Easier Writing and Editing in WordPress 3.9 (Have You Upgraded Yet?)

Ali Luke

WordPress 3.9, named “Smith”, came out mid-April … and if you’ve not upgraded yet, you definitely should.

This version has introduced some significant changes to the visual editor, making it easier than ever to write, edit and publish great-looking posts in WordPress.

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the new features that relate to the visual editor (for more features, see the official WordPress announcement).

You Can Paste in Text Directly From Word

I never had problems posting directly from Word previously, but I know some people struggled with messy styling. Now, you can simply paste straight into the visual editor (the “Paste from Word” button has gone).

You Can Crop and Rotate Images

Uploaded an image that’s not quite right? Rather than deleting it and starting over, you can make adjustments directly in WordPress. You can also drag-and-drop images straight into the visual editor, rather than having to open the uploading window first.

There Are Slightly Different Buttons in the Visual Editor

While version 3.8 changed the look and feel of all the buttons (now I’m used to it, I love it), this new version has changed what’s actually there.

This is the 3.8 version:


And this is the new 3.9 version:


I really like the new “horizontal line” button — to the right of the blockquotes button — which saves me having to enter these as <hr/> in the HTML view.

As mentioned before, the Paste from Word button is gone (no longer needed), and it’s interesting to see that the “Distraction Free Writing” button is gone too.


So … have you upgraded yet? Do you have a favourite new feature? Let us know in the comments.


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7 Responses to “Easier Writing and Editing in WordPress 3.9 (Have You Upgraded Yet?)”

  • Athman

    I upgraded to wordpress 3.9, when I tried to add a new post,the visual editor does not work. Whatever I do it just remains blank. Can someone help?

  • David

    Already in 3.9 and enjoying it all the way.

  • Daniel Lim

    I’m not using WordPress but I think someday I could use it
    Thanks for the sharing

  • Ajay

    The new version is definitely cleaner and more secure. I miss the old Paste as Text option as the new one isn’t as friendly especially of line breaks.

    Btw, the Distraction Free Writing button is now to the right of the editor. It’s moved from the original location.

  • Shailesh

    Awesome Post on WordPress 3.9. Currently, I’m using 3.8 version of WordPress. I’d definitely love to upgrade it on 3.9 version after read your article here. It’s really cool and easily can use it in WordPress.
    Thanks for sharing this good info with us.

  • Dean Saliba

    I upgraded the hour it came out and the biggest thing I’ve noticed on the blogs I manage is that I can no longer edit theme files in the admin panel. The EDITOR link no longer appears in the Appearance section, I now have to fire up my FTP client to make the edits.

  • Lakhyajyoti

    I have not updated my blog till now. Many of my friends facing problem after upgrading their blog. Thanks for sharing the screen shots of WordPress 3.9. Really I like it. Thanks for the share.

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