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This is probably the best free eBook I have downloaded in a while. It doesn’t require email subscribption or anything either, you just need to go there and download it. It’s titled Design With Intent.

What is it about? The sub-title describes it quite well: 101 Patterns for Influencing Behaviour Through Design. The authors collected 101 examples of ways you can influence people to do what you want by adapting or changing the way you design things. These “things” range from car dashboards to web pages and product packages. Here is one of the pages to give you an idea:


The eBook is a must have for designers, but it should be valuable to anyone else really. Check it out.

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12 Responses to “Design With Intent: Free eBook”

  • Peter J

    Thanks for recommending this, will download it now 😀

  • 1skyliner

    Daniel ! It could be of great value since recommended by you ! I liked reading it

  • Christian Guico

    Downloaded the e-book. Checking it out now! Thanks for sharing.

  • Keith Davis

    Thanks Daniel
    I’ll head over and take a look.
    How much of it is dedicated to websites?
    I’ll only take up busking if all else fails. LOL

    • Daniel Scocco

      The examples come from a wide range of contexts, but you can apply all of them to marketing and websites. Giving an ebook away is similar to what the guy is doing in the sample page above 🙂 .

  • Melvin

    Well I’ve been into designs lately and although Im a horrible designer, I think I could benefit from this eBook

  • Winning Ideas

    Sure Daniel ! It could be of great value since recommended by you ! I am a web designer also ,so might find good stuff in the book! Will comment again after reading ! Thanks for sharing !

  • Josh Garcia

    Hey Daniel,

    I will check this eBook out. Thanks for posting it.

  • Mike @ Tech and Biz Gadgets

    Looks intriguing, will surely check it out. Giving away free things can do wonder for the business! I have seen it first hand.

    • Web Marketing Tips

      Yes … if Daniel is sharing something than I am sure you should and you must check it.


    This is great sure I will check it out

    Thanks For Sharing

    • Web Marketing Tips

      Yes clicked and downloading now.

      May be on coming weekend I will read this.

      But I am sure you are sharing than this will be worth to read.

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