Google PR Update: Here We Go Again!

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Keep in mind there is nothing confirmed, but several people started to notice changes both in PageRank and backlinks count numbers.

One of my sites apparently gained PR as well. DailyBits went from a PR2 to a PR4.

I tried to check on Google’s data centers but most of them are behaving strangely (reporting a PR0 even for established websites). One tool that appears to be working is this one.

No one was expecting such an early PageRank update in 2008. The last one, as you probably can remember, happened late in October and it created a lot of buzz due to a new policy that Google decided to adopt towards websites that were selling text links without the nofollow tag.

Have you noticed any changes?

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99 thoughts on “Google PR Update: Here We Go Again!”

  1. No change (PR 3) in the Google toolbar, but the data centers tool showed PR 0 for three IPs before it timed out. Strange days…

  2. had somehow gone from PR5 to PR0 in the October update. This time around, I’m back to PR3, which is better than nothing, I suppose. jumped from PR2 to PR3.

  3. One of my sites that was a PR0 due to the paid links kickback has gone back up to a PR3. It was once a PR5, but still nice to know my email to Google was recognised. One of the sites that I haven’t contacted Google about has stayed at PR0.

    Don’t care about PR anymore, but still nice to know that I’m not on Google’s naughty list.

  4. jap..notice the changes.. probably those changes are for good..because no one wantts Pagerank 0 , and i ll try to improve that:)

  5. I noticed changes in my backlinks count as reported by Google’s Webmaster Tools. They seemed to be decreasing. As of today I cannot access the tools, nor the AdSense account. They are facing technical difficulties.

    I’m looking forward to access my account again and see and see what has changed.

  6. I saw a PR jump from 4 to 5 but strangely one of the datacenter is showing PR as 7, unsure whether there will be another jump for me 🙂

  7. Looks like there was a small bump on Quebec Wines but no change on Find Mapping.

    Not clear whether the change has anything to do with Google though.

  8. I noticed an increase in PageRank on Thursday evening for some of my internal pages and made a post about it.

    Overall, there were just a few changes for me but I did have a new blog go from 0 to 3 which was quite surprising.

  9. Got yr link through 45n5. Yeap, Google gave me a fright last night because my PR4/10 got unranked. And the green juice returned when I woke up. A few of my new blogs gained PR 1 and PR 2 as well.

  10. I used but it seems there hasn’t any changes with my blogs PR. The PR 2 still got the same number, and the PR 0 hasn’t crack the egg yet. 🙁

    I tried to switch to your, but the server seemed respond quite long

  11. I was shocked today when I saw that one of my blogs was dropped from a PR 3 down to two. I thought we’d at least get a few months break before this all started again.

    The site with the change is around four months old, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what they’re doing this time around.

  12. PR was updated this morning
    * 2 of my sites went from PR0 to PR3
    * 2 from PR0 to PR2
    * 1 stayed the same PR4

    So my conclusion is that it affected mainly new sites


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