What Items You Can Resell Online for an Extra $500 Cash

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Looking to boost your income? Start reselling items. It’s a straightforward process: find the best bargains in your home, yard sales, or online marketplaces, and resell for a profit. This side hustle not only enhances your savings but also combats financial challenges like inflation.

Reselling is an easy and profitable side hustle. Begin by simplifying your space and turning unwanted items into cash. Platforms like social media offer quick, profitable sales opportunities. Start now, and watch as you gradually pay off debts or save for that dream vacation.What Items You Can Resell Online For An Extra $500 Cash Photo

Why not make reselling your side hustle? Our free courses on smart investing can help you turn this bargain-hunting hobby into a steady income stream. Dive into the world of reselling, find the best items to resell, and watch your profits grow.

9 Best Items To Resell For Extra Cash

Boost your income in 2024 with our expert guide on the best things to resell online. Each item is selected for its high demand and promising profit margin.

Given below are the list of the best items you can buy and sell for extra money:

1. Books

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Books present a great item to sell for extra income, reminiscent of Amazon’s early days. Source them from libraries or yard sales, and sell items on platforms like Amazon for a higher price. Utilizing Offerup.com and Next Door’s local classifieds can also boost your reselling success.

Particularly, textbooks stand out as lucrative items. Due to their hefty price tags, they make a profit easily. Additionally, non-fiction, arts and crafts, sheet music, and vintage novels are highly attractive for reselling at a higher price.

Where to sell:

To maximize extra money, consider flipping items such as textbooks and guidebooks. Use the Book Scouter app to check resale values before buying. This strategy ensures good profit when you sell online.

2. Clothes

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Designer items and children’s clothing are key if you want to sell for extra profit. Explore thrift stores and discount shops to find these treasures. Clearance items are also a great place to find goods for substantial profits.

Moreover, for those passionate about fashion, focus on designer, vintage, or branded clothes. Start with your own wardrobe, then expand. Ask friends and family for unused clothes. Consignment stores, Goodwill, garage sales, and thrift stores are prime places to buy items. ThredUp offers an excellent selection of branded and designer pieces.

Where to Sell:

To maximize your profit potential, consider reselling items on platforms like eBay. Selling on eBay provides direct access to a wide market, ideal for maximizing your earnings from reselling. With the right strategy, eBay can be a goldmine for those looking to earn extra income through reselling.

3. Exercise Equipment

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Many people enthusiastically buy exercise gear, only to leave it unused. Due to their size, these items become a burden, creating a prime chance to resell for profit. This is especially true for bulky gear like treadmills and ellipticals.

In this lucrative market, the best ideals for resale include not only large equipment but also smaller, in-demand items. If you want to resell new items such as weights and yoga mats, they often promise significant returns.

Taking care of your feet is essential, especially during workouts. Consider offering feet care products like high-quality insoles along with exercise equipment. Proper support and cushioning for your feet can enhance your workout experience, prevent injuries, and improve overall comfort. Insoles are a small investment that can make a big difference in your fitness routine.

Where to Sell:

When looking to buy and resell exercise equipment for a decent profit, finding the right platform is key. Explore specialized fitness forums and broader online places for the best results. Consider local thrift stores as a potential source for products to resell, ensuring a mix of channels to maximize profits.

4. Musical instruments

Musical instruments, like guitars and amplifiers, are top things to resell for profit. Their popularity stems from people often starting and quitting hobbies. These are among the best items to sell.

Moreover, transitioning to other musical tools and items, such as drums and saxophones, also presents lucrative opportunities. Catering to varied tastes, these things to buy and resell can significantly boost your earnings.

Where to Sell:

Navigating the resale market for extra income is simple. Platforms like Etsy abound, offering online and local opportunities to sell musical instruments. Identifying the ideal platform where you can flip items for profit is crucial. It connects you efficiently with buyers, ensuring you fetch the best deals.

5. Furniture

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Refurbishing furniture at home is a great way to earn extra income. Hunt for low-cost or free items such as tables and chairs at garage sales and thrift shops. With creativity, these finds can be transformed into chic, modern pieces. This approach is not only fulfilling but also a smart way to earn.

Particularly, focus on items to buy, such as mid-century modern furniture and dressers. These things to sell are currently trending and can yield higher profits online. By giving these items a stylish makeover, you create valuable items online, perfect to resell for additional income.

Where to Sell:

When looking to make extra income, consider reselling heavy or large used items locally. Ideal platforms like Facebook Marketplace are among the best places to sell to make money. They attract a mix of local and distant buyers, streamlining the selling process. Your unique pieces will quickly find a new home with this strategy, maximizing your profit margin.

6. Jewelry And Other Accessories

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Reselling jewelry and accessories is one of the best side hustles for extra income. Look for items such as diamond earrings or designer costume jewelry, as these high-quality pieces are particularly valuable. Ensure their worth with proper authentication or appraisal.

Moreover, transitioning to more affordable accessories, such as belts, hats, and scarves, requires a different strategy. Present them creatively to attract more customers, making this one of the best things to buy and resell.

Where to Sell:

For affordable items that people frequently seek, broader marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, or local flea markets are your go-to options.

7. Games

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The gaming industry is booming in 2024, with vintage games fetching up to $500. Scour secondhand stores, online markets, or even your basement for these treasures. Collectible toys, like vintage action figures and board games, are equally lucrative.

Moreover, trading cards, especially Pokemon, are gaining popularity. If you’re not familiar with trading cards, focus on video games and board games instead. Parents often seek secondhand new toys, making them profitable resale items. Vintage toys are also valuable.

Where to Sell:

For video games, general reselling sites like eBay or Craigslist are your go-to platforms. For high-value or rare games, niche sites like Decluttr or GameFlip offer better chances of finding the right buyers.

8. Baby Items

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Reselling baby items online is a smart way to earn extra income. These unique items are always in demand, making them one of the best choices for profit. By carefully selecting items you want to focus on, you can easily fetch the best things to flip.

Transitioning into specializing in baby items ensures a consistent buyer base. People are constantly searching for quality, gently-used products. With the right selection, these items for profit can transform into a lucrative venture, offering a steady income stream.

Where to Sell:

These are some of the best thing to sell due to their high demand. You can fetch the best things on platforms like Facebook and Poshmark. These sites are ideal for listing unique items you want to turn into profit.

9. Sporting goods

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With the ease of technology, trading sports memorabilia is booming, soon to be a $200-billion industry. Look for items linked to famous teams and players, as their large fan bases promise a wider market.

Moreover, an item’s age, rarity, condition, and authentication greatly influence its price. Popular items include jerseys, autographed photos, and trading cards. Also, used sporting goods like bikes and golf clubs are in high demand due to their new price.

Where to Sell:

Easily fetch items to flip for profit on Facebook or at garage sales. Often, a simple clean-up is enough before reselling. This is a great opportunity for those seeking a quick business turnaround.

Where To Find Items To Resell in 2024?

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One of the best places to fetch items for resale is through online marketplaces, offering a range of high-demand products. Given below platforms rank among the places to fetch the best things for extra profit.

Consider flipping power tools, laptops, and tablets well on eBay. Also, vintage record players are lucrative which you can resell on eBay, especially when repaired cheaply.
Facebook Marketplace is ideal for local sales and business connections. It offers profitable items such as furniture and TVs for reselling.
Firstly, buy at auctions and sell elsewhere, like antique jewelry. Secondly, purchase from yard sales and sell at auction items like vintage clothing and collectibles to make big profit.
This platform mixes social media and eCommerce, selling various seasonal items. Transitioning to specifics, they offer clothes, electronics, and even pet products.
To sell on Etsy, focus on vintage hats and toys. Additionally, consider digital guides and antique furniture that has some resell value.
Buy bulk from wholesalers and retail stores for discounted prices; sell individually. Consider Alibaba, DH Gate, and Ali Express for items such as electronics and clothing.
Thrift store
Thrift stores attract small business owners for resale opportunities. They find items such as clothing, electronics, and furniture to sell.
Flea Markets
Flea markets are popular for finding great deals easily. Vendors sell, buy, and trade items such as clothes and books.

What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing Items To Resell?

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When selecting product to resell for extra income, demand is a critical factor. High-demand products sell quickly, increasing your revenue. Use tools like Google Trends to analyze product demand.

Profit potential is also vital. Assess the total profit after cost, marketing, and shipping expenses. Aim for items with high-profit margins to sustain your business long-term.

Lastly, consider availability. Choose readily available products to meet customer demand and consistently maintain a steady income stream. This also helps avoid stock shortages and lost sales.

Wrapping Up

Knowing the items to resell online can significantly boost your income. Everyday items like electronics, designer fashion, and collectibles are often the easiest items to flip for profit.

Moreover, it’s clear that the potential to earn up to $500 or more is quite feasible. By focusing on in-demand products, you can resell them online efficiently, tapping into a vast pool of eager buyers.

Ultimately, your journey to financial gain is just a few clicks away. Embrace the opportunity to resell the best things online. With the right items, you’re not just earning extra cash; you’re mastering the art of the online resale market.


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  1. Discovering profitable opportunities to resell items online can be a game-changer for boosting your income. Consider exploring thrift stores for vintage finds, scouring garage sales for unique pieces, or delving into your own belongings for gently-used items with market demand. Popular platforms like eBay, Etsy, or Poshmark provide diverse marketplaces to showcase and sell your items. Electronics, collectibles, clothing, and furniture often find eager buyers. Leverage your skills in photography and persuasive product descriptions to attract potential customers. With dedication and a strategic eye, turning unused items into an extra $500 cash becomes an achievable and rewarding endeavor.


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