online.

This is clearly not true.

There are many people out there making a killing in mainstream niches, the only difference is that they don’t blog about how much money they are earning, about the strategies they are using to achieve it and so on.

Now don’t get me wrong. Internet marketing is a profitable niche. I am not arguing otherwise. I am just saying that, in comparison, mainstream niches can be even more profitable.

At this point you might be thinking: “It is easy for you to say Daniel, but you have a blog about blogging and a course about making money online.” This is true, but I also have many other online properties in mainstream niches. Want one example? My other blog, DailyWritingTips.com, was launched after this one, and despite that it receives more traffic and makes more advertising money.

daily writing tips traffic screenshot

Here are the numbers to give you a better idea: DailyBlogTips.com has around 5,000,000 backlinks according to Google, and it generates around 300,000 page views monthly. DailyWritingTips.com, on the other hand, has only 150,000 backlinks according to Google, yet it generates over 500,000 page views monthly (according to Google Analytics. as you can see in the image above).

What is the explanation? It is simple, the “writing tips” niche has less competition and a larger potential audience. Most of my new projects these days are on mainstream niches as well, exactly because I think there is more money to be made there.

The bottom line is: You don’t need to enter the “make money online” niche to have a profitable website. If you learn the Internet marketing principles and apply them to mainstream niches you might end up making more money.


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About the author 


Daniel Scocco is a programmer and entrepreneur located in São Paulo, Brazil. His first company, Online Profits, builds and manages websites in different niches. His second company, Kubic, specializes in developing mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

  1. I agree with you totally. I started in this area sort of accidentally, with a famous fitness product, and I’ve made lots of mistakes but learned lots of things in the meantime. There are a lot of home run hitters out there in the “make money online area”, but there are also, like you said, some consistent base hitters in other niches. My problem is finding that exact niche and making it work! I bookmarked your blog – thanks for the good read!

  2. Yes, i definitely agree with your statement Daniel.
    Two months ago my friend asked me
    My Friend : “What Niche should i start to write about”?
    Me : “It’s up to you”
    My Friend : I’m going to write about make money online.
    me : No! My advice is you should write something like Health Niche, because MMO is really hard competition.
    My Friend : It’s okay. I can handle it.

    Until now he can’t dominate his target keyword, then desperate and stop writing. Poor him…

  3. i just think dont enter niche that you don’t have any experience about it, dont enter niche just because other people make money from it.but, look at yourself, what your passion is, your hobby, or your interest.start from that.start from niche that make you comfortable

  4. I think with all the competition present in the internet marketing niche,the one who knows about internet marketing should go for the same niche.What the use if one starts a niche which he is not sure about.This is my view.And about the niche make money online is the best one as one can understand it with ease.So people are going for it.

  5. Sometimes there are people who don’t even understand how to make money online and there you can find them creating a blog about how to make money in the first place. It sounds ridiculous to me.

    And, you can even find people in forums asking simple novice questions and on the signature, you will find something like “follow me on my journey to make 100 per day”.

  6. You make a very good point, but a lot of people (myself included) have chosen to approach it from a standpoint of educating people. I remember spending a lot of time and effort to build my first site, just something that takes me 5 minutes today like installing WordPress, so I use this blog to talk about online business because it is enjoyable, and since from personal experience I know it can be hard to find this type of information, then hopefully people will find it, like it, and find it helpful. If it accomplishes this, then hopefully it will also make some money.

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